Who is Scott Neuman – Democratic Candidate for Freeholder – Ocean County

Scott Neuman for Congress

Scott Neuman for U.S. House of Representative 2014 4th CD NJ

I’m standing up to be the Democratic candidate for the Ocean County Board of Chosen Freeholders with Tracy Caprioni as my running mate in 2016.

I’m married to Debra Ann Neuman, formerly of Barnegat and Queens, NY, and I have two adopted children, Matthew Adel and Alexa Emily. In addition, my parents Bernice and Irving Neuman live in Whiting and are active in the adult communities.

I’m currently the President of Recordweb Communications in Toms River/Manchester. Previously, I was Vice President of Action Office Supplies in Lakewood and President of AOS Web-Com, a computer services company, also based in Lakewood. Recordweb Communications offers a number of services to County and State residents and businesses including HP Printer Service, Factory Authorized Fellowes Shredder Service, Domain Name Marketing and a music appraisal service for music collections. I’ve been been mentioned or referenced by Oprah.com, Readers Digest, CNN and Rolling Stone Magazine. Everything I do is by appointment only, and will not conflict with my duties as a U.S. Congressman.

Before I started Recordweb Communications, I worked for the Catena/Rediker Organization at Richards Imports of Freehold. While employed there, I was ranked in the top 1% of sales associates for the automobiles I sold. I was promoted to lease manager and finance director. In that capacity, I dealt with dozens of lending institutions and banks, sourcing loans at the best rates and terms for our customers. I also troubleshot and beta tested a major upgrade of the computer finance systems and software to allow the store to run more efficiently.

I also started the first website in the country to sell automobiles online called “The Autoboard”. From this site, we offered new and used cars online and sold cars to customers across the USA in full color and with complete information. We were the first dealership to move forward onto the Internet, innovating what could be done online with computers in the automobile industry. Everyone told us this would fail because people wanted to see and touch and smell the cars. That might have been true, but the same car was at our dealership and we’d sell it for less. Since you knew what you wanted, the deals could be made online or over the phone and we’d ship the car to the customer. Something that wasn’t being done in the 1990?s for the most part. I’m hoping to take that innovative streak of mine and apply it to the U.S. House of Representatives.

I’m originally from Kendall Park, NJ in Middlesex County and earned my degree in Tele-Communications. With that degree, I worked on-air for a number of radio stations in the area, including NJ 101.5(WKXW) in Trenton and WCTC in New Brunswick. I was also a regular DJ at City Gardens in Trenton and the Kendall Park Roller Rink.

My Hobbies. I love auto racing and I’m a regular visitor to Wall Stadium. I’m also a tournament poker player and was on the Golden Palace Poker Team at the World Series of Poker Main Event. I’ve played and cashed tournaments in the World Series of Poker and the World Poker Tour many times, and satellited into the United State Poker Championships, The South American Championships and the Aussie Millions. I’m a music lover and concert goer. I also love to fish fresh and salt water.

I moved to Ocean County 25 years ago when I saw how amazing this county was and all that it had to offer. I fell in love with the area.  I love calling Manchester Township home but all of Ocean County has so much to offer its citizens. From Sea to Bay, from Sports to Exploring, there is always something to do with my family.

We all have a vision of what we’d like our towns and country to be like. I’d like to be elected, and I will stand up for what the people of my district tells me is important to them. I’m not going to guess what you need nor am I going to be sponsored by large firms that “invest” in my working for Ocean County. I can’t be bought. I’m going to do what you, the voters and people of the Ocean County tell me you need and than I’m going to roll up my sleeves and work to make it happen. I’ll be available by Email, Phone, writing me letters, my website and Facebook.

In the months that I was approached to stand up for the people of Ocean County, I’ve meet people from all walks of life.  I know the people want a voice that the special interest groups have blocked for so many years. I know this because I’ve talk to a lot of you at community events, the boardwalks, local businesses, the Ocean County Library, people doing well and people who the last five years have been tough on and I’ve listen to what you think the issues are. I’ve meet a lot of the 47% that one party has written off but 100% of you have a strong opinion on how to make things better but don’t have the voice or the money to make it happen. Nothing gets done unless 100% of us participate.  As your Representative on the Freeholder Board, I’ll be looking to work with and for the citizens of Ocean County to those ends.

My Party: I’m running as the Democratic Candidate in 2016.  I fully believe Tracy Caprioni and I can win the Freeholder Seats and return Ocean County to Democratic Control.  I’m working for the people of the county I’d be representing . When you talk, I’ll be there to listen and respond to your concerns. I will not scream, yell and shout back at you. I will listen. This will be a 24 hour job for me. If you know me, you know I’m working all the time.

Past and Present Achievements and Memberships

Lakewood Rotary member

Lakewood Rotary Past President

CRN Magazine Fast Growth Top 500 Companies

Monmouth Chamber of Commerce Member

Lakewood Chamber of Commerce

So what do I promise when I work for you?  I promise to be your eyes and ears. I promise to listen to your needs and try to make them happen. I promise not to blow smoke up your shirt and tell you it’s sunny outside when it’s cloudy. I promise to call BullShit when it needs to be called. You’ll appreciate my honest approach to Government, Business and Personal issues.

Vote for me if you’re tired of the same old same old. Either stand for what is right or settle for what is left.

You are welcome to contact me at sneuman@recordweb.com