Yes, Yes I am in 2016

I’m planning, exploring, thinking, will run for the 4th CD Congressional Seat in NJ in 2016. Chris Smith doesn’t live in NJ, don’t pay NJ real estate Tax and seems to hate women all of a sudden, since he keeps working on bills that completely remove the ability of women to make their own decisions in life. The bills don’t pass but why write them at all. It’s like paying someone to do a job he knows he can’t win at but is willing to make you believe he’s the man to do the job. With his failure rate, who needs him as your Representative anymore. Time for a guy that isn’t part of the problem and is the solution to pay for play bullshit. I will focus on lower taxes, 2nd amendment rights and bring jobs to NJ. We’ve got one of the highest unemployment rates in his District.  Time for someone else to take the wheel. Scott Neuman for Congress in 2016.