Thanks for your votes. See you in 2015. Scott Neuman

Scott Neuman - DRParty.orgThank you for your votes. I ran for the office of Congress to offer an alternative to what was an outcry from the voters as the Dems and the GOP dumped millions into an election that only pays $175K a year and offered nothing but a 9% approval rating. The other candidates couldn’t run negative ads against me because I offer nothing negative to run against. I’m not part of their corruption. Pay for play is alive and well in NJ and our country and I wanted to be a shim between that process. I was unsuccessful this time around but I want to thank that pockets of support I got. I had a chance to look over the election results polling station by polling station and there were large pockets in the towns that voted for the type of Representation the Constitution and the Bill of Rights requires of our Representatives.

Thank you for the trust of your vote. All I can hope for not much damage will be done to you and I in the coming year as the DEMS and the GOP chop up the country into little pieces and eat us alive in taxes and scamming deals that aren’t what you and I would want. If you think they hate each other, they don’t. They are real partners in every sense of the word. They just aren’t our partners. If you don’t think our representatives aren’t corrupt, you aren’t looking hard enough.

I’m not done running yet. I’m going to get my feet wet in the process, and show you don’t have to be corrupted by the process and that you can follow the laws that protect you and I and still have fair representation.

Scott Neuman – Manchester Township, NJ – Democratic-Republican Organization of NJ