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Top Pair Magazine Top Pair Magazine is run by former Playboy playmate/model/poker pro Jill Ann Spaulding. She has me listed under the "Ask the Pro" section of her magazine.

Asbury Park Press Article on Ebay, Poker and Scott Neuman The article mentions that I play professional poker and it also mentions my computer company, AOS Web-Com, Inc. This is an excellent example of getting press for advertisers and sponsors.

I want to thank PokerStars for their support. Play at, the number one site on the Internet for poker tournaments Home of the $1,000,000 Guaranteed Poker Tournament.

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Welcome to the Scott Neuman big poker deal!!

World Series of Poker, World Poker Tour, WPT, WSOP, Party Poker, Bodog, Ultimate Bet,  Full Tilt Poker, Paradise Poker, Doyles Room,  Poker Player, Professional Poker Player.What's the deal? I want you to partner with me and send me to the World Poker Tours World Championship at the Bellagio, Las Vegas, NV April 21-27, 2007. Why do this and whats the cost? The cost is $25000.00 and if it's paid in full before Feb, 2007, I'll be invited to World Poker Tour's Celebrity Poker Invitational in March 2007 at the Commerce Casino in California. Here is the description from the Commerce Casino website and the World Poker Tour. You'll be getting two for the price of one. Anyone that goes to the World Championships gets invited to the Celebrity Poker Invitational. The prize pool for the Bellagio will be in the $7,500,000 range with a first prize of around $1,700,000 million. But, this might be small pocket change compared to what could happen at the Celebrity Poker Invitational. The CPI is a media event.

The prize pool for the Celebrity Poker Invitational tournament is $200,000.00. Join the World Poker TourŪ for the hottest, most exclusive poker event of the year! Face off against the top pros and coolest Hollywood celebrities for you chance at the lion-share of $200,000.00 and to become the next WPT Champion!

This amazing event takes place on March 3rd to 5th, 2007 at the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles. There will be a red carpet, media hallway (for TV interviews) and a cocktail party leading up to the start of the tournament on Day 1. Those still holding chips at the end of Day 1 are invited to return on Day 2 to continue tournament play (others can return to watch if they like). We play until there are only 6 people left on Day 2. These 6 players return on Day 3 for the filming of our TV final table which becomes our show (airing Wednesday nights at 9pm on the Travel Channel). The event is covered by entertainment media such as The Tonight Show, E!, Extra and People mag in addition to mainstream media such as USA Today and all poker media.

The entry alone has a value of $25000.00 according to the World Poker Tour and Auctionwire. I'm looking for someone sharp enough to see this event for what it is. A media circus with a $100,000 first prize and then to be broadcast on the Travel Channel and released on DVD. This will be a huge media event and if someone wants to sponsor me for the Bellagio, you'll get this event for free. I'll wear your hats, shirts and whatever else the WPT will allow me to wear or say on the mike. I am going to be a huge media hog, pig, glutton, whatever you want to call me but I will get myself in front of those cameras. There will be around 350 of the best players and celebrities there. Out of all them, will be little old me talking up my Sponsor. The sponsorship is this. You're paying me $25000.00 to promote your company as best I can. I'll pay any costs to get out there for both tournaments. You will get TV Time if I have anything to say about it and in addition, I'll be putting out about 5 PR's between now and then promoting my sponsor. You also get 50% of what I win if anything in cash for both events. First prize gets $100,000 in cash plus I'm told there will be other high end gifts, I think a bracelet or something else and a lot of press!!!!! I keep any other trinkets from the event. Think about this sponsorship. This could seriously increase the exposure of your company. Millions of people could hear about both events. See your logo while someone is winning a lot of money. These events will be featured around the world. I will be there for all the days hanging out and shaking hands.

I hope you'll partner with me and join me at the World Championships and the Celebrity Poker Invitational. For those of you with poker rooms or referral sites, if I send just 250 players to your room or referral sites, this is paid for!! My press releases have hit over 200,000 viewers and media writers in the past. Call me at 848-333-8899 if you have any questions or interest in this. Remember, huge media at the worst and millions in your pocket at the best.

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Total Final Table finishes in Both Live and Online Tournaments - 61!

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Scott Neuman at the Borgata Open - Sponsored by Welcome to my website, Scott Neumans Kick Your Ace, focusing on high stakes tournament poker, where the prize pools can reach Eighty million dollars. Included in the site will be rankings and results of my poker tournament play. Links to other poker news sites and links to tournaments you can enter if you want to take a chance at taking home millions of dollars.

As far as tournament poker goes, I have had the pleasure of finishing in first place or at final tables in many tournaments in 2004-2006 and have a proven final table track record at live casino tournaments like The Borgata, Trump Taj Mahal, The Rio, Harrahs, Caesars Palace and Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, and have played against some of most talented players in the world including players like Joey Hachem, Doyle Brunson, Steve Dannenmann, Carlos Mortensen, David Singer, Paul Malgriel, Barry Greenstein and others.

Sponsorships are starting as low as $215.00 for World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour Events and other tournaments. I am accepting advertisers and sponsors for the site and also sponsors for online tournaments, live events and marketing events. This site has received over 150,000 vistors in this year alone. I am currently offering the chance for sponsorships at upcoming World Series of Poker Events and World Poker Tour events. You pay the entry fees which range from $300.00 and $25000.00, I'll pay the hotel and the airfare to any event. We split anything I win 50/50%. You can also pay the entry fee to high stakes tournaments online. Those tournaments are on Full Tilt Poker, Full Contact Poker, Poker Stars, Bodog, and Ultimate Bet. All have tournaments that have prize pools from $100,000 to $1,200,000 million dollars every week.

Current Results as of February 2007

February 2007

2/11/07 And another final table finish on Bodog while playing in one of their multiwinner games. I came in 3rd place out of about 62 players but this was a rebuy game and there were a lot of rebuys. I only bought the rebuy and addon so it was a profitable night. I also placed in a MTT game last night for Bodogs $100K game tonight. I came in 111 out of 976 players in the 100K. Just out of the money. I really didn't need to play the hand but with K/Q suited, I gave the old 3 times the big blind raise and got put all in by another player with 2/2. I'm pot committed and like I said, if I didn't play the hand, I'll cash but that looked like all it would be and I'm not playing to just cash, I'm playing to win. Missed the flop, turn and river and time to put the kids to bed.

In other news, I've got a new sponsor. The company is called out of California. They saw me on Ebay and should be sponsoring me for some World Series of Poker Events and World Poker Tour events. In the meantime, visit their site, say you know me and order some water. The price is reasonable, it's pure spring water that been infused with more oxygen then normal and since it's pure artesian water, it's like Fuji at less cost and a better taste but that's just my opinion. I will be appearing for them at special events around the country. I really love the product. You'll start to see the water appearing around the country in the next few months in your local stores.

Jan 2007

1/21/07 - I made another final table finish in an event at the Borgata Winter Poker Classic. I played in the $500.00 Super Satellite on Sunday and made it to 8th place. I also took a top 17 out of 220 in another Super Satellite. I'm still trying to find a sponsor for the 2007 Borgata Winter Poker Classic. I also played in the FTP $750K but got knocked out when I flopped a set of K's against a set of 6's and watched a 6 fall on the river to get knocked out. I'll probably try some sit and go's for the open this week and see if I can satellite into the event.

1/17/07 - I made two more final tables on Mansion Poker. One for the $100,000 tournament and for the Mansion Poker Dome tournament but missed placing by 4 spaces. Needed to make up some ground, tried to take some chips away preflop against the big and small blind and got raised by the small blind. Saw the flop, but tossed it as the small blind shows pocket aces and I wiffed the board that showed nothing of value in a bluff. But the fun begins now as our elected officals start targeting Neteller, which is what must online players use to pay for events. They've been shut down. So I guess I'm off to Atlantic City for the World Poker Tours Borgata Poker Open. I'll be playing in two satellites on Saturday and I'll get back to you how I did.

1/15/07 - Took a shot at the Mansion Poker Tournament again tonight. Lost with QQ against 99. Happens. On the other hand, I won the super satellite to the $750K game on Sunday on Full Tilt Poker. Top three moved on out of 70 which means I cashed again and I made another final table. I'm starting to appreciate the ZEN in this game. You can just see it flowing and ebbing.

1/14/07 - Rivered, Rivered, Rivered. I made it about half way in all the tournaments except one. Mansion's tournaments and Poker Stars Million. On the other hand, I entered a satellite tournament on Full Tilt Poker after these events and came in 4th place for my 57th final table finish and cash.

1/13/07 - Had an interesting day. I've been playing in the Mansion $100,000 Guaranteed tournaments all week and I've broken into the top 100 each time I've played it. Today I'm playing in super satellites on Poker Stars and Mansion and made final tables on all of the events I entered. All bring me to either $100,000 games, $1,000,000 or the Mansion TV show. I'll be playing the Million tomorrow on Poker Stars and the Mansion games on Sunday also. This now gives me 56 Final Table finishes in tournaments. All these events had at least 100 to 200 people I had to beat.

1/7/07 - 2nd place out of 32 - Razz Tournament - Poker Stars. Well, I played in the Poker Stars Million Guaranteed tournament and made it about half pack before I got knocked out. I then played a sponsored tournament in the Full Tilt Poker's $400,000 guaranteed tournament and came in around 450 out of 2500. I got much further in the tournament but lost all in on a K/Q all in when I was down to about 5 times the big blind against 10/10. 10's held up and I was out but only 100 from the money. Then I got bored and I've been playing more and more of Razz. So I finished at the final table for that tournament in 2nd place.

1/1/07 - Welcome to 2007. I'm up to 52 final tables. I'm cashing in a lot of Full Tilt Poker tournaments. I cashed for another sponsor and I'm in the Full Tilt Poker $400K on Sunday for a Sponsor. Wish me luck.

December 2006

12/31/06 - I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year. I played in tonights Full Tilt Poker $250,000 Guaranteed tournament. I did wind up cashing for a sponsor in 147th place. Not a huge number but it beats losing and not winning anything. My next sponsored match should be in one of the Poker Star Nightly Big Games. I'll email everyone if they want to watch. I've still got some Borgata Winter Open Sponsorships available if anyone wants to take a shot.

12/29/06 - And I take down final table number 50 in a Full Tilt Poker Satellite Tournament. I did play another tournament today, have 8/6 in the big blind with two callers and hit an 8 on 8/8/4. I bet and one drops out. I get overbet on the river when a 7 comes out and I'm thinking, "Of course he's got 8/A" but I call anyway and lose a chunk of my chips. Lasted another hour before I got knocked out with a/a against 7/7 all in.

12/27/06 - I've got five events at the Borgata Winter Poker Open that I'll allow people to sponsor me and partner with me for. We'll split anything I win 50/50 at these events. You can see the entire list by clicking on Ebay Sponsorship Auctions and picking the Borgata Events.

12/27/06 - I'm hoping everyone had a wonderful holiday. I know I did. I got together with family and friends, hung out, had some drinks, shares some stories, played some poker, got to see my children playing with other children(which they don't get to do a lot), and just everyone enjoying themselves. I've been playing a lot on Full Tilt Poker, Ultimate Bet and Poker Stars lately and making a ton of final tables in smaller events. I should be playing in the $500 NL game at the Borgata Winter Open on the 21st of Jan. I might play the $1500 NL game also. You can sponsor me for either if you want. Other then that, I hope everyone is well.

12/18/06 - Made two more final tables playing tournaments on Full Tilt Poker and UltimateBet. I did get to play in the 200K on UB this weekend but got knocked out around 350 out of 950. I've been also playing HORSE on FTP and UB. If you haven't played HORSE before, take a cheap game and give it a try.

12/10/06 - 25th out of 131 - Trump Classic $500 to enter - NL Texas Holdem

12/9/06 - 17th out of 288 - H.O.R.S.E UltimateBet's $100,000 Guaranteed tournament - Well, I'd like to say I had a nice game playing in the UltimateBet's $100,000 Guaranteed HORSE Tournament. I made it to 17th place out of 288. I played for 4 1/2 hours and lost when playing Limit Holdem. I raise with A/J and get the big blind to call me with A/9. Flop was 8/9/A. I bet, and he calls. Q comes out and I bet and he raises me to all in. I'm pot committed and if I get a J or a 10, I 'll suck him out. I miss both and I'm out. This was a sponsored tournament and two people will be getting paid.

None the less, it was a decent game for me but as always, I'm playing for #1, not for #17.

I'll be down at the Trump Classic Tomorrow for the $500 NL Texas Holdem event. Stop by and say hi or call me at 848-333-8899 if you're in the area.

12/8/06 - Ok, it happens. I'm in the NL Game on UltimateBet and I flop bottom two pair against a Q/10. He hits the Q. I check and he bets and my wife walks in and wants to talk about something on TV. I'd be reraising three times his bet, he'll lay the hand down and we'll move on but no, I call. The turn is garbage and I know it. He bets and damn if my wife won't leave and I call. He rivers a 10 and gives a bigger bet and I call and watch my two pair go away and I lose half my chips. My wife is such a cooler. Rules: don't come in the office while I'm working at trying to make $40K in one night in a tournament. Ok, so I enter a satellite for event #9. I'm chip leader with 12 to go. Guy raises and I move all in with A/A. I know he's calling. My wife says before a card gets laid down, "He's going to hit a Q, you know he is". Turn is a Q and I lose 9000 chips of my 32000. I still win the tournament but it's amazing what a cooler she is. Ok, so I did win the satellite for Event #9. Two sponsors tomorrow night. It's a H.O.R.S.E. Tournament. I've done well in the past in them. Hopefully tomorrow will be bright and sunny and I'll win. Who wants to go out with my wife tomorrow night. Drinks on me.

12/3/06 - Played in a Super Satellite for the Borgata Winter Classic. I never really got going in this game and got knocked out about 3 hours into the game. Played a SNG and came in 5th. Not much there and decided to play in a super satellite for the Trump Classic on the 10th. I was going out in 7th place with only 2 to move on when I got a huge stroke of luck as 3-6 got knocked out by the two high chip stakes in 10 minutes. I'm about a 7 to 1 underdog against these guys and then I started to get hands and started Jamming the hands and they started just laying down their hands. Each time they did, I picked up another 1200 in chips. They did it three times in a row or never raised my blinds and I drew within 2 to 1 with both of them. Finally, I go all in with A/K and get called with 8/8 and I hit a K on the river to move ahead. The other two guys go heads up and all in and one loses and I win!. Then last night I'm on Ultimatebet for the $5000 Guaranteed tournament and I come in 8th for my 45th final table finish and I also entered the $12000 Main Event game and was top 15 for most of the night and then got nailed on two hands and out. But for $30.00, it's a great event. They are normally only 250 people in the event, so there is a huge overlay.

November 2006

11/17/06 - 14th out of 360 - NL Texas Holdem - Full Tilt Poker

11/16/06 - How do you play the 2004 World Poker Tour Champ? With respect! But when you're playing Erick Lindgren, do you change your style? Erick has a list of wins like almost no one. 2 WPT championships, 2004 player of the year and few others. Erick and I were at the same table for the Full Tilt Poker Championships Pot Limit Holdem last night. Do you not play him? Toss your cards away or get great cards and go at him. He nailed me the first time but I only lost about 20% of my stack. He got me with A/A against my having K/K but I got away light. Neither of us went all in. I got him to lay down two hands after the flop when I missed both times but I'm guessing he did also. He was actually playing tight and I finally got him out with K/K against A/5 suited. He goes all in short stacked and I'm the only caller. He flops the Ace and also a flush draw. This will be a complete suckout if I win and I'll still have a decent amount of chips if I miss. I turn a K for a set and an Ace on the River gives me a full house as Erick misses the flush.

I got knocked later in the tournament when I had J/J against 8/8. I raise three times the big blind and got the small blind to call me. Raised about 2/3's the pot on the flop and made a mistake on the turn by not betting. I gave my opponent a free card(never again) and I (rightly deserved it also) got rivered!....The other player hit an eight and went all in. I didn't put them on the 8 so bam, I'm out. I could have folded but this player has shown bluffs before. Not this time.

I get an email this morning from Full Tilt Poker saying that because I took a PRO out on their system, that I get a nice bonus. I didn't know about the bonus so it was a nice touch plus I playing for a sponsor this week, so we get to enter another 10 tournaments for them.

In addition, I was on the bubble last night in Full Tilt Pokers HORSE tournament with about 200 players. Top 24 get paid and I was in the 7 card stud part of the game and with the blinds huge at this point, I got brought into the game at least 7 out of 10 times which keeps taking 10% to 20% of my chips from me. I went all in with 4/4/2 and got hit with A/A/5 and the other player getting another 5 to finish me off. I went out two from the money in 26th place.

