Should you vote for Chris Smith, since he doesn’t live in NJ to be your Congressman?

Probably not but of course, you’d have to know that Chris Smith doesn’t have a home in NJ, and his family lives in Virginia for almost a decade. In fact, his daughter got in state rates for a Virginia college. Chris Smith is registered to vote in NJ. He either lives in NJ in which case he should never have gotten instate rates for College or he lives in Virginia, in which case he’s committing a felony by swearing he lives in NJ and also another Felony if he voted in NJ.

From 2008 in case you missed it:

Then there’s Rep. Christopher H. Smith (R-NJ-4). He is registered to vote in Hamilton Township (NJ) where he rents a townhouse, and he has been a registered voter in the county since 1982.

But Smith, like many Congressmen (and like Wexler), owns a home in Virginia; Smith moved his family with him to the D.C.-area after he was elected to Congress in 1980. But he is reportedly “the only New Jersey congressman who does not own a home in the Garden State, and his daughter attends a university in the Virginia state school system where she is charged in-state tuition.” Will his constituents care? I doubt it.

On Tuesday, Smith is facing Democrat Joshua Zeitz, who charges that Smith is either defrauding the state of Virginia or the citizens of New Jersey. Of course, Zeitz — a self-proclaimed New Yorker — returned to the States from Britain in 2007; rented an apartment in New Jersey; and began running for Congress. He says he’ll decide whether or not to stay in New Jersey after the election.

I’m Scott Neuman and I plan to run for the peoples 4th CD Seat in 2016. Vote for a guy with deep community ties, has his family in the district and state and pays some of the highest taxes you’ve ever seen. Just like you.