Congressman-Elect Tom MacArthur accused of Voter Fraud in Court filing

Democratic-Republican Candidate Frederick LaVergne has accused Tom MacArthur of two counts of Voter Fraud and maybe three if the Ocean County Prosecutor agrees with Federick LaVergnes filings. LaVergnes filings show that Mr. MacArthur listed his primary address as a condo in Toms River, NJ in January, 2014 and than voted from that address in the NJ Primary. My assumption and is mine only is that Mr. MacArthur thought that by running for Congress in the 3rd CD NJ, Mr. MacArthur also had to live in the district, so he bought a condo as an investment (and such a deal if you knew the price he paid) and than voted from that address. In fact, you don’t need to live in the Congressional district at all. The problem is, that everyone knows that Mr. MacArthur has a mansion in Randolph and a second mansion in LBI. Neither are in the 3rd CD and either would normally be considered his primary home.

There can be no arguing that Mr. MacArthur marked his home and primary address as Toms River on election forms and there can be no arguing he voted in Toms River in the Primary according to the court filings. It is believed he voted in the November 4th, 2014 election while in Toms River also. Judge Spencer Robbins of Chatham recently that did the same thing and had to resign his judgeship last year to avoid jail time. A Connecticut state representative was arrested in 2014 for the exact same thing and is facing fines and jail time.  Will Mr. MacArthur have to do the same thing?  Voter Fraud is a real problem for all of us. People normally get fined and jailed for it. Here is a list of recent voter fraud cases.

Did Congressman Tom MacArthur commit Voter Fraud

Did Congressman Tom MacArthur commit Voter Fraud?

As a side note, All the major papers, the Asbury Park Press editors and the WOBM editors decided to not run this story before the election in fairness to now Congressman MacArthur.  The common reason was they didn’t have time to contact the Ocean County Prosecutor. What is their excuse now? There is an accusation of Felony Voter Fraud against Congressman MacArthur with a lot of proof to support it. I’d like to see him cleared and not have this hang over his head if it’s not true. As a second side note, the papers had no issue running a story that Aimee Belgard committed Ballot Fraud. Seemed a little one sided from my point of view.