11/12/06 - I'll be playing in the Poker Stars One Million Dollar tournament today. Game starts at 4:30pm est on Poker Stars. They pay down to about 800 players. This will be a sponsered tournament from one of my Mystery Box Ebay auctions. So far, we've had 5 poker mystery box winners that I've cashed for in tournaments. One was excellent. The rest were better then average.
Other then that, nothing going on other then work work work. Kids were sick last week.
Worst news, I had to put my 11 year old Golden Retriever Max down today. His legs were giving out over the last 6 months and he started nipping when you got close to him and the kids were starting to jump on him and laying on him because he is a big ball of fur. I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this. I have two friends with children who got bit pretty bad from senior dogs in the same situations. Max was a Gold Rush Golden Retriever. He was very smart. A little too smart if you know what I mean. One time he was attached to my jet skis in the garage. He decided to make a run for it. Hit the 30 ft of line and his legs just shot out from under him but he was going so fast he pulled the skis about 10 feet out of the garage. Another time, he dove out the door and right into a snow bank. He disappeared and all we saw was snow raising and falling as he tunneled around the yard. He finally got himself turned around and shot back into house. He didn't like snow after that. He hated swimming. Imagine a Golden that didn't like water.
He was a good friend and family member and he'll be missed.

October 2006

10/25/06 - 20th out of 648 - NL Texas Holdem - Poker Stars Big Game - Prize pool of $97000 - I should change my name to suck out king. 6's held up, J's held up, A/K against 4/4 held up. Finally got nailed with A/Q suited to 4/4. The 4's held up. Still top 20 twice in one week is pretty strong.

Sponsor Poker Professional Scott Neuman and win a pile of money.10/19/06 - I cashed in two million dollar tournaments but nothing huge but then on the 19th, I came in 3rd place in the Thursday night game out of over 650 people. Nice to make another final table against some serious poker talent. This was a sponsored event and I was playing for someone that bought a mystery box on Ebay from me for $500.00. He is going to get some big box in the mail.

10/2/06 - Got back early this morning from the Taj in Atlantic City. I played in the Super Satellite for the US Poker Championships and came in 14th place, just 3 out of the money. I should have gone out around 22 but I doubled up 3 times in a row with A/K A/K and A/A. I hung around near the end when I had Q/3 against 8/8 and rivered a straight on the Q. Luckly, earlier in the game, we all agreed that places 12 thru 15 would get a $1000.00 chit to use for future tournaments at the Taj. I'll be using mine for this Saturdays tournament in the $1000.00 NL Texas Hold'em event.

With the passing of the Port act and the back door poker act being included in the port act, Senator Frist has seen clear to show his true colors in relation to what Americans want and what their favorite past time is. Below is a list from the poker area on's site in relation to what the various poker sites are saying about the law. Some are shutting out American customers now, some are going to fight for the right to poker. Since I'm close to Atlantic City, it doesn't affect me that much but for those of you that like to play online, just remember Frist in the 2008 elections.

Poker Stars: Statement by Lee Jones

Party Poker: Party Gaming Statement

True Poker: True Poker CEO Post

Cryptologic Affiliated Sites: Report from Cryptologic

Paradise Poker: Gambling 911 Article on Paradise

WSEX: WSEX Email to a player

Bodog: Email from Bodog to a player

Ultimate Bet: Email to player from Ultimate Bet Statement at 2+2

Paradise Poker: Owning Comany of Paradise Poker Statement
Note: It is a PDF

And if you feel like ranting...
Official Ranting Thread

September 2006
9/28/06 - 19th out of 120 - Texas Hold'em $109.00. Party

9/27/06 - Final Table Finish - Top 10 Finish in the US Poker Championships Satellite at the Trump Taj Mahal. This steps me to either the super Satellite for the $10,000 event OR I can just play in the $1000.00 NL Game on Oct 7th. Also, take a look at this link at It's an amazing piece of work from Zoom Info that looks up professional people. Almost anyone can be found in it. Amazing stuff.

9/27/06 - I played at the US Poker Championships this weekend. I was doing well in the Saturday $500.00 to enter NL game and made it within 12 places of the money. I'm getting close to being blinded out at this point and I have a big chip stack on the button. He raises me from my 1200 big blind to 2500. I don't have much more then that left after my blind and I want to go all in and try to double up with my K/4 before I get blinded out, but this player and I had just moved to this table. I played him for about 30 minutes on the last table and I can just feel him taking a shot at me. He showed a few raises with marginal cards. I ask him what he has, tell him I have a K trying to get a reaction. From the toss of his chips in the pot and from his expressions, I just feel he's not holding much and I've got an over card. I reraise and go all in. He has to call and turns over 5/6 unsuited. The flop is a K/5/2 and I'm ahead. The turn is a 5 and the river is 6 and I'm out of the tournament.

Sunday was a nightmare. I'm sponsored for the tournament from a nice person in Hawaii. I've cashed in two tournaments so far this week for her. I've got enough from the two tournaments to buy the entry and have a lot left over. It's $500.00 to enter. It's limit Omaha Hi Low. I love Omaha. But today, it didn't love me. We started with 173 players with a first prize of $66000.00. I lasted about 5 hours and while I had strong hands, in Omaha, it can go a million ways and this time, almost none of them did. It was just one of those days with my last hand giving me a straight on the flop and I watch it go away to a flush on the turn.

I'm planning on playing in the $2500.00 Seven Card Stud game this weekend. Anyone that wants to play it gets 25% of the Ongame Networks $5,000,000 that I'm entered into.

9/19/06 - I've had three or four people bid on Mystery Box auctions on Ebay. Finally cashed in the Super Tuesday game on Party Poker. This was a sponsored event. My next game will probably be on Sunday at the Taj for the US Poker Championships Omaha Hi Low Game.

August 2006
8/31/06 - I've been waiting weeks for there to be enough people to play on's Poker site for the Ongame Network Poker Classic. . I had started at a $6.00 table and moved up to the next step of around $60 and won that table also. I know had a $600.00 entry fee for's $5,000,000 game. If I win this table, I win the $5000 entry fee for the Ongame Poker Classic. Well, at 1:00am EST in the morning, I finally got to play it. This was after coming in 20th and 16th in regular tournaments for the Poker Stars Million earlier. Missed their entries by 4 and 5 both times. So finally, I get to play this game, it takes two hours. I'm playing super tight players and just stealing 3 out of 4 blinds each round. It takes one hour for anyone to get knocked out. It took another hour to finish the game. Final hand was 5/5 to 7/8 suited and I river the flush to win the $5000.00 entry free. Now, let me say something, no one sponsored me for this and no one gets a piece of it. I'll be playing for $5,000,000 on November 4th and if I get down to the final 45, I'm off to Spain to finish in a live game. I also win a $50,000 free roll for winning this entry. I still have sponsorships to the Borgata Open in two weeks starting at $750.00 and up to $10,000. I invite you to sponsor me. Think about it and best wishes.

8/27/06 - Played in the Borgata Super Satellite this weekend. Spent about 6 hours going back and forth. Finally got into a hand that I thought I'd double up on with 10/10. Guy raises and I go all in and I get called. He turns over a/6 suited to the diamonds. I'm ahead. The flop is 2/6/9 and I'm still ahead but he's got a diamond flush draw. Turns a J of diamonds and it's over. That's the 4th time in a month that's happened to me. I've decided, I'm not playing any hands anymore. I'm just going to wait till they blind me out. I'll be playing on the 10th and 17th for two sponsors on Poker Stars or Party Poker in their Million dollar game.

8/22/06 - 3rd place out of 64 - Poker Stars - $50.00 NL Texas Holdem Double ShootOut - This is Poker Stars Double Shoot Out with 64 players. You have to beat the first table to move on to the final table. I came in 3rd tonight and made a mistake. The player I was up against is a solid player that does bluff but when he reraised me, I should have stopped and looked a little hard at what I was betting. I did have some outs, but not enough to call but it was hard to lay it down.
PokerStars Game #6019779930: Tournament #30264597, $50+$5 Hold'em No Limit - Match Round II, Level V (75/150) - 2006/08/23 - 02:10:13 (ET) Table '30264597 1' 9-max Seat #1 is the button Seat 1: kickyourace1 (3260 in chips) Seat 8: bejan96 (3905 in chips) Seat 9: Deteto4udo (6335 in chips) is sitting out
bejan96: posts small blind 75
Deteto4udo: posts big blind 150
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to kickyourace1 [Th Qs]
Deteto4udo has returned
kickyourace1: raises 350 to 500
bejan96: folds
Deteto4udo: calls 350
*** FLOP *** [3h Jc Qh]
Deteto4udo: checks
kickyourace1: bets 500
Deteto4udo: raises 500 to 1000
kickyourace1: raises 1760 to 2760 and is all-in
Deteto4udo: calls 1760
kickyourace1 said, "nh"
*** TURN *** [3h Jc Qh] [Ad]
Deteto4udo said, "gg"
*** RIVER *** [3h Jc Qh Ad] [Qc]
*** SHOW DOWN ***
Deteto4udo: shows [Qd Js] (a full house, Queens full of Jacks)
kickyourace1: shows [Th Qs] (three of a kind, Queens) Deteto4udo collected 6595 from pot
kickyourace1 [observer] said, "gg"
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 6595 | Rake 0
Board [3h Jc Qh Ad Qc]
Seat 1: kickyourace1 (button) showed [Th Qs] and lost with three of a kind, Queens Seat 8: bejan96 (small blind) folded before Flop Seat 9: Deteto4udo (big blind) showed [Qd Js] and won (6595) with a full house, Queens full of Jacks
I had played for about 3 hours in this game. I hit top pair and he hit two pair. Way ahead but I did have a straight draw on the turn. Really, Deteto4udo had played a solid game up to know and his raise should have thrown up red flags that I ignored. With only $1150 after the flop in the pot, I could have called or folded the hand rather then go all in. Hand was a toss up and hindsight is 20/20 as they say. Other then this hand, I was raising and bluffing. My first table, I was just super aggresive and never gave the other guy a chance. He went all at one point with A/Q against my 5/5 when he had 2500 chips and rivered the ace on me. We were back to even in chips and every single hand I raised and bet the flop. I won 5 out of 6 hands and he finally went all with 5/5 against my 9/9 and those held up for me. Nice game tonight but sometimes one mistake is all it takes.
Hope to see some of you at the Borgata on Sunday for the Super Satellite. I'll be going with or without a sponsor.

8/18/06 - Tough week for me as I'm get rivered or runner runnered on almost everything I play. I flop a full house against Quad 5's or watching my set of 5's get runner runnered to lose to a higher full house. Pokerstars was the worst for me. I took 2nd 3 times in a row in their shootouts on the first level, all three times with the best hand. I know it's just poker and it happens but I'd like it to stop in a perfect world. I'm looking forward to playing some of the Borgata tournaments. If you're going, email me.

Player Chip from the 2006 World Series of Poker 8/10/06 Well, I lost at the Main Event. While I lost and won a lot of hands, it finally came down to my pocket Aces not holding up against pocket 10's when the other person flopped a 10/J/Q. Preflop, the person raised to 1200. I went all in over the top for about 8000. I figured him for pocket pairs from earlier in the tournament when he made the same type of bet on pocket j's. He asked if I had a high pair. I said, "I'm all in for all my chips and I've got tight table image. What do you think?" He said, even if you got a high pair, I might still be able to take you out. I'm at least 20%. He was right as he flopped the 10 on me. I didn't suck him out and I pretty much stuffed the Aces in front of him before he decided to call my all saying, "I just feels lucky". That man needs to trust his feelings. I didn't get the Ace or a King on the turn or river to take the hand. The primary sponsor for the main event was and also and I want to thank the other sponsors that kicked in for my shot at the Main Event. Thanks for your support. To tell you that I'm disappointed doesn't do it justice but I did play my best hand and if I doubled up on that hand, we would have moved that much further in the game. I'll hopefully be playing in the Borgata Open in 3 weeks.

Call me if you want to sponsor any of the weekend events or the Open.

I played in Event 41, the $1500.00 event right after the main for and I played in another $1500.00 event for someone that purchased one of my mystery boxes on Ebay for Event 43. I wound up playing event 42 instead since I got knocked out of event 41. I did have Raymer on the next table to my right but he only played one hand and went out after going all in. I also had Ira Bodog and Doyle Brunson, the old man of poker at my table. One hand I got into with Doyle was a person in the big blind going all in after a flop of 2/6/K and I'm holding 7/K. His bet was only $300 (we get 1500 in chips) and since I still had 1300 in chips, I took a shot at him hoping no one would come over the top. Doyle does just that as he was last to act. Now, Doyle hasn't bluffed the pot yet since we've played and I'm think he flopped two pair or a set to come over that hard. I lay my hand down and Doyle turns over 2/6 for bottom two pair. The turn is a 5 and the river was a 7. The all in had 8/K. It was a nice bet by Doyle and I did read it right that he two pair but I would have sucked him out if I stayed in. Event 42 was played for a customer out on the west coast that is in the service fighting for us and had just come back from Iraq after an extended tour. I was really hoping to pull this one off for him and send him a nice check but I finally got short stacked and with about 300 chips, I finally hit a hand and go all in with 10/10 and get called by two players, they check it to the river and one of them flopped a K to knock me out.

I hit played a $160.00 sit and go table at the WSOP and won my first table and went out on the 2nd table with A/A against J/Q for the other person as he flopped two pair to hold up and win the hand..

I took a shot at the Caesars nightly tournaments. You get 4500 in chips for $220.00 and the rounds are 30 minutes. We average between 135 and 250 players on a good night. I made a final table on my last night there and picked up some bucks. Nice to cash once and while. It's like I say. It's not a question of how I'll make a final table, it's a question of when....

My current sponsorship offers are on Ebay but I can play any of the weekend Borgata Super Satellites or the Borgata Open games in September and I can also play the Borgata Fall Open which is $10,000 to enter and is shown on the Travel Channel. Same deal as always, You pay for a tournament and we split any winnings. If I make TV time like I did at the last Borgata Open, it's just a plus if you own a business. If you'll remember, in my last play at the Borgata, I was in the top group of chip holders after 10 hours of play. And took a bad beat with K/K against 7/7 when the other player rivered a 7 to knock me out. If I hit that hand, I'd have been chip leader in line for the $1.3 million first prize. Yes, it's still another 2 days into the money but being chip leader gives you bully power.

8/4/06 Ok, here are the updates from the Vegas Trip. I'm out of the WSOP ME. Had a guy raise me to 1200. I reraised all in to 8K with pocket aces. He thinks for about 2 minutes and calls me with pocket 10's. I'm thinking, 80% to win and don't let me get sucked out. If I double, I'll be in decent shape after 10 hours of play. He flops 10/J/Q and I'm out. Best I did was 16K in chips. Worst was 1K on another bad beat. Battled back to my 8K when I got the aces.

I also played in the Saturday Event. I got K/K, Q/Q, A/K, suited connectors that flopped straight flush draws, top pairs. Other then one hand, all would have lost. I was sponsored by

I'll be in the Sunday $1500NL event and then back home.

I'll be playing next in the Borgota Super Satellite on August 27th. This gives the winners 4 free entries into major events and $5000.00 in cash. If anyone wants to sponsor me for the $1100 in the event and I place, you share in all the possible prizes I might win in all four events. I keep the cash for expenses.

July 2006
7/29/06 We're out in Vegas. I'm playing Sunday rather then Monday. The WSOP totally screwed up the date I was supposed to play. I'm glad I got in early or the WSOP would have played my chips, I walk in on Monday and say, "I'm ready, where is my chips?". They did this to 5 players that I know of. I did meet up with and they might sponsor me for events 41-45. We'll see if I'm available and I hope I'm not. Haven't seen the people yet but if they are reading this, call me as soon as possible or get in touch with me at the MGM Grand. I need to talk to you.

The expo was great. All the pros were there. I was in the TopPair Magazine and looked forward to meeting the editors. did a story on me. I'll give you some more news tomorrow and keep an eye on I'll try to get them to list my chip count as the tournament moves forward.

Luke Neely is in the top 20 of chip counts on the first day. If I can get to around 30K in chips by the end of the day, I'll be happy. Good luck to the shareholders.

7/23/06 483 out of 5884 I played in the 1000K Pokerstars game tonight. This was a final sponsor event by Mr. V in the midwest. If I bust out of this, I've got another advertiser that missed again. But as fate would have it, he and I played the game together. We made some correct decisions and some poor decisions. The very first hand of the game, I went up 400 chips with the blinds at 10/20. Just a nice monster way to play. On the very next hand, I went backwards 1500 with two pair against a set on the flop. I finally got A/K suited and let me tell you, this after 235 hands and I haven't seen a super strong hand. Best I saw was J/J and the flop was 4/4/Q. The other guy limps and I shove all 3000 chips in against his limp 400. He folds. That A/K comes right before the bubble and I know I'm in the money with 6000 chips but I'm still behind average and I'd like to move. One guy goes all in for 8000 chips and right after him comes 12K in chips. I lay it down but thinking I'm wrong here. They flip'em over and I've got J/J against Q/Q. The flop wouldn't have helped but the A on the turn would have had me up strong into the game and it would have held. So I doubled up in another hand but never got over 6000K again and ran out of time making it through three levels of prize money. Not really horrible but not where I wanted to be either.I'm off to Vegas in three days. I'll try to write reports in my blog.

