Vote for the Dems or the GOP candidates and you’ll pay 10% more in taxes.

Vote for the Dems or the GOP Candidates on November 4th and you’ll pay 10% more in taxes. If that is what you want, than vote away. If you really want to save on Taxes, look for the D-R Party Candidates.

Why do I say that? Because NJ needs Bond reform. Both parties get a nice chunk of change from Bond Issues. Up to 10% is just a kickback to various vendors and than goes back to associations that directly impact the candidates. It’s called Pay for Play and when you complain about it, you’re told nothing to see here, folks. In fact, It’s a law in NJ created by both parties to enrich themselves and their pay for play backers . Imagine being an attorney and being hired to write a $1.5B dollar bond issue for say, the Pulaski Skyway. Up to 10% of that Bond issues are parted out to various entities.  That 10% should really be billed on an hourly rate. Imagine if a law firm got 10% for creating the legalese for the Pulaski Skyway Bond Issue? Imagine it took 20 hours to put together? 20 hours x $600.00 dollars is $12000 dollars. 10% is $150,000,000 dollars. Which looks like a better deal to the taxpayer. Of course, the 10% deal???. No, of course not. Frederick LaVergne, my partner candidate in the 3rd CD NJ, shows why we’re getting ripped of and how to repair the damage. Chris Smith is the problem. Myself and the other Democratic-Republican Party members are tired of all of us getting ripped off by these guys. It really is time for a change.  Vote for myself and the DR Party Candidate members and please share this with your friends. It’s your money and you get to hire the guys to handle your representation in November.