Pay for Play has to Go. Billions down the tubes. You can change things.

Both parties are wasting Billions. I refuse to be a part of it and ask for your vote in November. The topic of Pensions comes up as a sore subject to a lot of people I talk to with Christie beating on the people that paid into their pensions (and I’m not talking about the scammers that get a pump up in their final year of political service to get a higher pension. Those guys are part of the problem). Being the bully that the Christie Administration is and having control of some of the newspapers and media, aiming at the Pension funds is an easy target to get your mind off the rape of NJ taxpayers. The Bond programs are the biggest scams, regardless if they are local, county, statewide or on a federal level, because of the payoffs that are build into them. This is a spot politicans yet you for lunch. It’s like buying a car. The car salesman has sold thousands of cars. You aren’t the expert in this thing but as long as the salesman makes you feel good, you’re ok with the process. And you got a nice shiny car out of the deal. Now, let’s talk about fixing roads with a bond issue. Let’s say a road cost $100K to build (I’m just making up a number), the bond deal will read $1M dollars. Why you might ask? Because it’s milk the taxpayer time and everyone gets a bite of that tit from your local town politicians, to the hedge funds, to the attorneys (that should be on board in the state house by hourly rate or contract rate). So a job that cost $100K cost a million. Did you see the Bond deal for Rt 1 in Newark. $1.4 Billion dollars and created by the Port Authority of NY and NJ. You do know that Rt 1 and the Skyway are not under the domain of the Port Authority in anyway, shape or form? So how does that work? Everyone gets a piece of the pie. That deal was custom designs by the powers in office and everyone feeds off that tit. The job doesn’t cost $1.4 Billion dollars. Who is kidding who. The candidates from the D-R Party will stand up for you if you let us. You have to vote for us in November. You see D-R Party, pull the trigger. Any other vote hurts you.

It doesn’t have to be the same old same old if you vote for my party, the and the candidates that are running with us in November.

Both parties have Pay for Play down to a science. You give my party $2M to my political Pac, and we laugh about how it isn’t pay for play and lie to the voters and taxpayers but than NJ dumps billions of Pension money and Government funds into those same donors with huge expense accounts and no accounting when you ask for an accounting. The reason given is the Hedge Funds are private and are not compelled to share how they arrive at their high returns. Their high returns were  below market rates last year but their fund managers still made big bucks for a job not well done. That’s your money in the end because we have to make up that money some how and there is only one way to make it up. Higher taxes or cut back or both and it will be both because there are more bond issues we have to feed from this year.

Most of you would go, That’s pay for Play, but not our Governor. Nothing to see here folks. Look if you play me for a fool, I get upset. Yelling at us to back down and look at traffic cones doesn’t cut it. (He really did move the Cones, he wasn’t kidding and Samson will out him soon) Take a read on this article from Pando. Feel free to comment below and tell me I’m wrong. Don’t say but what about any other politician outside of NJ. Let’s stay focused on our issues, clean our house and than work on the rest of the country.

I’m Scott Neuman. I’m running for Congress and I promise to watch out for your money when I’m elected. The other candidates can’t say that. Not when they are the problem.