7/19/06 Paddy Power, the online betting site is now listing me at 200 to one odds to make the final table. While it should be closer to 550 to one, it's still not the worst odds in the world. Why 550? There are 8000 people or more in the event. I'm playing on day 4. That means that the players from the last 3 days are now gone. So for a bet of $10.00, if I make the final table, you win $200.00 back. I'm not telling anyone to bet on me on I'm just stating that they seemed to have found me for some reason and they are listing me.

7/16/06 Back from AC. Played one of the Mystery Box Sponsorships from Ebay and came up short. I played well and played for 5 hours in the $2000.00 NL Texas Holdem game at the Borgata Open. Got in with A/A just before break and had about chip average. I was hoping someone would raise my limp since it was an aggresive table. I was right and got someone to go all in with A/Q unsuited. The poker gods weren't smiling on me though as the flop gave gave me my 3rd ace but the other player a flush draw on the queen and he rivered the flush to take a huge chunk out of my stake. I was big blind on the next hand and got put all from another player. I had K/3 suited so I had a shot and had more of shot when it turns out he was blind stealing with 5/6 unsuited. The flop was 7/7/5 and he hits his five. Turn was a 7 for a full house and I need a king or good bye to the table and that's just what I did as a 3 hit the table. I did play in 5 SNG games and placed in 2 of them. I was going to play in the 5000 NL Texas Holdem also for the Borgata Open but other things came up so I'm back to work.

I'm looking forward to Vegas and I've got a few online sponsored games I still have to play. More amazing is I've had 3 other advertisers/sponsors call me to play for them in the Main Event. has that locked up but If you want to advertise or sponsor me for any events, I've got a few Ebay auctions running or call me at 848-333-8899 and I'll pick a larger event such as the Borgata Fall Open or Foxwoods or if you have a tournament close to you and you'd like to be there, we'll talk about it.

7/12/06 - Sorry for the delay in posting on the blog but I've been busy with business. I did get to play some today with sponsors money. Lost in the 40K on Party Poker and the 55K Rebuy on Poker Stars. Didn't do bad in either but I did get knocked out last in both games. Played some $33.00 SNG's on Party Poker and won two of them. I'll be at the Borgata Open on Saturday for Check out their site when you get a chance. If you're at the casino, stop over and say hi. Look for the hat and shirt.

7/7/06 - Love Mystery Boxes? I'm selling 5 of them on Ebay for $1500.00 each. Each one is for a World Series of Poker Event in Las Vegas right after the Main Event. I'm assuming I'm going to do great at the Main Event but if something happens, I've got 5 more WSOP events with prize pools worth $350,000 to the winner and they pay down to the top 300. So if you're game, take a look at my Ebay Auctions. Tell me which one you want to purchase, I'll kill the auction and you can send the funds for that auction. Get in touch with me for any questions.

7/2/06 - For those of you that bought the two mystery boxes, one for the Borgata Summer Open and the other for the 5 million dollar games, Congrats. I've played one game so far in the million and made it into the top 30% out of 4000 players but not the money. Talk about a good start and then no more cards. Finally went all in against the small and big blind with any chips to get them fold if they had nothing and ran into a pair but I had two over cards and missed both. I'll be trying next week. Wish me luck. I'm still going to Vegas but we have a new sponsor. plus any of the shares we sold back in Jan and Feb. You are in the game.

I've started one more Mystery box because you folks seem to think they are fun. Hey, you get a Borgata Casino and Spa hate and maybe a shot at $250,000 over 5 games. I'll be entering $200,000 guaranteed tournaments with your mystery box. The Million guaranteed boxes are sold out for about 3 months between and my other sponsor. You can still buy shares in's parent company under AZTM. Shares were last trading at .001 which is where I bought mine and I bought a lot. I'm betting on myself, why not. Also if you read the reports from the company that are filed with the SEC, one of AZTM's investments in Shore gold seems to have hit diamonds in one of the mining samples. DO YOUR OWN HOME WORK ON THIS ONE FOLKS. DON'T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT. I'm not sure if it's the correct kimberlite pipe or not but it looks correct from my research. I've known AZTM for a long time and have followed this penny stock play. Any good news will drive this higher.

And now, my next mystery box.;=120004404467

Please read the mystery box description carefully before you bid on it. I'm going to do everything I can to come in the money and I mean big money. Please don't bid on this if it will cause a financial hardship of any kind. These funds should be the type that if you went to a casino and had a great time but lost, it wouldn't kill your day. Plus you get that super looking Borgata Casino and Spa hat. If you bid on the third mystery box auction, good luck. There were two people that missed #2 and told me so.

One more thing, I'm planning on going to the WPT Celebrity Poker tournament at the Commerce Casino in Jan, 2007. The entry fee is $25000 if anyone wants to pick it up. I'll wear your business shirts, hats and almost anything and split any winnings 50/50. If you have any interest in this, this event will be broadcast on the travel channel and there is a limited amount of seats.

7/1/06 - Well, what an interesting week. I placed two auctions on Ebay for sponsors. One to play in 5 million dollar tournaments and the other to play in the Borgata Summer Open. Both were accepted, so on July 15th, I'll be playing for at the Summer Open. Look for the shirt and hat from The owner of should be there also. I'll have more information about the other sponsor shortly. I didn't get to play in the Borgata 50K guaranteed tournament. I got there with about one hour to spare before sign up and ran into 700 other people that wanted the 500 spaces. Instead, I played in the new poker room with automated shufflers. It makes the games go much faster and all night I had decent reads on the game. I came out ahead on the tables so it wasn't a bad weekend and it gave me some practice time before the 15th for the $2000.00 to enter that I'll be playing for

June 2006

6/27/06 I woke up this morning and found that bought one of the mystery boxes on Ebay to sponsor me for the 2006 Borgata Summer Open Event 11. This event should have around 700 people and should have a prize pool of around 1.5 million dollars. Please take a look at when you get a chance. The site is nicely laid out with many up to date features on future tournaments and poker rooms.

6/27/06 I've been playing a lot on PokerStars. I've been doing great in the shootouts. I did play in a rebuy game last time with about 1400 people and we had a total of 4500 rebuys. I only did my normal rebuy and add on. I came in around 113th and was raising about 3 to 4 times the big blind. With 9/10 suited, I had someone come over the top that was short stacked so I figured him for A/X and took a shot for the remainder of the chips(about 25% of my stack). He turns over 9/J suited. Damn, One live card. He flops the J and it's over. I'm down to 10K in chips with the blinds 2000/4000. With 10K, I've still got a shot to muscle a few chips so I get K/10 suited and move all in with 4 in front of me. I get called with J/9 unsuited. He rivers the 9 and I'm out. BUT I'm really enjoying playing on Poker Stars. I'm having a strong week in tournaments, the level of player seems better then on Party Poker and I'm looking to win a few tournaments in the coming weeks.

6/18/06 Well, I played all the tournaments today. All back to back starting at 4:00pm, then 4:30pm and then 6:00pm. I lost in all of them but not from lack of trying. I took down some nice hands, took a huge hit in the Poker Stars Millions that left me with 350 chips that I was able to battle back up to 5000 but it was a little too late. The Blog tournament I did well in but lost an all in with A/K against Q/Q and then A/Q to A/J. The WSOP free roll had 400 people in it and 23 moved on to the WSOP Main Event. I was doing ok but missed two huge hands, made a super call on the river in one to double up and went out again on A/K against K/K. Made it to 64th place.

6/17/06 1st out of 87 Tried to get into the Guaranteed Million on Poker Stars. Got it on the third try. I made the final table all three times but you need to be either first or second. Finally had someone go all in with 2/2 and I called with K/Q. If I miss, I'm out again. Hit the K on the flop and took it down.

6/16/06 1st out of 64 Hit for the free entry for the WSOP event on Sunday on Poker Stars. About one in 15 move on. This hopefully will be doable. The entry is worth $640.00 but what I didn't know is that you can sell your entries on Poker Stars to another company that takes around 18% of it and resells it back to people. What a great racket! I think I'll take my chances and play it. I'll be playing from 4:00pm EST, then 4:30, then 6:00, all on Poker Stars.

6/14/06 Top 50 out of 3500 Here we go again, I get another shot at the WSOP Free Roll on Saturday at Party Poker. I have to be in the top 10 in that game. I took three shots at it tonight. Came in top 10 in one, top 30 in another and Top 150 in another and lost that one all in on A/A against 9/9. Party

6/12/06 - It's always nice when a National Magazine starts to talk about your company. No one from Rolling Stone Magazine called us before they reviewed my site.

Rolling Stone Magazine writes about Forever Vinyl: "Digging for Discs Online

The top sites for rare and specialty CDs and vinyl:
The places to start if you're looking for rare compact discs or vinyl are pretty obvious: Amazon, eBay and Google. But if they don't yield the original test pressing of Genesis Live you're looking for, here are some specialty stores to try. An excellent source for out-of-print vinyl oldies, like a $150 picture-sleeve single of Dylan's "Hurricane" or a $100 copy of the lost Elvis Sings Christmas Songs.
Thank you Rolling Stone Magazine. I appreciate your review of my Forever Vinyl Record Company

6/7/06 - 45th out of 1014 NL Texas Holdem - - Interesting night. Played Party and Pokerstars at the same time and finished in the money in both. I'm really starting to like Poker Stars. Much better level of players.

6/7/06 - 25th out of 2200 NL Texas Holdem - Party

6/6/06 - 25th out 1065 - Tuesday Night Special On Party Poker - Played a nice tight game with blind stealing every chance I got. The money was at 120 and I took a nasty hit at 150 and went down to 8000 chips. Came all the back up in 4 all ins to 100K and moved around there for awhile. Took at shot when I had 225K against a 110K guy. He goes all in a lot with middle pairs and he did it again. I called with A/Q and missed 22 outs. Went down to 80K. Had big stack pushing the table around, going all in like crazy. I get Q/K and call an all in. He's got A/K. Damn...At least I was in the money

6/5/06 - 2nd out of 350 - Took a shot at Poker Stars WSOP Rebuy tournament tonight. Only one moves on. We missed two moving on by just a few rebuys. I had to rebuy twice but then I tighten up. I came in 2nd. First place wins $11000 and the trip to Vegas. Second gets another chance to try again....SHIT

6/4/06 - Took shots at They have a $40,000 game at 6:00pm. We had about 400 people at $100.00 each. I went out around 113 with Q/Q against K/K. Also took at a shot at Titan poker. had a free roll for the WSOP. 500 people in it and one gets a package. I get A/A in the first hand and move all in hoping someone calls. I get one caller with 9/J suited. Frreeeekk, he gets a flush. Also played on Pokerstars for the first time in their one million dollar game. They had about 5000 people in the game. I went in the middle. Had a short stack go all in with 6/6 against my K/K and got hit with A/A all in.

6/1/06 I'm pissed. I'm in three games on Party Poker and one on and the power goes out. Last about 3 minutes and it didn't hurt me too much. We were having a lighting storm and I figure a transformer got hit. About 30 minutes later, power goes off again. Now this time, it's a little more important. I'm close to being in the money in all the games and they aren't cheap games. Power doesn't come up for 2 hours. Damn. I get up later that night and play some sit and goes. Just miss the money in one of them. Take a bad beat in another and come in 2nd in the third one.

6/1/06 3rd out of 77 NL Texas Holdem - Played another step tournament on 3rd one I've placed in out of four. You have to give this site a shot. Fairly loose players. I mean it

May 2006

5/31/06 12th out of 3500 I made another Party Poker WSOP Free Roll. top 12 out of 3500 and I move on to Saturday.

5/28/06 2nd out of 417 I make the final table again. This was a $33.00 to enter NL Texas Holdem game on Party Poker. We decided to deal the 1st/2nd place since we were within 4% of chips for each other. We could have played for another 2 hours.

5/22/06 15th out of 3500 Couple of things. I just finished 5 hours of playing on Party Poker for their free roll for the WSOP. I'm going to Vegas in July either way from but one aspect of the Party Pokers prizes makes me want to play this. First prize or 10th through 20th pays different. So, I'm either looking for 1st or looking for 10th through 20th.

This will be my 4th time taking a shot at it. One time, I made the final 4 tables. It's just a matter of time.

There was an amazing amount of collusion in this game. Players just openly handing chips to each other to keep each other in the game. Only 50 out of 3500 move on. I played a great game and made the 50. The finals are on Saturday at 4:30pm est. Stop by on IM and say hi to kickyouracepoker.

In addition, at 4:30pm est on Saturday, I'll be playing in the Million game and I'm again sponsored by They are publicly traded under the Symbol AZTM. Aztec Mining is correct. There was minor selling today on AZTM and it's thinly traded. Today is a great day to buy it. Call your broker for a bid and ask. It closed at .0001. It should go back up to .002 or .004 on Tuesday. If I hit the tournament on Saturday, I'm splitting the winnings with Aztec Mining. The stock could move to over .01 or higher if I hit it.

Yes, I own shares and tomorrow morning, I'm buying more.

One more thing, I'm starting my term next month as President of the Lakewood Rotary Club. We're going to have a casino night and I'm looking for donations. Cash of $100.00 or better. One person last year donated $5000.00 and a car dealership donated a new car. I'm looking for amazing gifts this year so if you can help out, call me at 848-333-8899 for more information. Please, nothing used. We're looking for new items. All items are tax deductable. We are a 501(c)3 non profit and you will get a full tax write-off.

Best wishes.

5/21/06 I didn't place in other of the UB million steps but I'm going to take a few more shots at it. I missed the first 45 minutes of the game and with starting chips at 1500 and the blinds at 40/80, I was a little behind when I finally sat down to play. I did finally get to play at the Tropicana in Atlantic City. They have a small but nice clean room. You can eat at the tables which is something the Borgata doesn't allow. Service was good. I'm looking to play more live games before Vegas in July. I sat down to a $125.00 to enter and one add on of $100.00 tournament. If we get 100 people or more, 1st prize is $10,000 which isn't a bad pay off. We only got 70 players, so first prize would be $3800 paying down to nine. My first hand, I got 9/9 and saw a cheap flop. Flop was 2/8/9 rainbow. The blinds start at 50/100 with 4000 in chips to start. I did raise preflop to 400 and got two callers. Check, check to me and I raise 400 again. I get one caller. Turn is an Ace and I get a bet from the first guy of 1000. I reraise to 2000 hoping he doesn't have a set. He goes all in for the 4000. I call and he's got 9/A for two pair. He misses the A on the river and I double up. But I did make some mistakes here and some good reads also. We had two aggresive players at the table. If everyone checked, they'ed bet the pot almost every time. One hand, this player raises the pot after everyone checks to her. Everyone fold and one of the players asks what she had. She says A/K and the other player says, show me. She goes, "sure whatever" and looks aways from the table going, "I'm not lying, I had A/K" and the dealer turns the hand over and shows K/7, and no match on the table. She still doesn't understand why we started laughing, since the dealer flipped them and reflipped them quickly before she saw it. So now we've got a good read on two aggresive players. This worked later when I checked a straight draw and got raised by one of the aggressive players to 800. I reraised to 2200. He folded the hand.

On a poor note, I wasn't being aggressive enough and missed some nice hands I could have seen with my chip stack. One time I would have flopped a straight, another quads. We finally get down to about 25 players and I have a player to my right in the small blind that limps in. I have Q/8 suited. The flop is 3/8/J with two of the cards being to my suit. Small blind checks, The blinds are 800/1600 and 100 antes. I feel a little weakness plus I've got the flush draw and go all in for 8000 chips. Small blinds calls with 3/8 for two pair.(NO MORE LETTING PEOPLE GET CHEAP LOOKS AT FLOPS). I miss the flush and get knocked out in the next hand since I had some chips left. Did I need to go all in?? 4000 or 3000 might have had the same effect of finding out where I stood. I almost never go all in. My point being, it was a lesson, I paid for it, and I won't do it again.

5/15/06 7th out of 2458 Final Table - This was the 40K Guaranteed at 10:20pm on Party Poker - Nice to make another final table.

5/13/06 Top 100 in step Million I played my free roll on's step to their million dollar game. Made the top 100 and we move on. Top 200 move on next on the 20th of May. I also played some sit and goes and steps. Came in 2nd a few times. Played the 200K on Party Poker. Just couldn't get anything going or I was getting called with horrible hands and then getting runner runnered. Happens. Wish your mother a happy day

5/7/06 Well, I'm back home. Went to the Borgata on Saturday hoping to play in the $340.00 tournament. I go to register and the girl behind the cage says, "This is a two day tournament". I say, it's supposed to finish in one day. She comes back and says it's a two day game and I won't get back my money back for the Sunday game I'm sponsored in from you guys. So I skip the Saturday game and wait till Sunday. The Saturday game ended in one day.

