Both parties try to dump Ed “Weedman” Forcion in the Pine Barrens.

For those of you that think all politicians are lying used car salesmen (no slight to used car salesmen since most put politicians rate below used car salesmen) you have to appreciate the lengths that the Christie Administration and the Dem’s in the 3rd CD are to keep Ed “Weedman” Forchion of the ballot. Ed is standing for medical Marijuana to be loosened so more people can be treated. The GOP party has this weird thought that Marijuana leads to harder drugs. Harder drugs are written by your doctor. Nothing could be further from the truth and 60% of the people in NJ want this right without fear of being tossed in Rahway. In fact, the State of NJ tried to put Ed in jail for 10 years for using medical marijuana that he by right was using from his doctor.

Regardless, both parties did two things. They got a judge to accept a case that should never have reached his court per the election laws of NJ and he spent 13 hours removing over 100 signatures from Ed’s ballots (he needed at least 100 people to sign and he got 200 and the Judge pulled 102 of them even though they can be proven to be solid and signed by people in his district) and more to the point, the Dem’s filed their request to remove Ed late and beyond what the statues say, and there are no exceptions, none to the filing time. You are one minute past, you didn’t make it. The same goes for filing a petition to run for Congress. 4:01pm doesn’t cut it. The filing was 2 days late and than got Lt. Gov Kim Guadagno to ignore the law (again for the umpth time that I can think of) and say, I’m ignoring the law and I’m removing Ed from the Ballot. Ed is appealing with the help of the Democratic-Republican Party because we just hate bullies. Can’t stand them in fact.

Read the appeal at: EdForschionAppeal  and understand what pieces of shit (there is no nice way to say it and they don’t want to lose access to your money by letting Ed even have a  chance to win in November and for some reason Ed scared them this year) See attached pdf and learn. I know I do. The stupid shit the Dems and GOP day after day just amaze me. I’m sure it bothers you also but you normally have no decision in the matter other than bad or worse.  In 2014, you have a third and easier decision. I, Scott Neuman stood up and said, I’ll run for 4 years and then go back to my own business. If you live in the Hamilton/Jackson/Manchester and up to Red Bank area, a vote for me is a vote for your own self interests. If you are a Sandy victim (and believe me, some of you got hosed), I’ll stand up on a national and local level for you. Something the current Congressman, who is more focused on overseas issues than you, seems to be.