Boom, Lt. Governor Guadagno and 21 County Clerks of NJ decide to fall on their swords, break election laws for 2014 General election.

And reports are coming in that the County Clerks of NJ, on learning that neither the Democratic or Republican Parties were certified as Majority parties last week, because the voting totals in the primaries were under 10% for either party, than went ahead and pulled the Democratic or Republican Party for the 1st and 2nd columns in all counties and more amazing, the majority of the 21 counties that were Democratic again pulled the Democratic party candidates to be on line 1 and the GOP counties again pulled the GOP party Candidates to be on Line 1. The vast majority of the counties placed the independent candidates from the Democratic-Republican Party of NJ on lines 3 or past. The Libertarian Party Candidates were also placed on line 3 or higher.

Again, we’ve shown that the Christie Administration, the Department of Elections and the County  Clerks have no issues breaking Federal and State election laws in a bid to control the voters of NJ

You can make a change in November. Vote for Scott Neuman and the other candidates of the D-R Party.