Sunday, we're suppose to start at 11:00am but we get pushed to 12:00pm. We start with around 325 people give or take. Top 6 will move on. After 4.5 hours, we're down to 210 people. This is going to be a long game. At my table, I've got 4 people that are just shoveling chips at us. After 2 hours, I'm probably up 50% in chips. Best hand I had was early in the tournament with the blinds 50/100. I get As/Ad against ?? I raise to 200. Two pros look at me and fold putting me on high pairs. I'm last to act, and I get 3 other callers for the extra hundred. At these blinds, I'm willing to slow play this hand a little. The flop is 6/9/10 with the 9/10 being suited to spades. Right off the bat, Someone raises to 1500. This one person has been raising all night. I call. The turn is a Qs. He checks. I check just in case he caught a straight or two pair plus I might catch the other spade I need. I'm still last to ace. The river is a 4 of spades. I catch my nut flush. The other guy leads out with 3000. I've got around 8000 and I'm hoping he is a little off the wall and if I value bet, it will send red flags all over the place. I go all in mumbling under my breath about 2 pair, worst hand of my life, horrible all in and yes, I know it's bush league but I'm taking a shot at someone that comes across as not playing very long and is very aggressive and hasn't laid many hands down. He didn't have a spade and lays the straight down he hit on the turn.

I missed a straight later in the game that hurt a little bit and then for 40 hands, I just stopped getting cards. I finally get K/K. I raise and get two callers. Flop is 6/4/4. Everyone checks to me, I get called when I bet by one person. He checks again on the turn when a 6 comes out and I let out with 2000 and get called. I'm thinking he's got the 6 for the set. He still checks on the River and I raise another 2000 and I only get called as he shows the full house, 6's over 4's. He actually hit the 6 and 4.... So now I'm getting very short stacked. We've got antes. Everyone is starting to get a little looser with their raises since we've got 4 big chip stacks that came from other tables. I'm waiting for a decent hand and I'm folding left and right with garbage and the antes are working their magic on my stack. Finally, I get K/K and move all in with 2200 chips. I get one called with J/J and while he flops a flush draw on me, my K/K's hold up. I get high pairs back to back and move all in before the big and small blind. I get called with A/A and I'm out of the game. I made it down to about 200 and got some bad beats during the game. That's poker. This tournament actually had some very strong players that I've played before. Missing my straight and the other guy hitting the full house on the flop didn't help. My K/K near the end gave me some hope but I just ran out of great cards in this game.

On another note, I'm now a contributing editor in the Pro section of "". You can check out and you'll see me in the July 2006 issue. This magazine is owned by Jill Ann Spaulding who is a excellent poker player in her own right and was a Playboy model in a past life.

May 27th is the next sponsored event for me by Aztec Mining in the Party Poker Million tournament. Anything I win, I'm splitting with Aztec Mining and their shareholders. If you'd like to invest in me, get a piece of an online casino and a real casino, Aztec Mining is publicly traded under the ticker AZTM. If I hit one of these tournaments, AZTM is going to fly. The stock only trades at .002 and if I hit something, in my opinion, this is going to move strongly. The news about Aztec buying a casino hasn't been PR'ed other then in a 10-K and when I read it, I put it in my Press release last month. You're going to see some strong revenue numbers from this company on it's own and if I hit, bang! to the moon.

If another tournament is coming up on other online sites and you'd like to sponsor me, let me know. I'll consider any offers if I'm available.

Vegas is only 3 months away...

5/4/06 3rd out of 220 I took a shot at the Million sub tournament again on Party Poker. Top two move on. I lost with J/J to a 2/6/7 flop. Blinds were 4000/8000. I raised to 25000 and got two callers. Small blind checks after the flop, Big blind lets out with 8000. I go all in. Small blind calls for a set of 7's. Typical PP. Didn't hit my J's and I'm out. One from the money....

5/03/06 54th out of 3500 This was the Freeroll for the WSOP Main Event from Party Poker. I was having a decent night and then got A/K in the small blind. Everyone folded, I raised 3 times the blinds and the other guy goes, I got A/A. Not what I wanted to hear and I certain he was telling the truth. I'd still have over 30K in chips if I was wrong but he was telling the truth. I was able to double up once after that but I finally had to bite the bullet with 4 left and took a shot at 3/4 suited against a/8. Didn't hit anything and I'm out. 4 from the money.

April 2006

4/23/06 2 out of 29 This was a step tournament on for an bigger tournament and I also came in first on a sit and go for a 2nd step up. Winning these events gives you tickets to use in other events that you get to decide on.

4/22/06 I didn't hit anything in the Million today. Party Poker just wasn't tossing me hands and when they were tossing me hands, they didn't hold up. Out of 300 hands, I hit 4 of them. My flop percentage was around 12% where it needs to be around 35% or better. On the other hand, I did come in the top 200 out of 3500 in the WSOP Free Roll. Still not in the money but a hell of a lot better then the Million. Thanks again to for sponsoring me to the Million. 11 more to go! Do you have any AZTM stock yet???

4/20/06 Aztec Mining and to sponsor Scott Neuman to 12 - One Million dollar tournaments, one per month for 12 months
Ok, I'm playing for Aztec Mining which is a publicly traded company in 12 - One Million dollar tournaments in the next 12 months on online poker rooms. Aztec is paying the entry fees. I just need to win. Considering that Aztec isn't showing a huge amount of revenues, if I hit anything in the top 10 final table players in these games, I could possibly push the value of the stock up from my revenues. The stock trades at .001. I'll play one per month for them plus anything else they want to sponsor me for. The first one is this Saturday at 4:30pm on Party Poker. The company and I will decide where and when the next one is but for now, Party seems to be the place for this deal. I'm hoping this will generate revenues for the company. The Stock ticker is AZTM. Do me a favor. I play just fine. Don't bet the house on AZTM. I have to beat around 2500 players each time I play. Can I do it? Best I've done against that amount of people on line was 4th place. I have won tournaments before but with less people. Do your own homework on this stock and on my play when deciding to invest in this stock. Wish me luck. You can follow my play at and I'll put out bulletins in the future. I do want to mention one thing. The float for this company is 100 million shares. If hit anything of value, I could push the company from .001 to .01 overnight. This is my opinion but any buying pressure should move it fast. Please understand, I have no inside information on this stock other then my homework I've done. I've been hired to advertise the company via my playing and being sponsored by them. But my deal is my standard deal of 50/50 on anything I win when sponsored by Aztec Mining and Can you feel the love? If you buy any shares of AZTM, let me know. Scott.

4/20/06 Borgata Ultimate Satellite Entry Closed!
It only took a few hours - One of you has paid the $1100.00 entry fee for me to play at the Borgata Ultimate Satellite. I only need to come in around top 10 to win free entries to 4 major tournaments worth over $100,000,000 in prize money. This person nows gets to split almost everything I might earn between now and the end of year in the major tournaments this prize represents. Keep following this site and for future writings.

4/19/06 56 out 1040 NL Texas Holdem - Party Poker - The Thursday Night Big Game - Over $156,000 in the pot. I had a decent run tonight. But you have to love Party Poker. When it wants to get rid of you and let the bigger stacks move on, it will take you out. I had k/k at the end, went all in and got called by 7/9 unsuited just for odds. Hits 7/7 on the flop. I felt the love.

4/16/06 32 out 1057 Limit Texas Holdem - Party Poker - I don't play limit much but for $6.00, I figured I'd take a shot. I did ok but when I got A/K, then A/K then A/A and lost on all three hands, my 2nd place position went away.

4/14/06 14th out of 222 Omaha PL Hi/Lo - Party Poker

4/9/06 - Top 2 out of 220 Semi for the One Million Dollar Guaranteed tournament on Party Poker that will be played on 4/22/06. This is the tournament I'll be playing for Aztec Mining and In this tournament, top 2 move on out of 220. So I had to beat at least 110 people on average. What a wild game. Told the wife today that the hardest part of playing poker was laying hands down. I made some the best lay downs of my life. With 3 people left on the table, I laid down J/J to an A/A(We were showing) and I laided down K/K to A/A with the board flopping A/K/2/A/J rainbow. When my meager bet got called, I knew I was in trouble. Guy hits quads on the turn and slow plays and I'm last to act. I got away cheap on this one. I was sucking out people all night, Calling A/K's and catching decent pairs(Yes I'm ahead) or calling high cards with suited connectors to see the flop and nailing the nuts. It was just an amazing night to play. So I've won two free entries tonight to other games. I've got 3 free rolls to play on Party. I'm going to start playing more on Goldenpalace, and just to move around. More and more people on Party are getting to know me. By the way, the other guy in tonight's million was my neighbor about 8 miles away in the next town. We were joking early in the game how it would be a one two punch for Ocean County, NJ. Amazing that we both made it.

4/9/06 - Top 6 out of 136 The 100K Party for Free qualifier on Party Poker Top 9 moved on to the April 23rd game for $100K. Played the WSOP Free Roll today. Got sucked out with A/A against J/J. Made it to about top 600. Flopped the J and that was all they wrote.

4/6/06 - top 50 out of 3500 Party Pokers WSOP Sub Event Free Roll again. I've played once each week and came in top 50 each week for the free roll on Saturday. I also won a spot for another way to hit the Vegas WSOP that I still have to play.

4/4/06 - 17th out of 209 PL Omaha - Party Poker - Bad beat hits again when I get a/a/2/k and lost to a runner runner back door flush. Still, I had a great game and made it to the final two tables.
4/2/06 - 221 out of 2839 500K Guaranteed on Party Poker - Had a decent night, considering I had my two wisdom teeth yanked out by the doctor yesterday and the happy pills make me feel no pain. I sucked everyone out when I went all in with A/K suited to the diamonds and flopped two of the diamonds against K/K and Q/Q and turned the other diamond to double up and get out of trouble.
Finally went out at 221th place with a 5/5. Raised 3 times the big blind and got called. Flop was 4/4/7. Had about half the pot left and went all in and hit 4/K suited. Guy flopped a set. I figured him for high cards at best. Lucky bastard :>. Anyway, I played a decent game all night.
4/1/06 - 192 out of 3444 This was the Free Roll Satellite for the WSOP. Top 20 win something. I'm stiffing it out for 5 hours. I've got around 18000 chips with the average around 40K. I get K/K and I'm last to act. One guy raises from 2000 to 5000. Another guy raises to 9000. My wife is funny and looks over my shoulder and asks what I'm going to do. I'm going all in and hope I get two callers but I know Party Poker and I can just feel the Q/Q K/K A/A but I'm praying for a A/K from the 2nd raiser. Since the two other players have more chips then I do, the both call my all in. The flop comes out looking really good, the turn is wonderful, and both players go all in. the river shouldn't hurt and Q/Q and K/K fall to A/A. Just bad luck but I got close this time and if it was a money game, I'd be in the money. I'm in the 500K on Party Poker tomorrow. See you there.

March 2006

4/2/06 - 221 out of 2839 500K Guaranteed on Party Poker - Had a decent night and sucked everyone out when I went all in with A/K suited to the diamonds and flopped two of the diamonds against K/K and Q/Q and turned the other diamond to double up and get out of trouble.
Finally went out at 221th place with a 5/5. Raised 3 times the big blind and got called. Flop was 4/4/7. Had about half the pot left and went all in and hit 4/K suited. Guy flopped a set. Lucky bastard :>. Anyway, I played a decent game all night. Below is the final hand.
4/1/06 - 192 out of 3444 This was the Free Roll Satellite for the WSOP. Top 20 win something. I'm stiffing it out for 5 hours. I've got around 18000 chips with the average around 40K. I get K/K and I'm last to act. One guy raises from 2000 to 5000. Another guy raises to 9000. My wife is funny and looks over my shoulder and asks what I'm going to do. I'm going all in and hope I get two callers but I know Party Poker and I can just feel the Q/Q K/K A/A but I'm praying for a A/K from the 2nd raiser. Since the two other players have more chips then I do, the both call my all in. The flop comes out looking really good, the turn is wonderful, and both players go all in. the river shouldn't hurt and Q/Q and K/K fall to A/A. Just bad luck but I got close this time and if it was a money game, I'd be in the money. I'm in the 500K on Party Poker tomorrow. See you there.

3/30/06 - 13 out of 3500 WSOP Free Roll on Party Poker. Nice that I made it down to 13th place. I can't wait to see what I do on Saturday.

3/27/06 - CEO Scott Tobia of Aztec Mining and Sportbookandpoker .com released a press release to his shareholders about my playing for the company. Here is the link.

3/26/06 - Sorry, I never updated the board from the Borgata SS. Here is my email to the fan club.
O' what fun. I started out well enough in the Borgata Super Satellites. We started at 11:00am with 5000 chips and the rounds were 40 minutes long. I'm at chip average for most of the night but after about 6 hours, I stopped getting cards. Nothing to bet on and any bets I might make will be called by 2 or 3 other people with much better cards. Finally, I go take a shot with two in front of me. I raise all in with K/J suited and 2 others call me. The flop is A/Q/9 and I've got a straight draw. One guy bets half the pot and the other guy folds. Better turns over 9/9 for a set. I don't hit the 10 and I'm out with about 170 left of 420 in the tournament.

I take a shot on Monday in the 7:00pm rebuy tournament. I don't have to do any rebuys and I'm having a great game. We get down to 6 tables, I go all in on a A/9 with 4 in front of me on a tight table. My table image is pretty tight and everyone folds except the chipleader. He calls my all in for about 3500 chips. He's got 10/9 suited. The flop is a A/K/Q and he needs a J to win. The Turn is a Q and I've got two pair but the river does bring out the J and I'm out.

I'm hoping to be sponsored for more tournaments. Sportbookandpoker .com sponsored me for the Borgata and since they are a publicly traded company, you can buy their stock under the ticker AZTM. I'm working on a deal that lets me play in 12 tournaments in 12 months worth $12 million dollars in prizes. AZTM shareholders will benefit if I place or win in these games.

Caesars is this weekend but I'm going to have to pass on it. I'm going to what is called PETS or a President Elect Training Session for Rotary International. It's training to the President of my local rotary club. It's a one year appointment. For those that bought shares in the Caesars event, this will roll over to the next major event I play in.

I'll try for Foxwoods in 3 weeks. I still need a full sponsor for the $7,000,000 Main event at Foxwoods. This is one of the bigger events so if I hit or get close, the publicity will be great plus the sponsor / advertiser gets half of what I win.

3/15/06 1st out of 149 500K Qualifier on Party Poker. Had a good and a bad night. Busted my tail to get to Step 5 on Party Pokers Step Tournament only to go out in number 6th place. Chased a Straight Flush draw on the flop and with a starting chips of only 1000, it was my shot to take. I didn't hit it and the other player flopped the straight. I would have been higher for either hand. But the 500K, I took first place out of 149 with only 6 moving on.

3/12/06 Top 50 out of 3500 Hit the WSOP Free Roll again on Party Poker. Check the image.I had 494748 chips. I was chip leader for most of the game. I hit a huge hand with A/K and one player went all in, then two more and I'm like someone has K/K or A/A but no one did and I hit the Ace on the flop and won with the kicker.

3/12/06 Just in case anyone is going to be at the Borgata on the 19th of March, I'll be playing in a $1100 Sub tournament for 4 different WSOP/WPT events. Prize is $60,000 in entry fees for 4 of the biggest tournaments of the year. I'll be sponsored and I'll announce the sponsorship on Tuesday.

3/11/06 170th out of 3500 This was the WSOP Freeroll , I won below. had a great game. Caught top pair on my last hand. Got slightly raised and I decided to reraise the pot. I got put all in with A/J against 8/K. Guy hits the J on the river, knocking me out of the game. That was a lot of fun though and playing these WSOP free rolls are great. I recommend it to everyone. They have free rolls every 3 hours.

3/6/06 48th Out of 3500 Played in a freeroll in Party Poker for the WSOP SEMI Freeroll. They take the top 50. I had a great game and would have gone further but I've got this rotten cold and I can't sleep from the cough syrup. Tonight was the best I've played in awhile. I won a SNG Step table on Party and moved to step 4 out of five.

3/6/06 6 out of 145 Final Table Result I won a free entry in the $100,000 Party for Free tournament on Party Poker. You have to be top 9 in the tournament. 145 started. I came in the money and a final table finish.

February 2006

2/26/06 169nd out of 2724 In the Money - Party Poker $750,000 Guaranteed Tournament. For almost 200 hands, I didn't have anything playable or would have won. Took shots at a lot of pots but nothing going on. I was down to 500 chips and finally started getting cards and doubled up a few times and worked my way back to 60,000 chips. Then I went back down to about 22000 chips with Blinds at 2000/4000 and 100 antes, I got K/K against A/K and the guy rivered the Ace knocking me out of the tournament. I was in the money, down about 3 or 4 levels in payoffs. Hope you enjoyed the game if you watched.

2/23/06 98th out of 2443 In the Money - Party Poker $40,000 Guaranteed Tournament. Went out with Q/Q against A/Q and the guy flops A/A/9. No queen and I'm done for the night.

