Pipeline via the Pine Barrens isn’t dead

It looks like the powers that be want what they want  and are going to do an end run around the peoples watchdogs and try and ram that pipeline to the shore via the Pine Barrens down our throats. The problem with overriding the current regulations will be that once you open that barn door, the entire barn will come down in the future. I stand for keeping the Pine Barrens clear of this type of corrupt practice and hope you do also. I’ll point out that the Pine
Barrens sits on top of our water supply for most of use below Rt 195. It’s not a question of when the pipe will break, burst or leak, it’s just a questions of how. The Pipeline can be routed around the Pine Barrens. There is no good reason not to do so other than certain people make a killing over it.

For more information, I recommend you read the Pinelands Alliance website and support the PineLands Alliance. If you don’t stand for clean resources, I’ll gladly show you how you’ll lose them.