The Democratic-Republican Party of NJ?

If you haven’t had a chance, visit the of NJ. There you’ll find like minded people that just want our elected officials to do the right thing. That doesn’t mean breaking election laws because everyone does it and it doesn’t mean using your power to block traffic patterns on Bridges and Highways just because you can.

There is a right and a wrong way to lead and the Democratic-Republican Party was the founding party of our United States. We’re looking to follow the direction of the founding fathers (with some very minor changes) in running this country. A government that is lead by the people, not the government ignoring the wishes of the people.

Partial list of what we’re up to…as though we had already been elected.

Article the First, Pension Reform, Ballot Reform, Election Reform, Farmland Preservation, Environmental Preservation, Change the Rules Pledge, State Constitutional Convention, Article Five Constitutional Convention, PERS restoration, Support for Education and training for veterans, Student Aid opportunities, Health Care Reform Tax Reform – Fair Tax Energy Policy, Prosecution of slamming – Gloucester City slamming fraud, Education/Historic Preservation Arts in Education, Gold Star Mothers – Madison Rising Concert to raise funds for the Mothers’ Memorial, Beach/Riparian Lands access, Judiciary Reform, Sandy investigation…but problem solving, first Assistance to Affordable Housing Community Advocacy Program, Organ/Marrow/Blood donors Orphan Pharmaceuticals, ADA – in NJ,  promote prompt access and tailored pay-out Expedite Physician pay. Do we revisit WPA/NRA/CCC?

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