2/20/06 45th out of 1240 Sub Tournament for the UltimateBet TV show. This was a little strange. You had to play $5.00 and if you were in the top 50% of the tournament, you won a free roll to the Sub Tournament for the Ultimatebet TV Show. I placed 45th and the final 5 tables when I got knocked out on a 10/A to a J/A with an Ace on the table. I was in the top chip count all night and was at chip average when I lost. Only the top 3 move on, so you had a 400 to one chance of winning.

2/18/06 THERE ARE NO MORE SHARES to Vegas!!! I'm going to Vegas for the Main Event, (I was going either way but now It's official). We've sold out all the shares. has agreed to sponsor me one more time and this time it's for the 2006 World Series of Poker Main Event and they've bought the remaining shares. The Tournament will take place at the end of July at the Rio Casino and Hotel. No more shares are available for sale. I will be pulling the Ebay auction down shortly for Vegas. Atlantic City and Foxwoods are still up for sponsorships. Foxwoods will be hot. There will probably be over 700 players at Foxwoods and the first prize should be around $2,000,000. If you want me to play for you, let me know. Foxwoods is only 4 hours from my home and I'll make the drive. As for Vegas, for those of you that got in, good for you. For those of you that wanted to wait for what, I have no clue, I'm sorry but this deal is over and there are no more shares. I'm looking forward to the tournament and I'm really hoping I bring back the gold for everyone of you that put your faith in me and sponsored me. I'm still on tilt from the Borgata(I'll get over it). Keep checking back on my site for more info and updates. One more thing, I'm moving my offices from about a 5000 sq ft area to a 17000 sq ft area. Business just took off in the last 8 weeks. I need the room. The only reason I mention this is that for Feb and March, I'm focusing my energies on paying for the extra space and growing my company which means you'll see less postings of games. After March, when I'm sure everything is settled with my company, I'll start playing a lot more. Thanks again for your support. Scott One more thing, for those of you that haven't played at, take a look at the site, sign up and play some test games. They have games for almost any budget and the sign up bonuses might be one of the best in the industry. Here is the link:;=pkrreview I've been working out and losing weight. I've cut out sugar, coffee and most pastas from my diet. Amazingly enough, from Sept 2005 to now, I've drop from 230 pounds to 199 pounds. I'm looking for another 10 to 15 pounds and I'll be happy. For those of you that saw my photos from the Borgata Open, I looked heavy. My gut is over my belt. Double chin and the imagine I'm setting in front of my opponents wasn't what I wanted. If my chin is bouncing, I think that is a tell.. So off came the weight and I look a hundred percent better (and no more headaches either). I'll suggest that if you're overweight or want to drop weight, this change in my eating habits made a huge difference. Now the only problem is, I have to buy new suits since I dropped a full size or two. Man, everything has a double chin. Not any more though.

2/18/06 top 25 Top 25 in the TV Show Qualifier. I move on to the Feb 20th Game to play for a seat at the Feb 25th Game live from Hollywood Park Casino. In other news, I've been playing Sit and Goes on Party Poker. I keep winning the $50.00 sit and goes. So far, I've won 5 out of 7. Not that this is a lot of money but Party Poker changed the amount of chips you start with and the amount of time you play hands now and also raised the starting blinds for some of the games. I like it and I look forward to the change. It does affect the way you play the tournaments.

2/11/06 107 out of 1550 Saturday Night 200K on Party Poker - In the Money - This was the game I won the entry fee for mentioned below. This game was too funny. I was never more then 2000 over average. At around 290 people in the game, I stopped getting cards. Nothing, no pairs, no high cards, no suited connectors, no unsuited connectors. I'm sitting here going, I've got to get moving, I've got chips to catch, hands to win but anytime I raise or bluff, I got reraised and other then one all in that I did win with K/J vs A/10 and I rivered the K, I had nothing to play with. I have around 2000 chips with the blinds 400/800 and I decide to just sit tight and if I get a great hand, I'll take a shot. I won just one blind all in with A/A when I was short stacked but like I said, not much was going on and everyone folded to me. I finally make it into the money at 180 people with 1800 chips. I go once around and as the blinds start to come to me, we break the table and I drop down behind the button. I roll into the blinds again and still don't get a hand. "Lets see how far I can go without making a bet" I say to myself. I'm down to 600 chips but I'm also down to 140 people and into the next level. I need to make it to 120 players for the next level. The blinds roll around again and I catch both blinds and move on and go below 120 for the next level. So far, I'm through 3 paying levels. I almost make it to the next level when I run out chips in the blinds. Out at 107 people. But what a rush. This was too much fun. I've seen people go all the way down to #4 in tournaments just winning the blinds and then actually start winning hands and moving back up. I did the same thing in the Aussie Million sub on Party Poker that I won. So I made some chip change(nothing huge), had some fun and got to promote my Lakewood Rotary Club's 50/50 drawing for $12500 in two weeks wink wink, hint hint, nudge nudge, know what I mean? There are only 300 tickets and there will be two prizes. Go to the site and download the order forms. It's for charity and it helps the school kids of Lakewood, NJ. Great kids but the school system is broke. We're buying a huge amount of books for the elementary school. First time in 5 years, they've had new books other then the ones we buy for them. If you're in NJ, plan on coming to the Woodlake Country Club in Lakewood, NJ on Feb 25th at 6:00pm. We're having casino night with great prizes(can you make a cash or item donation?) Buffet dinner and $150 in gambling money. We always have fun and a great turn out. Tickets are only $50.00 at the door or by pre-ordering from me. I can not accept They turned my account off because of my love for poker. So send your donations, items or your request for 50/50 tickets for $100.00 each to Scott Neuman C/O The Lakewood Rotary Club P.O. Box 526, Lakehurst, NJ 08733. You can call me at 848-333-8899 with any questions.

2/11/06 174 out of 3532 $7500 Free roll on Party Poker. If this is any indication of how I'll do in Vegas, I'm feeling pretty good. This was a free roll from Over 3532 people started this game. I was pretty strong for the entire game and then got nailed on two hands. For most of the game, I was 3 to 4 times chip average. Finally got K/Q and did get 2 more K's but the other guys A/K beat me. This was a fun game and I was also playing my $200K entry from earlier at the same time. We're down to 532 on a break and I'm above chip average. They start paying at 220 but I'm looking for a win tonight. I'm just feeling good. Party Poker

2/11/06 1st Place 1st place SitnGo for Party Pokers $200,000 guaranteed Saturday Night tournament. Nice to sit, take a beating and lose half your chips on a bluff and then come back to win the game. Final hand has me raising with J/K suited with 3800 chips and I get put all in with J/J and his 3200 chips. Lets gamble. I river the K and move on to tonights $200K on Party Poker. I'll post the results later.

2/07/06 7th Place Final Table Finish for the 750K Sub tournament on Party Poker. I was having a great game and over chip average and there come thoses 7's again. I get rivered all in with 10/10 vs 7/7 and lose almost 6000 chips. I'm starting to hate 7's. I'm down at 2300 chips and lose two bluffs and I'm down to 1200. I then double up on an A/10 vs A/2 and I hit the 10 on the Turn and then doubled up again on an A/K vs A/10. I'm up and down all night in this game and we finally get down to 8 people. 7 move on. I was short stacked at 900 with the blinds at 500 and 1000 and I have to bet and I get two callers. If I lose, I get $27.00. If I win, I get my entry paid for the $750K on Party Poker. I have A/9 which is looking pretty good at this point and I river an Ace to knock off a pair of Jacks. I also triple up. Two more rounds go by and the other short stack on the table is now behind and getting put all in by the blinds. I've only got 900 chips at this point, but the small blind has less and goes all in with 800 chips with K/10 and gets called with A/J by the big blind and the Ace holds up. Real nice bunch of guys and gals at that table. Everyone of them got bookmarked. It was a pleasure to play them. This was a tough night for me. I come back from the Borgata with a tooth ache and a fever from the stomach flu that is going around and the flu went away but the tooth ache got worse. I had an appointment to finally pull my wisdom teeth but the ache became an abscess. So now I'm fighting the dull thud of the abscess and wondering if I'm getting my wisdom teeth out on Friday or not. Either way, I'm not going to play Harrah's $1500 or $2000 this weekend. Wish everyone the best and good luck with your game.

2/02/06 Some one told me I was added to Pokerwire's running totals list for the Borgata Classic. Since I didn't know where I stood, I looked it up and I was in 38th place on the listings at one point. Here is the link This was before dinner. The next link is after dinner.

January 2006

1/31/06 - This close. I was this close. I'm in the 1st Annual Borgata Winter Classic Poker main event. For 6 hours, I'm on fire. I'm above chip average. I'm picking up hands left and right. For some reason I've got this ultra tight image and I'm getting people to lay down monster hands when I've got nothing with meager raises. It was too funny. My best hand was having K/Q. The player to my right acts first and raises to 600. I call(I forgot her name but she just won an event at the Showboat and she's wearing her WSOP ring), The flop is a 10/Q/K. I'm feeling pretty good. The other player checks and I raise to 600 and get called. The turn is an J and now I'm wondering where I stand. (The blinds were 100/200). The other player raises to 1000. Now for a 1000, I'm getting a cheap look and I call. I river the Q for a full house. The other player checks. I think for moment, do I go all in and if she hit the straight, she might just fold. She's been pretty tight. So I decide to raise to 2500 and hope she either calls or goes all in and pray she didn't have K/K or A/A(but not from how she was betting I don't think so). She calls and she did hit the straight on the turn and I pick up a decent pot. Now this is a tight table. Most everyone is laying down hands after the flop and very few hands make it to the river. Finally someone gets knocked out, a table above us is broken up and Steve Dannerman moves to our table. Steve is playing very tight and only playing good cards. Best kill hand at the table was Steve raises and gets called. The flop is 7/7/K. Steve raises and the other guy goes all in for 25000 chips. Steve instantly calls. The other guy has trip kings. Steve has quad 7's on the flop. WOW. What a time to get a set of Kings.

I was at table 27, so as we are breaking, I'm sitting on about 42000 chips. I'm having a great day. I'm above chip average. We finally break and I move to another table (7 I think), and I went from the tightest table to the loosest table. I'm sitting waiting for cards, everyone is raising and reraising and rereraising each other. I pick up a few pots and I move up about 55000 when I get A/A against someones A/K. We break for Dinner, I come back and toss a few garbage hands and I finally get K/K. Now, I lost K/K on the final table of the WSOP Circuit event at Harrah's last year, I lost them on the Ultimatebet million earlier this month and I'm on the loosest table with the craziest people I've ever played. I just can't get a strong read on 4 of the players. So the blinds are 400/800 with a 100 ante. I raise to 3000. I get reraised to 10000 from some older guy I've never seen before. Again, I'm on a super loose table and I feel the guy is just pushing me around, testing the waters. I was going to push all in but it's easier to see a flop and he's reraising me with something. The flop is a 6/8/8. I'm feeling pretty good about this flop. I'm first to act. I toss out this super weak bet of 5000 chips and I'm hoping he reraises me. He does to 15000 chips. At this point, I've got around 30000 chips and I'm done. I go all in because I don't want this hand to go any further, and if he doesn't have A/A (which I don't think he has), then he should just lay the hand down. He goes all in right away and I'm like, Damn he's got A/A but he doesn't. He called me with 7/7. He is 12% to win the hand with two cards to go. He rivers the 7 and knocks me out of the tournament. He turns to me and says, "sorry son, that's poker". He's right, and bad beats are part of the game. If I had hit that hand, I would have been in the top 10 for chips. send down 4 players this weekend. Myself, Luke Neely, Thomas Koral and Adam. I was chip leader of our group when I got knocked out and I'm sure from how I was playing that if I had won that hand, I would have been in the money. I might be playing in the Circuit events for Harrah's and Caesars if anyone wants to sponsor the events. seems pleased by my work this weekend and I'm hoping they'll be sending me to other events. None of the players from the Team made it to the money with Luke Neely getting the best of the tournament.

So I'm out of the tournament, I decide to piss my wife off and play in the $500 Event #10 since I won a sit and go for the $500.00 at the Borgata. I wake up that morning and my stomach is killing me and feeling a little chilling. I pass it off on the seafood I ate at the Met the night before(but hey, they were good), I'm playing well again and after about 7 hours, I get A/Q and the flop is a 10/J/K and I flop the nut straight. The Blinds were 400/800 and I raise to 2000 and I get called from a limper in the hand. The turn is a 3 and I raise to 4000. I get called. I'm like, he's either got two pair, a set or a straight. I can't imagine why he's in the hand but right now he's behind. The river is another 3 and I raise to 8000 which is close to all my chips. I get put all in and at that point, I'm tired, my stomach is aching, I'm starting to sweat pretty hard and I call the all in and he did flop a set of 10's. Nice hand for him, bad for me and I go up to my room and jump under the sheets chilled to the bone. My wife goes to Brigantine to Eckards and gets a thermometer and I'm reading 101. It wasn't the food. It was the flu. I played all day on Sunday sick and didn't know it.

Some other interesting things that happened was that I was quoted in some Borgata PR statements, I was also interviewed on for about 15 minutes and talked about my sponsors,, Rileybooks and I also talked about Rotary International and how anything I won, an override of my winnings goes back to my local Rotary Club and how I won the entry from my Ebay Auction. I had a great time other then being sick. I got to play a lot of great players and my game is still up to theirs at this level of poker. I will place in or win a major tournament shortly.

1/23/06 - I did play this weekend at the Borgata Winter Classic. Event 2 had around 1000 people. First prize was around $170,000. I played for about 9 hours but went out on J/J. The flop was 2/6/8. After the flop, I went all in and had 3 callers. K/K/ 10/10 and 9/9. Amazing. The kings held up or I would have tripled up. I did get close to the money and went out around 170th place. I was at table 4 so we never broke and I got to play the same people for hours. It was a very tight table and we lost maybe 4 people in the 9 hours. One guy at our table came in 3rd place.

I played Event #3 the next morning. Now Event 1 had 1100 people, Event 2 had over 1000. Event 3, 312 people give or take. I went from the tightest table to the loosest table. Everyone going all in almost after the flop. Lots of young kids getting caught in all sorts of garbage hands trying to muscle each other out of the hand. By the end of round 1, we'd lost 4 people. Round two, I get K/K, I give a mild raise since I don't want anyone to leave the hand with this monster. Blinds around 50/100. I raise to 400. I get two callers. The flop is 9/8/5 unsuited. I raise to 600 and get called by one person. I'm assuming he's got a 9 with a kicker. The turn brings out a 8 and I say to myself, time to take this hand down. Now we only get 5000 chips to start so I'm all in with my remaining chips. The other player to my left thinks for about 20 seconds and calls my all in putting himself pretty much all in. He turns over 9/7 suited and I'm leading. He needs a 9 or a 6 to win the hand. He hits a 6 on the river and knocks me out of the tournament. I call him a donkey and tell him he's got another hour in the tournament before he is out and I pick up my spinner. I tell everyone at the table good luck and walk away to play some SNG's. About an hour later, the guy comes up and says he misread the hand but that he was out of the tournament from another all in.

I play 3 SNG tournaments. Each one last about 2 hours. I come in 4th, 2nd and 1st. The SNG's pay $500.00 to win and $75.00 to come in 2nd or 3rd. Only $80.00 to play. I was a little short in one and the blinds move up every 20 minutes. We only get 1500 chips and with the blinds at 400/800, I held 700 chips, I get 3/3, ask the chip leader if he has a pair and he just nods his head, I take this to mean no, so I go all after a raise from the chip leader to 1800. He was beating up the table and I needed to take a shot and was praying he had high cards only and not a pair. It was better then that. He was just beating up the table. This time he had 2/J. One over card. The flop was 6/K/K/Q and look at that J coming out to knock me out of the SNG. Fate. It's my favorite expression. It was going to happen that way and there was nothing I could do to change it.

So I busted out of the main events and came in 2nd and 1st in two SNG's. I had no issue with how I played in the tournaments and I look forward to playing the Main Event next week.

I'll be back on Sunday to play the Main Event. We're getting 25000 chips and the rounds last 90 minutes. I'm sure I'll be there for the 2nd day unless I get another sicko that wants to go all in on a 9% chance to win.

Thanks for my sponsors in the last couple of weeks including Riley Books at, (heard from the reporter at the Borgata you were asking about me) and and of course,

My $10.00 Unit sale for the Las Vegas Main Event is still open but I can accept payments via mail with checks, money orders, cash sent registered mail and I'm looking into Citadel and Neteller as an alternative. You can also buy 90% of the sponsorship for $9000.00 up front. I've got my rooms books, I've got my plane tickets. I'm ready to go.

I'm told I'm going to be in this week so keep an eye out. Feel free to email me with any questions and thank you for your support.

