Monthly Archives: November 2015

22000 of you educated yourselves this year on this site.

Two things this morning, My server logs say 22000 of you stopped by my site this year to see if I’m an alternative to the mess in Congress. Those are real unique visitors and not Bots or search engines. I must be saying something that is striking a nerve in peoples heads and well it should be.

One reason to vote for me and there are hundreds but this should be first.  Chris Smith doesn’t live in NJ and shouldn’t be representing us in anything or anywhere if he won’t stand for what is right. Let him get a patronage job down in DC. He lives there. He might as well get paid by the people down there. But that might not be a good enough reason to vote for me or consider me a better candidate. If 22000 of you go vote or switch your votes from Chris Smith to Scott Neuman in November, 2016, You’ll have a real dedicated civil servant to work for you and represent our district. I can promise you that. I will not move my family down to Virginia and live there because it’s just easier for me, Debra and the kids. Manchester Township has been my home for 20 years. The Constitution doesn’t allow a Representative to live out of state. I will listen to your wishes and not Big Government who will seek to smear me and get you to think not following the Constitution is just fine. Feel free to read my interviews and blog and you’ll see the type of person that you’ll be hiring to represent your interests and voting for in November, 2016. Vote for Scott Neuman. Aren’t you tired yet? Go vote and make sure your neighbor vote. Share please.