Ok, A vote for Chris Smith is a vote for George Gilmore

I had to laugh at an Article in the Lacey Reporter comparing Carpetbagger Tom MacArthur to George Gilmore, party boss of the GOP. Since nothing gets done without kissing the hand of God in our Districts, and the 4th CD in which I am running in was Gerrymandering by certain people in the article to make sure the GOP wins the district (by design), I’d hope some of you are just Sandy tired of the bullshit in both districts and will vote for Fred LaVergne in the 3rd and myself, Scott Neuman in the 4th CD this year and finally have a voice you can count on to clean up the political shenanigans we’ve all had to deal with for the last 20 years. I’m sure Chris Smith won’t like that statement but for all of you affected by Hurricane Sandy and having to listen to how well everything went when we all know that’s a straight up lie or watching your taxes rise year after year and being told, it’s just the way it is, when in fact, that’s also a lie, well, I’ll offer to  fight for you, your families and friends 100% percent. Let’s get our own house in order and than we can focus on other countries issues. I’ve been in the district for over 20 years and have built my business on service to the community. Chris? He owns a tiny apartment over in Mercer and lives with his family in Virginia. I can see little to no effect he has had on our communities.  I have no affinity to any party boss and owe them NOTHING and that’s good for all of us.