1/19/06 - 31st out of 270 - Just one out of the money. Party Pokers PL Omaha game at 10:10pm. Pot was around $10,000. I had a decent game all night and held average till about 55. Missed two hand with high pairs and then just missed scooping 4000 chips when I hit a flush on the turn and the river brought out a 7 to give the person a low hand. Blinds took me down to the high 30's and just ran out of time. I even hit a set on the flop and missed the high and the low hand. In other news, it almost seems like Ebay is out to get me. While my ads for advertising sponsors reads the same as other peoples, mine are getting shut down left and right by Ebay for any number of made up reasons. The best one was I'm advertising to gamble online on my ebay auction. Nothing could be further from the truth and when I talked to a Ebay rep, she said it was a different department then hers. I was surprised to have Ebay call me at home but I did get some tips from her. I had to change my ads. Now you're buying spots on my World Series of Poker Jacket. I'm offering 1000 spots. You can buy as many spots as you want and it's like a Million Pixel website that seems to be popular. You buy as many or as little as you want and you get to put your name, idea, sponsor, company or just about anything that will fit in that spot. It should be very interesting when it's all said and done. I still can't use and's exact words to me was that I was completely violating their policy on gambling by allowing you to advertise with me. Who needs them. I've always accepted cash, checks and money orders. I'll continue to do so. Just mark which event you want your money to be for advertising.

1/18/06 - One of my sponsors called me and said they were wiring funds to my account. They were then told that the account is refusing the transfer. I call up and they stated to me that because I accepting sponsors and advertisers as it relates to "GAMBLING"(horror), that they were limiting my account and would not release any funds to me for 180 day and that I couldn't appeal this decision. HOW SCREWED UP IS THAT!!!!. I do have an email into explaining how I advertise companies for sponsorship fees and offer rebates for that sponsorship but no one is gambling with me. It's the reason we have an advertising sponsorship page. But for now, I'm not accepting any advertising/sponsorship funds via You can send check or money orders to Scott Neuman, but for the time being, stop using Feel free to call me at 848-333-8899 with any questions. All unit shares are still in place for this advertising promotion.

1/15/06 - 728 out of 2774 - Ultimatebet's Stone Cold Nuts Million Dollar game. I was sponsored by They (and I) were hoping that we'd hit the final table and receive the free pass to Vegas. There were 2774 players, I was hanging around 1500 and 2500 chips in the beginning. Caught a nice hand with A/10 and had two pair by the time it was done and moved to 4000 and then I finally get K/K. It was the first high pair I had all night. Blinds are 300/600. Guy limps in, I raise to 1200. I then get put all in to the guy on left. Everyone folds and I call the all in. Other guy turns over A/K like I thought he had. He didn't catch anything and I double up to 9000 chips with the blinds. The very next hand, I get K/K again. Guy raises, another guy raises, I reraise to 4000. Guy goes over the top and I call up to the 9000. I'm praying he doesn't have A/K or A/A. The flop is A/A/Q and he turns over Q/Q. I've only got 95 chips left when I go all in and he's ahead with a full house q's over a's. I just don't catch the other ace or K and I'm out. I'm very disappointment but I was trying to force the guy out of the hand and yes, I knew he had a good hand but I was hoping for a call. Hitting the full house was lucky for him and that's just poker. I had the better hand pre flop. Two hands later at my spot, K/K again. I was sponsored for this event by I've played on this network before and I really like it. Nice graphics, decent tournaments, lots of fish to fry. Give the site a try when you can. Top 200 got paid this time. I'll still be at the Borgata for the World Poker Tour Borgata Winter Classic for Event 2,3 and the Main Event care of

1/14/06 - 19th place out of 536 -'s Sub Tournament $100.00 NL Texas Hold'em. This was a sub for tomorrow's $1,000,000 Guaranteed tournament. Now already sponsored me for this event. But I'm bored, and I figured with one out five moving on, it shouldn't be that hard to get in. Winding up in 19th place felt good and I'm looking forward to winning the entry, but I am going to allow to still sponsor me for this event since I agreed to allow it.

1/10/06 - NEWS FLASH - For those of you that come to my site, you might have missed the banner above, has agreed to sponsor me for the Borgata Winter Classic Open and will pay the $10,000 entry fee. The tournament starts in 2 weeks. I'll be wearing my favorite outfit. Shirts, hats and of course, tattoo's across my back, with my boxing gloves on, sweating from a good hard workout.... wait a minute, wrong sport. This is for poker. So hat, shirt and tattoo on the hand and cheek again. Come by and say hi.

1/10/06 - 44th out of 1575 In the money - Pot was $31500. Went out on a coin toss with me holding a pair. Best hand, raised 5/5 and flopped 5/5/7. Tripled up on that one.Party Poker

1/10/06 - This one is good for a laugh. I was on and played a sub tournament for the WSOP event in Feb. I had J/J preflop and was raised and I called. The flop is Q/J/5, I raise and get reraised. Red flags going off all over the place. I'm sure he's got a set of q's but if it's a/q, I'll be pissed. Since it was only $24.00, I called and he had a set of q's. Out in three hands. Some Pro I turned out to be for - But see above. I came in the top 3%.

1/9/06 - 5th Place Final Table Out of 50. Sub tournament for the Party Poker Million. Only one was going to move on since every 32 players gets one place. With 50 in the game, the other three get a few dollars but not the free entry into the Million due to be played on the 21st of Jan 2006. I was having a great game and about half way, I held the two cards that I hate most. 10/Q. I'm in the big blind and no one raises with 5 limpers into the hand at 50/100 blinds. The flop comes out 9/10/10. What a nice flop for me. At this point in the game, High man has about 7000 chips. I've got about 5500. Average is 3200. I check the hand and guy to my left raises about 1200. He gets one caller and then to me to call. I'm assuming he hit the 10 but he's also an aggressive player and likes to test the hands a lot. Turn brings out the 3 and I raise 500 to test the waters also. He goes all in, the next guy goes all in and I'm like, Ok, we can't all have the 10 and yes someone can have the full house but right now, that's the only hand that will beat me. It's 3:30am, I'm tired, I say to myself, screw it, if he's got me, so be it, I'll crawl back in bed with the wife and kids and go back to sleep. I go for it and see I'm up against 8/10 and K/K. I'm leading!!. The river is a 4 and is a blank for everyone. I triple up and go into first place by a wide margin. By the end, I take a few bad beats and come in 5th place. I've been using IM under kickyouracepoker and I had a few people talking to me during the game. I enjoyed the conversations. I didn't find them the bother that I thought I would. I don't want to get into the conversations that much, but I'd just like to say it was fun. Party Poker

1/8/06 - 116th out of 1910. I'll rant. Yes, Going all in on Party Poker is luck when you go all in. But you ever notice how many times the worst hand wins? Anyway, over 1900 players in a $20.00 + $2.00 game brings the pot close to $40,000 and a $8,000 first prize. I made it to 116. Loose player ahead of me goes all in with 8/8. I call with J/J and he flops an 8. This was the only game I played today. Played a good game and came in the top 5%. Party Poker

1/4/06 - This must be national screw with the customer week. One of my vendors has moved their call center over to the Philippines. When they were in the USA or Canada, they were great but when they moved to the Philippines, I then had nothing but trouble. Examples are orders moving against my account that I didn't order, ($24,000 that took 3 months to remove from my account) Orders misshipped and items overshipped. Yesterday I come to work find a large amount of hard drives overnighted to me. The order taker increased my order by almost 700 percent. Created 3 separate invoices and fedex'ed everything from California to NJ. When you call for an RMA, I'm back in the Philippines and I have someone tell me that they can't give me an RMA without talking to the order taker. Think he'll cover his ass??? I do but I guess I'll find out in 3 days, which is what it takes before they'll create an RMA for me. They do have an online ordering system which is what I normally use but the system didn't allow part of my order so I had to call my friends in the Philippines. By the way, the order took 1.5 hours to place for what was supposed to be a few items or what should have taken 5 minutes online.

And for more fun, Ebay calls my house and complains to my wife about links in my pages back to He says that he's pulling all the ads if we don't remove and My wife gives him my cell number and then calls me to let me know I'm getting this call. It never comes. Two hours later, while I'm with customers, they pull all the poker ads. When I call to complain, I'm told nicely that they would never do that to a power seller without calling. And they were pretty friendly about it but they still pulled the ads. So score one for poor customer service for not getting the followup call. I did put the ads back up, but this time I just made sure that and didn't have direct links this time. BUT, it's ok to go to my ABOUT US page on Ebay and then have a link back to Now that one makes a lot of sense....

111 out of 194 - Didn't make the WSOP Choice Event on Full Tilt from below - Raised K/Q and the flop was 2/J/Q. Only one guy in the hand. He has about 3000 chips. I come back from having 230 chips to almost 1900 chips. He checks the hand. I go all in and try to steal the 900 that is there. He calls and shows J/K. So we both get a piece of it. The turn brings out 3 and He rivers the J for a set. Only 2 outs and he hits it. Right after that I played a step for the Cruise on Party Poker and won the table. I'm now on Step 2 with 2 to move up. Jan 3rd, 2006 - Full Tilt Poker and Party Poker

128 Out of 1311 - In the Money - $52000 Pot - NL Texas Hold'em - Would have liked to have gotten farther. Poor cards and good players. Lots of loose players going all in with 10/J unsuited, 8/7 suited. Wild night. Lost on a 3/3 all in to a J/J with the flop being A/2/2/A/K. Jan 1st, 2006 - Party Poker

December 2005

This is the last post for the year and what an interesting year it was. I adopted my second child. I inked a relationship with based on my final table result at the WSOP circuit event in Atlantic City. I've made over 28 final tables in both online and live tournaments. I started offering shares for the WSOP main event in July 2006 and from the moment I started listing the shares, I started getting people that wanted a possible piece of the pie.

I did have something happened to me today and I probably overreacted but I had won the FTP sub event two night away. I really wanted to play in the $300NL New Years Eve event at the Borgata in Atlantic City. I felt it would be a great warm up for the Borgata Classic at the end of the month. I played well and finish not far from the money but at the same time, I couldn't get a response from FTP about moving my entry to the Tuesday event(I had thought it was for Jan 7th). I left a total of 5 emails on Friday and one on Saturday trying to get anyone to respond to me about moving my entry to Tuesday, the 3rd. At 10:30am this morning, I finally got someone to reply to me only to tell me that because I emailed them from my work address and not my home address, they would have to decline to look at my request. Since the message implied that they knew it was me but they would just ignore my message and simple request for an adjustment because of my return email address,(mind you that I have close to 50 email addresses because of my job and domain names that own) I felt this was grossly out of line. Now FTP has made adjustments for me in the past and I truly liked FTP up to this point. This was an example of how to kill a customer that does spend money on this site!! With all the poker rooms out there, pissing off a customer is the last thing any poker room should do. Finally at 11:00pm, I said screw it, and jumped in my car to play in the live event down at the Borgata. First prize was $19,000 and second was around $12,000 so the Borgata actually looked like the best bet. I get down there with 3 minutes to spare and play a decent game but boy, did I not get a lot of cards to play with. 2/7 became my middle name at the tables. And because it looked like I playing tighter then normally, any raise was meet with folds for the most part which made it hard to get ahead in the game. Sure I can pick up blinds but blinds won't keep you moving that much. Well, Debbie played my game in FTP since they never pulled (she actually did pretty well losing on the river to a person with two outs) my game but I still fired off a letter to them complaining on how it took 24 hours to get a reply and then not even helping on a simple request and you can't call them since they don't offer a phone number to call them at. (What is up with that?). I finally received a reply from Supervisior Chris G apologizing for the mistake, stating they were working on reducing the reply times to more normal levels and working with me on the tournament entry. FTP, what I'd like to see from your company. First, thanks. I appreciate the followup. As a business owner, I know how hard it is to retain customers. Yes, you do need to work response times. I'm not the only one that has stated this and it's been a complaint from more then one person in the last year. Two, add a phone number, even a message center, possibly a live message center. Someone has to sit there and run your site. Just a few people can answer messages in a timely fashion. I really think you'll pick up a ton of customers and it will be worth your while. I'm hoping to see a few of the FTP pros and I'll mention this to them at the Borgata Classic. As a last note. This has been a very stressful year. I'm glad it's over! I'm hoping that next year will be less stressful for my family and I wish all my fans and friends the best possible year. All I can say is, "Pay it forward". Make a difference in the world if you can. God bless you all.

1st Place Out of 39 - Won the Sub Tournament tonight from Full Tilt Poker for the Pick Your WSOP Event. I'll be playing this event on Dec 31st at 3:00pm and if I win, I move on to any number of WSOP events. On the other hand, I tanked on Party Poker in the 10:20pm Game. Just never got going and I was playing both games at the same time. 12/29/05 - Full Tilt Poker

7th Place I was actually 7th twice tonight in sub tournaments for the Borgata Winter Classic on Full Tilt Poker and Bodog. Both are running sub tournaments where the top 3 or 4 move on. My luck finally ran out on me having the best hand in both tournaments but losing to the lesser hand. Both games had around 40 to 50 people playing but I did make the final table both times. 12/27/05

12-26-05 I wanted to wish everyone including the fan club(You know who you are) the best of holiday greetings and the best for you and your families for the coming year. All the best from the Neuman household and thanks to D.L. and Eddie at for making this a great year. Hopefully we'll have a better one in 2006. Best wishes to the Folks at Party Poker for letting me move my Aussie tournament win to the USA to help me out with the issues on my daughters adoption and last, best wishes to you. Make your dreams come true!! Don't let people tell you what you can and can not do with your life. - Goals for the 2006 year. I plan on playing in at least 5 WSOP/WPT Events this year in one form or another. I will play the 2006 WSOP Main Event in Vegas. I will play in the Harrah's and Caesars Events in AC. I will play both Borgata Events this year. I will play the Trump US Poker Championship Events. I might do Foxwoods this year. And I'm sure there will be other events. I'll keep updating you as the year goes by. Feel free to email me with any suggestions for the site or any questions about poker. I do have some students on board now and if you want lessons on tournament play, feel free to email me or look up my link for lessons.

1st Place Step Table for $200K Saturday night game on Party Poker - 899 people played the 200K. I played the two steps actually about three hours before the game. Got the free entry and did play on the 24th of Dec. Came in around 369th. I'm in the small blind and raised the big blind. Big has been super tight all night and I figure to take down his blinds since he's got just a little more then I do in chips and I can use the pot. Big calls my all in with a 4/4 against my Q/J suited. Flop came out 8/9/7/8/8 Wow, that was close. 12/24/05 -

7th Place out of 82 Final Table - CPC Qualifier 11 move on. I really like playing the cheap tables to get into the bigger tournamants. So far, I've won the cheap seats for the 200K on Saturday night that I placed in last night, I won the seat for the Million next week, I won the Aussie Million seat and then won the tournament to go to Aussie land(which I'm not, see below) and now I won the CPC qualifier. My motto, "why pay the full boat when you can have someone else buy your ticket for you" but really, I played a good game. My image was slightly tight this time and my raises were normally met with folds. 12-11-05 - Party Poker

61st out of 1228 In the Money - $200K Guaranteed Saturday - Had a decent game all night and a decent payoff. Finally got caught on a raise with Q/J and put most of my chips in against an all in with 10/10. Didn't hit the Q/J and it shorted me out a little bit. Still held out till the low 60's. One more and we would have split the table and I might have lasted longer - 12-10-05 - Party Poker

32nd out of 2427 Final Four Tables - In the Money - $40,000 Guaranteed NL Texas Hold'em - I hate getting down the final four tables. I'm this close to $10,000 and I just stopped getting anything that would have won. I bluffed 4 times mostly close to the button and still got put all in all 4 times and all 4 times, the other guy turns his cards over and shows a/a or k/k. Can't blame them for trying to put me all in, but a bluff once and while that worked would be nice. You also don't get a huge payoff at 32 but still, drinks and dinner at Chief Voila in AC is always nice on Party Poker. - 12/9/05 - Party Poker

2nd Place Final Table - Out of 201 - Qualifier for the Million Dollar Guaranteed Tournament on 17th of Dec. One out of three moved on. We were down to four and it basically came down to number 3 and 4 not betting and bigger chip stacks wearing us both down. I made it to number 3 with 4000 chips and the other guy got blinded out. Then I came back all in 4 times and went to over 100,000 chips, not that it really mattered since I moved up the Million game anyway. NL Texas Hold'em. 12/7/05 - Party Poker

220th out of 235 - 1000NL Texas Hold'em - WSOP Showboat Atlantic City 12-3-05 - Had the best hand. We both went all in after flop. He got runner runner for the flush with me holding top pair above his. Life goes on. In addition, I had an investor for the Aussie Million in Jan 2006. Since the adoption of my daughter isn't finished yet, I've declined to go and I've return half the fee to my investor who made 500% on his money. For those of you that don't know, the 2nd adoption almost exploded with the birthmother claiming fraud, duress and other amazing things from the agency that placed the baby with us. The case was dismissed last week by the courts(after 4 months and a lot of legal fees) but one thing the judge is doing is allow the birthmother the right to take another shot at the agency and us. The entire trial, the judge bent over backwards to try to return the child even though NJ state law is very clear about surrendering your baby to an agency. The law is its irrevocable after 3 days. The judge was trying to make new case law and just ignored NJ law. If she comes back for one more try, it will make the third attempt to overturn the placement. Mind you, she has no issues with my family. Everything is directed at this licensed adoption agency and it's the first time they've ever been sued for a placement. Anyway, cross your fingers, I've been playing some great games as of late and this does take a little of the load of my family, unless she sues again. I can't believe the judge didn't stop this!

