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Scott Neuman for Ocean County Board of Chosen Freeholders 2016

Vote for LaVergne, Neuman and Caprioni in the Primary

LaVergne and Neuman – Perfect together

After discussing with my team and advisors, I have decided to run for the Ocean County Board of Chosen Freeholders with Brick Resident and beloved Asbury Park School Teacher Tracy Caprioni. I ended my Congressional Run in the interest of a unified party, fully believing that I would win the Ocean County Democratic Party’s vote for the 4th CD but also knowing you can’t beat math and the math says that my opponent would win in Monmouth on a up and down vote between the two counties. There was no reason for Democrats to fight Democrats. After also discussing it with Wyatt Earp, Chairman of the Ocean County Democratic Party, he agreed with me that running for the Ocean County Board of Chosen Freeholders with Tracy would be for the best and would position both of us to take on the corrupt GOP machine in Ocean. He also accepted my paperwork from when I ran as a Congressman and that the vetting committee would accept the change also since I was seen in January.

Imagine my surprise that this was not a two way street. At the OC Convention last Saturday, the Burlington County Democratic Line Candidate that I agreed to run with for the line, Frederick LaVergne was slandered at the Convention, Super Delegates were added  and was displaced by James Keady who lives in the 4th CD with only 24 hours notice. Over 100 votes were cast for Keady but only 43 people were there to vote. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?.  A complete break down in the democratic process. Think Bush vs Gore.  Keady, a staunch Independent that has called the Democratic Party the party that has driven NJ off a cliff and the party that is completely dysfunctional (I don’t think we’ve driven NJ off a cliff or we’re dysfunctional) and was going to run for Governor as an Independent as little as 8 days ago and has stated many times that he is not a registered Democratic but a Independent on national TV now is running as the Ocean County Democratic Party candidate. No notice was given, rules were broken and policies were tossed aside. Let me state that Frederick LaVergne is a true Democratic. By way of example:   Fred LaVergne is a true 3rd CD candidate, WHO LIVES IN THE DISTRICT, (Keady isn’t even close) and a 35 year Democratic whos family donated thousands of dollars and worked thousands of hours on President Clinton, Governor Florio, Governor McGreevey, Congressman Howard, Senator Lautenberg, Congressman Pallone and Senator Bill Bradleys campaign and campaigns of other fine Democrats. Our opponent states time and time again he is an Independent until it becomes politically expedient to be a Democrat a 24 hours before the Ocean County Democratic Convention. Is this the vetting our Ocean County Democratic Committee did? Trade the family cow for three magic beans? Cooke, Keady and Wolff shouldn’t even be on the ballot.  At the end of the Primary, Keady will just switch back or just start a reality show after he loses. Keady is an Independent, not a true Democrat like Corruption fighter Frederick LaVergne,

All this stunt does is cause LaVergne, myself and Tracy Caprioni to spend more time campaigning and wasting time when we could be fund raising to take on Tom MacArthur in the General election in November 2016. I take nothing for granted. I’ve worked everyday of my life and for my life and family and my employees. If we’re going to defeat the Gilmore Machine, we need to work together. It appears the Ocean County Dems had something else in mind but it sure isn’t about beating the Freeholders and MacArthur in the election or they’d never have brought in another candidate that doesn’t meet the rules and policies of the Ocean County Dems to begin with. Vote for our team of LaVergne, Neuman and Caprioni in the Primary. Ocean County deserves better, don’t you think?