Donate to the Neuman/Caprioni for Freeholder campaign.

At this moment, I am not accepting any money from anyone. You are welcome to set up a SuperPac if you’d like what I’m talking about and my platform. If in the future, you’d like to support my campaign, you are welcome to send me your name and email and when and if I ask for support, I will send you an email or call you if you’d so like.  Send to

Scott Neuman for CongressI signed the which means that if you even give me money, I’m under NO OBLIGATION to work on a bill that would benefit you if I’m on a committee. I will vote on it in general session. The Changes the Rules Pledge was designed to end Pay for Play in Government and that Government can be for the people and by the people, not by the .0001% that control big money in this country.  I will say, Profit is not a dirty word in my book. If you think it is, we’ll have a disagreement but as a business owner, I’ll disagree.