Current Results as of November 2005

November 2005

2nd place out of 1537 - Final Table - $15000 NL Texas Holdem Tournament - 11/24/05 - In the money - Party Poker

128th out of 1116 $200,000 Saturday night Guaranteed - 11/19/05 - In the money - Party Poker

31st Place out of 2000 - NL Texas Hold'em Speed Tournament - In the Money. Speed Tournaments are just too much fun. Everyone rushes to gather points because the blinds move up every 3 minutes. Then when you get to around 350 players left, everyone slows down to get into the money. With the blinds at 30,000 and 60,000, luck starts entering in to it heavy. Strange things happen, you'll move tables quickly, you'll have the button jump right over you or stand still depending on who got knocked out. People go generally nutz in this game. Ultra loose play normally. Give it try if you get a chance. November 18th, 2005 - Party Poker

4th Place out of 163 - Final Table - Not in the Money. How come? There was only one prize of $13500. This was a sub tournament for the 2006 Party Boat on Party Poker. Had an A/10 and got put all in with a K/K with only 4 left at the table. Took me down to 9000 chips so I went for it. Chip leader had K/K. Didn't hit the A and I'm out. Only one moves on out of the 163. Normally three or four would move on but this was a party poker points entry. No cash in the kitty. Just 20,000 party poker points. Still if this was a money game, I would have won $5000.00. Game came down to Bucfan7 and Karpel. Final hand was 9/9 for Bucfan7 all in and got called with 10d/Ad. Flopped a 10 and it was over. Good luck to Karpal at the WPT event. November 13th, 2005 - Party Poker

1st Place - Final Table - In the Money - $7000 Guaranteed 7 Card Stud - Nov 3rd, 2005 - Party Poker

October 2005

3rd Place out of 77 - Final Table - In the Money - Feeder to WPT Poker Finals - Oct 28th 2005 -

1st Place (15 of them) $50.00 NL Texas Holdem STT TURBO - What is a Turbo - has this game that you can play single, six or nine people and the blinds move up every 1 minute. I played about 20 of them in two hours. I won 15 of them. Not sure why so much, but I wasn't rivering hands a lot and I was playing the single player tables. You start finding that you play the same people and you get to learn how they play. As long as you keep changing up your play, you stay ahead of the game. Raise sometimes, fold other times, counter raise with nothing and then fold. It screws up the other person sense of feel for your play. Anyway, give and see for yourself the Turbo tables - Oct 22th 2005 - Golden Palace

3rd Place $100.00 PL Omaha Hi Low SST - Oct 20th 2005 - Party Poker

1st Place $50.00 PL Omaha Hi Low STT - Oct 19th 2005 - Party Poker

1st Place $50.00 NL Texas Holdem STT - Oct 19th 2005 - Golden Palace

28rd Place out of 1040 - NL Texas Hold'em MTT - $50,000 pot - In the money - Oct 18th, 2005 - Party

23rd Place out of 450 - PL Omaha MTT - $30,000 pot - In the money - Oct 18th, 2005 - Party

11th Place - Out of 435 - Semi-tournament for Party for Free $100,000 Main Event on Oct 23rd 2005. - Oct 16th, 2005 - Party

2rd Place - $50.00 NL Texas Holdem STT - Oct 14th, 2005 - Party

3rd Place - $100.00 NL Texas Holdem STT - Oct 14th, 2005 - Party

1st Place - Party Poker Million V Cruise STT - Entry to the Semi Tournament - Oct 13th, 2005 Party Poker

1st Place - $50 NL STT - Oct 10th, 2005 - Party

6th out of 270 - Final Table - PL Omaha Hi Low - $8000 in the pot - Oct 9th, 2005 - Party

56th out of 943 - In the Money - Friday Special with a pot of $188,000 - Played well. Final out with an A/J Suited and called with an A/K. I flopped a straight draw but didn't hit it. I was in the top 10 at one point early in the match - Oct 7th, 2005 - Party

4th place - Final Table - Out of 2300 - $40,000 NL Texas Hold'em - Oct 2005, Party

1st place - PPMV Sub Table STT - Oct 6th, 2005 - Party

1st Place - Step 1 - STT - Oct 6th, 2005 - Party Only played two games today at 4:30 am. Won them both. Both are step tournaments.

18th Place Out of 673 players - My first try at a tournament on This was a $3000 freeroll and I went out on a raise with an A/Q and got called on a A/K. The site takes some getting used to with how to raise and it's easy to raise 3 times the pot if all you want to do is just give a single raise but otherwise, the avatar feature is nice and the sound effects when the game started was also cool. I'll be playing more on KYA is my handle. Oct 4th, 2005

2nd Place - $50.00 NL Texas Hold'em - STT - Oct 3rd, 2005 - Party

2nd Place - $100 NL Texas Hold'em - STT - Oct 2nd, 2005 - Party

Scott Neuman playing at the US Poker Championships 200571st out of 314 - $1000NL Texas Hold'em - US Poker Championship - Trump Taj Mahal - Party Poker sponsored me for this tournament. You can see me wearing the Party Poker hat and jacket. Nice game with the game starting on time. Met a lot of people from out of state playing in the game. - Lost a big hand when I flopped a straight with a flush draw. Two called and the turn makes my flush also. I raise and I get reraised. I call with one person dropping out of the game and cursing when the river comes out which would have given him his full house but I still lost to a higher flush. This left me with 3000 chips down from 15000. I came back to about 10,000 chips with about 90 people left. Got called on a bluff and went back down to 5000. Went all in after I had a raiser to my left, and pushed everyone else out of the hand. I got called with A/Q unsuited to my K/K and he flops a ace to finish my day. Out at around #71. Money was at 27. Oct 1st, 2005 - Atlantic City

September 2005

1st Place - Foxwoods Step to Semi - Top two move on - Only out of 25 people but I was pretty dominate the entire game. Sept 15th, 2005 - Full Tilt Poker

171th place out of 515 $10,000 NL Texas Hold'em - Main Event - Borgata Poker Open 2005 - All the top players were there. I had the WSOP 2005 World Champ Joey Hachem(great guy), David Singer, and Carlos Mortenson at my table, plus I got to meet Robert King of King Products one seat to my left. Just an amazing amount of talent at my table. I made it just fine through the first day and in to the second day. Then, 2-7 and 3-8 became my best friends. I ran out of chips, cards and time and went all in on the button with a As/10s and got called by the big blind with Q/Q. I flopped a straight draw and a flush draw and with almost 18 outs, hit nothing. My best heads up game: David Singer and I with David in the small blind and I in the big blind. David raises 1000 and I call with Q/K suited to clubs. No one else was in the hand and this one taught me to toss hands sometimes. The flop gave me a Q and I stayed in to the bitter end with David having A/A. This one hurt me and took me from 35000 chips to 18000 chips. David went on to come in 6th place in the tournament. 2nd best heads up game was also with David when we were both again in the small and big blinds. This time, I had 2/3 suited to the diamonds but David just called the small blind. On the turn, I completed a flush and went all in with my remaing chips. David called and I doubled up. He turned over a pair of kings this time. To all the people I met, thanks for a great time. I outlasted Johnny World Hennigan, Mel Judah, Daniel Negreanu, Chris Bigler, Liz Lieu, T.J. Cloutier, Edward Moncada, David Williams, Freddy Deeb, Johnny Bax, Paul Darden, Andrew Black, John Myung, Miami John Cerruto, Antonio Esfandiari, Jennifer Tilly, Harry Demitriou, Mike Wattel, Phil Ivey, Toto Leonidas, Mimi Tran, Hoyt Corkins, Padraig Parkinson, Brad Kondracki, Dan Heimiller, Phil Unabomber Laak, Andy Bloch and Amnon Filippi. I was sponsored by and wore their Tshirt, Hat and a tattoo on my cheek that got me photographed on Fox News at 10:00pm for the Phila market. I became the focus of their 10:00pm newscast on Poker. got a huge amount of press from that one. Our press release for also is now seen on about 220 websites. I also was able to place myself into a shot with WPT Host Courtney Friel that was featured on a few websites. You can see me in the back with my hat and shirt.

300th place - $2500 NL Texas Hold'em. Borgata Poker Open - Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed. Got rivered everytime. I lasted 3 hours at most.

210th place out of 1140 $500 NL Texas Hold'em - Borgata Poker Open - Lots of great players in this game. I was up to 5000 chips early in the game, then I went up against K/K with my 10/10's and lost a huge chunk after not accepting that I might be beat. Came back with high pairs twice to 5000 again and then stopped getting playable cards for at least 40 hands. If I took any shot, I was overloaded by three other players also taking shots and catching their hands on the flop. Any bluffs seemed to get called even if the player caught the lowest pair. No one was laying anything down. I was finally out just before dinner. I wasn't happy with my play and made four mistakes that while they didn't put me out of the tournament, I wasn't able to benefit from them either. I was a little too tight in the game but it's a 50/50 thing in hindsite. I play two subs that next day and was a little more aggressive and started winning hand after hand. Then I went blind on one hand and completely misread the cards and I was out of both subs for the same reason. I'm not sure if I was tired or the cough syrup(I was starting to nod out at the table) or I just need the new glasses I've got on order. I'll find out Friday when I try out the new glasses and stop drinking cough syrup. My final hand, all in on a K/8 and called by a J/10. Flop is a 4/Q/Q/Q/J and I'm out with the better hand. Hey, I had a great time. Everyone was coming up and asking to see my tattoo of Some wanted to take off my shirt and look on my back. A few wanted shirts to wear of I'm looking forward to wearing the shirt from and tattoo and Hat in the Main Event on the 19th.
As for the $500NL, The level of competition was great. Since I was at table four, everyone was funneling down to us. Two of the final table winners came and started at our table. I'm under the impression that the final six split the pot 6 ways and then played off for the bracelet. I'll be in the $2500 NL Texas Hold'em on Friday. Come over and say hi. I should be in the top 6 tables and I'll be at table #1 in the Main Event. - Sept 11th, 2005.
25th Place out of 236. Final three tables. This is the step to go to the Party Poker Million V Cruise in the spring. I won the entry by playing a $9.00 step tournament. I had a great hand with A/K suited and raised off the button with 1500. I get called and the flop is a 3/4/5. No flush happening here. I check and my opponent raises 1500. I figure him for A/K or K/Q and go all in. He calls after thinking about it for a good minute and turns over K/Q. The turn brings out the Q and the Ace doesn't follow on the river and I'm out. 3 outs and he hit it. He got lucky or I would have moved into 10th place. Two move on to the boat. When last I looked, with just six players left, Chrisknowz was in first place and looking to party on the board. Good Luck Chris and nice hand. Sept 9th, 2005. Party Poker

In January 2006, Melbourne will once again be the centre of all the poker action. The 'Australian Poker Championship' will be the biggest event in the southern hemisphere and is set to attract poker talent from all over the globe

1st Place and I'm going to Australia!!! - JACKPOT - I win!!!!!!! - $12500 AUD Entry Fee to the Aussie Million in Spring. Sept 2005 - Party Poker - I won the entry fee to this tournament with a sub tournament for $9.00. So far, that $9.00 is worth $12500. I stuck to my game plan and played a perfect game. At one point, I was low chip stake. With 6 people left, I was going to be happy just getting into the money. I went all in with a A/J and got burned with a K/K preflop but I rivered the A and double up, took out two more people with better cards, 2nd biggest chip count took out number 3 and we are heads up with myself having $55000 in chips and 2nd place with $28000.

Final Hand of the Aussie Million Sub: I've now got 52000 in chips and Sluggle has 30000. We're even for about three hands when I get 7/8 suited to the spades. Sluggle gives me a minor raise of 3500 from the big blind with the blinds at 500/1000. I call the 4500 and the flop is a 6/5/4 and I flop a straight. There is a possible flush with two diamonds on the table. I bet $1000.00 because my opponent likes to go all in on weakness. Instead of going all in, this time he raises $7000.00. I mention that I think I've got Sluggle out kicked. And I ask if he wants to take a shot and go all in and then I raise All In. Sluggle says, "Oh God, You setting me up"? (Maybe) Two other people chime in(Party Poker should stop this talk from other parties), "No Guts, No Glory" and "CALL!!!". I state one more time that I think I've got him out kicked and Sluggle says "I gotta call even though you are sleek" and moves all in. The turn is a A of hearts and the River is a K of hearts. No flush, no chance of a full house. There is no way for me to lose this hand as Sluggle turns over a pair of 9's and I win first prize of $12500, and I move on to the Aussie Million in Jan, 2006 and Sluggle picks up $3000. This is one of the biggest games in an online tournament I've won to date and what is really funny is,... I was sick as a dog, having this chest thing, coughing, wheezing, can't breath, but the codine in the cough syrup is working for me. But I did take out 83 other people and this is the important part... THIS GAME WAS SPONSORED AND THE SPONSOR HAS A SHOT AT $1 MILLION DOLLARS!!!!!
Note, thanks to Joseph Z jr for his thoughts on this last hand.

30th Place - In the Money - Omaha Hi Low Tournament - Out of 300 - September 2005 - Party Poker

1st Place - Sub Tournament for Borgata Open - Tilt Zero(Doyle Brunson) Sept 2005

20th Place - Semi Tournament for Borgata Open - Tilt Zero - Sept 2005 - Almost got there out of 130 people - K/K didn't hold up to an A/Q and the river brings out the Ace.

7th Place - Sub Tournament for Borgata Open - Top 5 move on - Sept 2005 - - Another heartbreaker and one that should have been on TV. - All in on a Q/Q for about 2500 chips. Chip average is 7000 and I'm short stack with two to go. I get called with A/Q from the chip leader and I also get called from 2nd place. (Why I have no idea, since if I go out, all get a piece of it but I guess they like to gamble). Q/Q holds up till the river when the Ace comes out again.

3rd Place - In the money - Qualifier to the $500,000 STT - Heck of a day between Tilt Zero and Bodog and this one finished out the night, I'm chip leader with 5400 points when 4 of us go all in on the first hand and I hit a Q to win,(total is 8000) and then I just stop getting cards. Didn't hit one hand for 50 rounds. I still came in the money but really should have one this one and moved on - Sept 2005 - Party Poker

August 2005
30th Place - In the Money - Party Poker Shoot Out - Not bad, 30th out of 1632 - August 2005 - Party Poker

47th - In the Money - NL Texas Holdem Tournament $50.00NL Pot was $23000 - Out of 460 - August 2005 - Party Poker - Guy flopped a straight from the small blind and I flopped top pair. Party Poker at it's best. What a sense of humor and yes, he had more chips.
World Series of Poker Ranking
97th Place - In the Money - $200,000 Guaranteed NL Texas Holdem - I'm on tilt on this one. Party Poker has this way of taking out the lower chip holders from the game. I see it time and time again on average. I had A/A with about 11,000 chips. I raise 4000 chips before the big blind. Big Blind knows I play real hands, but goes all in with 17000 chips. Of course, I call him and he turns over Q/Q. He gets 3 of the suit on the flop and rivers the flush. Does it happen? Sure it does and it's happened to me more then once the other way, but on PP, it's just different, Out of 15 all ins, Party Poker gave the hand to the higher chip count 15 times. And I lost 5 hands in a row to higher chip counts with the better hand to me on the preflop(You'd think I'd stay away from higher chip counts and I might do that next time just as a test). Each time, the other guy showed the hand and yup, I was drawing dead on the flop. (It was friendly table and we'd all been there hours). I came in 97th which started paying at 140, which is very much in the money, but considering I was in 8th place at one point, I felt I had a real shot at the final two tables. Here is the link for the table finish. August 2005 - Party Poker

Top 6 - Final Table - Aussie Saturday Qualifier NL Texas Holdem - August 2005 - Party Poker

9th Place - Final Table $3000 Guaranteed Rebuy tournament - August 2005 - Doyles Room. Haven't played a tournament in Doyles Room yet, but wanted to take a shot. Better then average players and during the entire session, I was never more then half stacked. I was able to outwait the other players to the final table. Went out with 3400 chips and the blinds 2000/4000. I had A/J suited to a 5/4 suited. Flop was a 8/5/4, then 3 then 5. Of course. But I did go all in with a A/9 in the small blind just before this and came up against A/K. I hit the 9 on the river.

