In 3rd CD NJ, Tom MacArthur charged with Voter Fraud 10/31/14


State of New Jersey vs Tom MacArthur

Voter Fraud Probable Cause Affidavit against Tom MacArthur






How cut and dry is this one? 100%. Voter records show Toms wife and family living in Randolph. HIs children still go to school there. He also has a 2nd residence in Long Beach Island, his summer home. He also bought a 3rd property with other investors in Toms River. A 2 bedroom apartment at a great price. A great investment. For some reason, in January 2014, Mr. MacArthur swore he moved to Toms River, like living there more than anywhere else. As far as we know, Mr. MacArthur hasn’t gotten divorced and I’m told by people that work in Long Beach Island that Tom is at the summer home a lot and living there and having a lot of work done on the home.  Much like Congressman Chris Smith, who lives in Virginia but claims his small apartment in Robbinsville is his primary home for voting purposes (We are come, Congressman Smith), Tom MacArthur most certainly does not live full time in Toms River.  Click the links or see the complaint below.

We can either stand for what is right or settle for what is left. I vote for standing for what is right. You can see what is being left. NOTHING for you, your kids, your family. Your service fee or taxes to live in the state are going up and up. Both parties want to say it’s just cost of living in NJ. That’s a lie also. It’s the cost of letting them run the state and cut you to death via Bond Issues and back room deals or they can’t stay in office to pay off all the people that keep them in office. It’s an ugly circle and you really can end it. Come join me on Election Day, November 4th and vote for the best candidate in Congressional District 3 which would be Frederick LaVergne and in CD 4 and Vote for myself Scott Neuman or you really can continue to vote for a easy to see two party corrupt system. Other Democratic-Republican Candidates can be found running in NJ at

Complaint – Tom MacArthur voter Fraud by FIXMYLOAN