Did Judge give Congressman Tom MacArthur a pass on Voter Fraud accusation?

From Frederick LaVergne,

So, when a Democrat Judge does it, he’s removed from the bench by being given PTI instead of 3-5 behind bars. When Congressional Democratic Candidate Roy Cho fails to promptly transfer his registration, he’s charged and BERATED in the media to protect the establishment candidate. When Tom MacArthur, who lies when the truth will do, is named in a complaint for something he actually DID, (and did so intentionally, not once, not even twice, but, now, THREE TIMES), the R-appointed Judge? gives him a “pass”….this is far from over. The law is for everyone – even the 1% Now the issues, the letter back to Mr. LaVergne isn’t signed by a Judge and it’s addressed to someone named McNeary?? rather than Mr. LaVergne. Who is Mr. McNeary and what does have to do with Tom MacArthur? Did the Judge really sign off on this dismissal? We’d like to know and so the can, like the GWB Lane closings,  gets kicked up the road. It’s not over.

PDF of Court Reply. Why didn’t the Judge sign this? Tom MacArthur Gets a Pass by Judge