1st Place - WPT/WSOP Sub Qualifer STT - August 2005 -

11th Place - In the Money - $12000 Guaranteed NL Texas Holdem - Final Two tables - out of 335 players - August 2005 -

1st Place - Million Dollar Sub STT - August 2005 - Party Poker

29th Place - In the Money - Out of 246 - $50.00 NL Texas Holdem Shootout . - August 2005 - Party Poker

1st Place - Mini Step Level 1 - August 2005 - Party Poker

1st Place - $30 Texas Holdem NL STT - August 2005 - Party Poker

1st Place - $30 Pot Limit Omaha STT - August 2005 - Party Poker - Not that it's a lot of money but the $30.00 Single Table Tournaments are normally easy money for me. I'm almost always in the top 3 by just taking my time, slow playing and waiting for someone that is too aggressive to go all in with a marginal hand.

8th Place - Final Table - $70 NL Texas Holdem - August 2005 - Live game at The Borgata - Atlantic City - Nice to finally play a live game again. I had adopted a little baby girl on the 1st of July and getting out to the casinos was a little tough. Simply put, the wife would have killed me if I took off. I'm sure you understand.

The Game started with 130 people. The blinds go up very fast at the Borgata. The games normally last about 6 hours from start to finish. I came in 8th place.I had just read Phil Helmuth's book, so I tried something new today, only playing 10 types of hands. High pairs or A/K or A/Q. As I started to notice, if I had played any other type of hand, on average, I'd lose that hand about 80% of the time. Since I'm probably going to lose 80% of the time with those hands, how about we don't play those hands. The game was pretty standard with me winning most of my hands by playing these better hands. Two hands that comes to mind was a hand where I had A/6 in the big blind and what turned out to be an A/K in the other guys hand. The flop was a 2/6/8. I assumed correctly that he didn't have low cards. The blinds were 100/200 at that time. I bet 600 to try and knock him out of the hand and take the blinds. He called. The turn was a 2. I bet 2000. He called. I still didn't believe he had me. On the river, the K comes out and he limps in with 1000. He wasn't going away and I called to see he'd gotten the higher two pair. He only had one out and he got it. The other hand was a short stack with 4500 chips and the blinds 500/1000. She'd gone all in just before this hand with a a/k and won her pot doubling her up to the 4500. She went all in again and I figured she was just enjoying the spirit of the last hand. I had K/Q(which is not on my list of hands to play) but everyone else had gotten out of the way and I had about 16000 chips so if I lost, I still had time to battle back. I called the all in, everyone else folded to get out of the way, and she turns over A/A. I can only hope she doesn't pair the board or I'm in bigger trouble. The flop is a 2/2/K. I catch a K but I still need a K or runner runner for the queens. The turn is a Q and the River is a Q for a full house to her two pair and I knock her out of the tournament and I pick 6000 chips. My final hand with 8 players left and the blinds at 5000/10000. I've got about 12000 chips left and I get an A/8. Normally I'd fold it(and I should have) but I went all in and got called by a 8/8. I didn't get an Ace and I'm knocked out but very much in the money with the game paying the top 18. I was very happy with my level of play and look forward to entering the US Open and the Borgata Open in September.

1st Place - $50.00 NL Texas Holdem SNG - August 2005 - Party Poker
I love these SNG tables. Spend $50 and win 5 times your bet. You tend to get a better level of player on the $50.00 SNG (Seat and Go Tournament Table) where on the $30.00 SNG tables, everyone is very loose. Still a nice place to pick up loose change from dead money.

240th Place - Half Million Dollar NL Texas Holdem - August 2005 - Party Poker
Out of 2200, I made it to 240th place. First prize was a nice $127,000. Normally, I play tight in this game to make to the payoff at 220 and then start working hard. I had about 4000 chips at 240 which will allow me to make the 220 number and be in the money. I played a perfect game up to this point and stealing a lot of blinds with small raises(very tight table) but I was taking my time in the hands allowing the blinds to go up and the other people in the game to go out before me to allow me to make 220. One tight player was getting ticked off by my play and put a bounty on my head. $50.00 to the first person to knock me out. At 240, I get a pair of kings in the small blind. Mr Bounty is in the big blind. Blinds are 400/800. Everyone drops out and I raise to 2400. Mr. Bounty puts me all in and turns over Q/5 unsuited. He must really hate me and wants me gone. Not as bad as Party Poker for slowing up the game as the flop is a q/5/8 then 5/5 just to make it hurt a little more. I get a full house and he gets four a kind. When last I looked, he was in the top 30 and moving higher. If I hadn't seen this in live games (It's happened to me in the other direction), I'd assumed it was fixed. Should I have just waited for 220 and then made the move? It's poker, it's about getting ahead. It was the right call and would have doubled me up. You just can't fight stupid bets for someone that wants to toss money away and gets lucky.

11th Place Top two tables - Sub Multitable Tournament on - Nice Poker Site - I came in 11th to win 1/2 entry into the main tournament. If I place in the main tournament, I go to the Borgata Open for Free. By the way, 10 got in to the sub tournament. I got blinded out before 4 other people did. Close game. - August 2005 - Bodog.

1st place Final Table Now this was a great game - Out of 150 for a first place to get into the Party Poker Million V into a sub tournament. I played this one perfect. It couldn't have gotten any better. Game lasted 4 hours. Take a look at the picture. August 2005 - Party Poker.

11th Place In the money - The $34000 game on Party Poker which was actually a $44000 game. Over 2200 players this time - Game lasted 7 hours for me. I went all in with an a/k and got called with 6 people on the table. Bettor had a K/K and I didn't get an Ace. Easy call for the other guy. Very close this time to big money, (not that 11th is pennies), but I would have liked have gotten a little further and into at least the top 5. Had a lot of big money winners in this game for some reason. But combine it with my win just 2 hours before and I had a great day. Take a look at the picture for my ranking. August 2005 - Party Poker.

1st Place STT $50.00 NL Texas Holdem - Doyles Room - August 2005 - Moving around trying different sites and trying to find better odds. Doyles Room it turns out has some pretty good players with the same ideas I had. - Came in first for this Single Table Tournament.

1st Place STT $25.00 NL Texas Holdem - Doyles Room - August 2005 - I really seem to do well in Doyles room. They have to subs for the WPT that I'm going to try to get into.


July 2005
48th Place - $30.00 7 Card Stud. - In the Money - July 2005 - - 458 players started this game. I don't normally play 7 card stud but I wanted a change. Started winning a lot of hands with two pair's. Took me into the top 50. Went out with a nice hand. Typical PP giving it to the lower hand on the end. I had 10/K/K and I raised and I'm called on the raise. Fourth Street was a 10, Fifth Street was a 9, Sixth Street was a 2, and the river was a 9. I bet each turn and I'm called each time. At this point, I was beat but I didn't know it with my opponent having 9/9/10. Didn't get a king and my opponent never raised til Seventh street. Went out at 48th place but in the money.

148th Place - $38000 Tournament - In the Money - July 2005 - Started out with 2300 people. has increased the amount of people that can play in a tournament.

1st Place - Single Table - MiniStep Table 1 - July 2005 -

Top 13 - Semi Table for the Super Qualifier - Party Poker - Placed for free entry into the Super Qualifier - Was top 9 when we made it - 250 players - July 2005

300th place - Super Qualifier - Out of 1200 people - Party Poker - Out on a A/K suited vs K/K. Never caught the A and K/K slow played the hand and went all in on the flop without a king or A on the board. July 2005.

19th place - Final two tables - Texas Holdem NL Tournmament - Out of 600. Total pot $30,000. Out on a A/K against a 8/7 Suited. Rivered the 8. This same player went all in on the small blind with a K/8 suited and I had A/Q. He also rivered the 8. Guess he just likes 8's. Game lasted 5 hours. First prize was $6600.00 July 2005 - Party Poker.

1st Place - Omaha Hi Low PL - July 2005 - Just one of those games you love to be in. I was in a zone. Everything worked perfectly. Played great cards. Put just the right amount of aggression on blinds to throw my opponents off balance with mediocre cards. In fact, a raise of two times the pot would normally make everyone fold and I'd win the blinds. I must have done this 40 times during the game. It gave me a huge chip lead. I played this game just before the NL Tournament above. My play did carry over into the next game. Just a great night. - Party

1st Place - WSPO Step Table - Step Table for World Series of Poker - July 2005 - Party Poker



June 2005
12th Place - Omaha PL Hi Low - In the money - 130 Players - June 2005 - Party Poker Out on a q/q/a/2 and flop was a 2/3/3/4/j. Other person had 2/3/4/5 and got a full house on the flop.

31st Place - NL Texas Holdem - In the money - $7100 first prize - June 2005 - Party

1st Place - NL Texas Holdem - Single Table Step to 1/2 Million tournament on 8/12/05 - Need 2nd table to earn entry. June 2005 - Party Poker

1st Place - NL Texas Holdem - Single Table Step to 1/2 Million tournament on 8/12/05 - won 2nd table and earned entry June 2005 - Party Poker.

900th Place - NL Texas Holdem - 2000 players - 1/2 Million tournament on 8/13/05 - I won my entry into this tournament from above. You might ask, "Why is he actually bragging on about this game?". I'm not but it's a good example of heads up play and a bad beat. I had a/k suited. The flop is a 8/J/J. I raise to test the waters. Guy to my left goes all in fast. Too Fast. I put him on either a low pair(not the J's) or a/k or a/q. I call all in also and he turns over 9/10 suited also. The turn is a 2 and no help to either of us. The river is a 7 and he rivers the straight and knocks me out of the tournament. If another 8 had come out or anything else or then a 9 or a 10, I would have won. Horrible bet on his part and a bad beat for me. But I still made it past 1000 other players.

31st Place - $30,000 NL Texas Holdem - 2000 players - June 2005 - In the money -

7th Place - Final Table - Party Poker V Sub tournament - 231 entered - June 2005 - Won the Sub - At eight, all are winners for the sub. -

18th Place - $50.00 NL Omaha Hi Low - In the Money. $9000 pot. 180 Entered. - 3 hour game. All in 10/Q/Q/A. Called against A/2/7/8. Flop is 7/7/10/2/A Full House against two pair. June 2005



May 2005
147th Place(in the money after 220 - 5 levels down) - Party Poker Million Dollar Pot - 2000 people - May 2005 - Party Poker. There is a story behind this one. I stopped getting cards with about 500 people left. While you couldn't do what I was about to do in a live tournament, I started slow playing. Any hand I played for the next 100 hands would have lost. We lose about 20 to 30 players per hand and by just not betting and by slowing down my checks, I was able to get down to 220 with just a $10 chip in my hand and in the money. Normally, I'd get out of the way and stop slow playing but a funny thing happened, I won both my blinds twice and doubled up 4 times to a whole $400.00 in chips. Certainly not enough to win but enough to keep me in the game for more money. I finally went out 7 from the next prize level but what a run for guy that just wasn't getting any hands. By the way, this was a sponsored game with the sponsor getting $950.00 back for his $600.00 investment and he watched the entire game for 6 hours.

5th Place - Final Table $500.00 No Limit Texas Hold'em - May 2005 - Cigar Aficionado Magazine $500 No Limit Texas Holdem - Borgata Casino and Spa, Atlantic City, NJ. I wasn't supposed to be in this game. I had called the Borgata to book a room and also enter the tournament. No one told me that you had to join the Big Smoke also to get a reservation for the tournament. I wasn't the only one. Only about 55 people out of one hundred entered the game so they allowed a few of the regular players to enter. On the other hand, The Borgata lost my families room reservations so the day just started out great with the Borgata claiming that I'll have to pay $400 for the room. After an argument with two levels of the casino, I finally got the head reservations manager to see how I could only book a room for one night when I'm playing and staying for two nights and how that didn't make any sense. They fixed it by giving me a poker rate for the room but also upgrading the Neuman entourage to a Suite for the two nights. We did have a final table WSOP Las Vegas player there but he got knocked out in 30th place. I should never have been in the money and should have finished in 6th place. In fact, I was so short stacked, that everyone pulled $100.00 out of their pockets to hand to me to cover my entry fee. I also pulled $100.00 and tossed it in the pile because one, I hadn't lost yet, and two, it's just bad luck to try and predict the future and to wish bad luck upon myself. With 2000 chips left and the blinds at 1000/2000, I tossed one of my remaining chips away and folded my hand. The small blind looks at the big blind and goes, "all in" with a 10/Q suited. The Big blind calls right away with a Q/A and flops an Ace and takes all of the small blinds chips. The small blind looks at me and says,"Say thank you for putting you into the money". I said thank you. We have to wait for the evening before we start up the final table. I toss my last chip in and get a 3/7 to a call of a 4/8. Live cards but neither of us catch anything and I'm out in 5th place. Over all, except for one hand that I lost 3000 chips in with about 17 people left, I played a perfect game as far as I was concerned. Click here to read about the game on the Cigar Aficionado website.

141th Place - In the Money - $30,000 pot - No Limit Texas Holdem - 2000 players - May 2005 - top 8% - Party

12th Place - WSOP Sub on Party Poker - First prize is $13500 for entry into the WSOP Las Vegas. 350 started. Rivered with a k/7 paired to a q/5 and the other player gets the flush on the river. May 2005 - Party Poker - Online



February 2005
2nd Place - Final Table - Party Poker $50.00 No Limit Omaha Hi Li - Feb 2005 - Party Poker - Online - Pot was $8000.00. I don't normally play Omaha but I wanted to take a shot. I actually would have come in first place but I lost my internet connection for 15 minutes and got blinded out by the time I got back in. This has happened twice and both times, I was close to winning the tables. Makes me wonder...??

11th Place - Final two tables - $500.00 NL Texas Hold'em - Harrahs Sunday Tournament - Harrahs Casino - Atlantic City, NJ Feb 2005. So close with the top nine getting paid. I was started to get short stacked and was concerned that I might not make the final table so with K/J, I pushed all in. I got called with A/K and A/J from another short stack. Talk about getting covered. I did flop the Jack but my kicker didn't hold up.


January 2005
1st Place - World Series of Poker $100 Sub Table - Jan 2005 - Harrahs Casino - Atlantic City, NJ

8th Place - Final table - Event #3 World Series of Poker - $254,000 Pot - $1000 No Limit Texas Hold'em. Jan, 2005 - Harrahs Casino - Atlantic City, NJ - What a great game and my first final table at a World Series of Poker event. I had won my entry for this from a sub tournament the night before. Three hands stick out. One early hand gave me a 6/7 suited. The flop is a 3/6/7. I flopped two pair. I give a 4x pot raise and this woman to my left goes all in leaving me with 400 chips. I call and she turns over a set of 3's. The turn is a k and the river saves me with another 7 for a full house. Next big hand put me into the final table and was against the final winner of the game, Daniel Beers of Canton, Oh. I'm holding A/5 Suited. The flop is a 5/10/Q. Not the best flop in the world but I got a piece of it. Daniel is an tough player and likes to raise on any weakness. I check and Daniel goes "ALL IN". Way too fast Daniel, why go all in when a milk bet works better? I call the all in and Daniel turns over J/K for a possible straight. The turn is a 3 and the river is a 8. I double up and it gives me enough chips to make it to the final table with careful play. I'm in 2nd place in chip totals when we get to the final table and Daniel is in 1st. For the first couple of hands, everyone plays very tight. Daniel keeps raising, taking pots. Finally, Patrick Kelly of New Hope, Pa (He's first WSOP final table also) goes all in before Daniel with a K/3 suited. Daniel calls with a 10/Q. The flop is a 3/5/8. The turn is a A and it looks like Patrick will make it when the river brings out a Q and knocks Patrick out of the game. Another few hands go by with Daniel raising and taking pots. Finally, I get some cards to play. The blinds are 2000 and 4000 and Daniel raises to 10000. I reraise another 10000 to 26000. Daniel looks at me says, "I'm going to put you all in". I say, "Do it". Daniel goes all in and I call turning over K/K and Daniel turning over A/2 suited to the spades. The flop is a 3S/5S/10C - The Turn is a JD and the River is.....another K of Spades. Daniel rivers the flush and takes me out for an 8th place finish. What a bad beat but a great game. We had a few professional players in this game and I was glad to say I played just as well as they did considering my lack of tournament play.



December 2004
1st Place - Final Table $100 NL Limit Texas Hold'em - Dec 2004 - 800 players - Party Poker


October 2004
28th Place - Borgata Open Sub Tournament with Rebuys and Addons - 400 people - Top 5% - Oct 2004 - Borgata Casino - Atlantic City, NJ


September 2004
2nd Place - Final Table - No Limit Texas Hold'em - Sept 2004 - Mandalay Bay - Las Vegas

1st Place - Final Table - Limit Texas Hold'em - Sept 2004 - Mandalay Bay - Las Vegas

2nd Place - Final Table - No Limit Texas Hold'em - Sept 2004 - Mandalay Bay - Las Vegas


August 2004
8th Place - Final Table - $200.00 NL with Rebuys - August 2004 - Borgata Casino - Atlantic City, NJ


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