Neuman’s House of Cards

Got the Bloggers at the Borgata Poker Open to write about my run for Congress. If you play poker, you should be voting for me. The Blog is read by tens of thousands of avid poker lovers.

Level 7 (Blinds 300/600/75) Total Entries: 344


Scott Neuman (Toms River, NJ) is an avid poker player and business owner and is now adding Congressional Candidate to his resume as he will be running for the Congressional District 4th this coming November.

Scott believes in “personal freedoms” and a staple of his campaign is his support of online poker. As an experienced tournament player with results at previous Borgata Poker Opens and the WSOP, Neuman has had his fair share of success at the table and is now looking to take on Washington heads up!

Scott hasn’t had many opportunities to chip up, and finds himself with an average stack size mid-way through Day 1A.