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Did Judge give Congressman Tom MacArthur a pass on Voter Fraud accusation?

From Frederick LaVergne,

So, when a Democrat Judge does it, he’s removed from the bench by being given PTI instead of 3-5 behind bars. When Congressional Democratic Candidate Roy Cho fails to promptly transfer his registration, he’s charged and BERATED in the media to protect the establishment candidate. When Tom MacArthur, who lies when the truth will do, is named in a complaint for something he actually DID, (and did so intentionally, not once, not even twice, but, now, THREE TIMES), the R-appointed Judge? gives him a “pass”….this is far from over. The law is for everyone – even the 1% Now the issues, the letter back to Mr. LaVergne isn’t signed by a Judge and it’s addressed to someone named McNeary?? rather than Mr. LaVergne. Who is Mr. McNeary and what does have to do with Tom MacArthur? Did the Judge really sign off on this dismissal? We’d like to know and so the can, like the GWB Lane closings,  gets kicked up the road. It’s not over.

PDF of Court Reply. Why didn’t the Judge sign this? Tom MacArthur Gets a Pass by Judge

Congressman-Elect Tom MacArthur accused of Voter Fraud in Court filing

Democratic-Republican Candidate Frederick LaVergne has accused Tom MacArthur of two counts of Voter Fraud and maybe three if the Ocean County Prosecutor agrees with Federick LaVergnes filings. LaVergnes filings show that Mr. MacArthur listed his primary address as a condo in Toms River, NJ in January, 2014 and than voted from that address in the NJ Primary. My assumption and is mine only is that Mr. MacArthur thought that by running for Congress in the 3rd CD NJ, Mr. MacArthur also had to live in the district, so he bought a condo as an investment (and such a deal if you knew the price he paid) and than voted from that address. In fact, you don’t need to live in the Congressional district at all. The problem is, that everyone knows that Mr. MacArthur has a mansion in Randolph and a second mansion in LBI. Neither are in the 3rd CD and either would normally be considered his primary home.

There can be no arguing that Mr. MacArthur marked his home and primary address as Toms River on election forms and there can be no arguing he voted in Toms River in the Primary according to the court filings. It is believed he voted in the November 4th, 2014 election while in Toms River also. Judge Spencer Robbins of Chatham recently that did the same thing and had to resign his judgeship last year to avoid jail time. A Connecticut state representative was arrested in 2014 for the exact same thing and is facing fines and jail time.  Will Mr. MacArthur have to do the same thing?  Voter Fraud is a real problem for all of us. People normally get fined and jailed for it. Here is a list of recent voter fraud cases.

Did Congressman Tom MacArthur commit Voter Fraud

Did Congressman Tom MacArthur commit Voter Fraud?

As a side note, All the major papers, the Asbury Park Press editors and the WOBM editors decided to not run this story before the election in fairness to now Congressman MacArthur.  The common reason was they didn’t have time to contact the Ocean County Prosecutor. What is their excuse now? There is an accusation of Felony Voter Fraud against Congressman MacArthur with a lot of proof to support it. I’d like to see him cleared and not have this hang over his head if it’s not true. As a second side note, the papers had no issue running a story that Aimee Belgard committed Ballot Fraud. Seemed a little one sided from my point of view.

Federal Election Fraud in NJ Continues and Chris Christie and Kim Guadagno are just fine with it.

Sure, let them rob you of every penny you have.

Sure, let them rob you of every penny you have.

I will not sit down, I will not shut up. See the Lawsuit asking for fair and lawful elections per NJ statute. Democractic-Republican Organization of NJ vs Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno. :DRParty Vs Guadagno 2014 Party Certification Fraud Filing For two years, we’ve had illegally structured ballots used for elections in NJ. They just don’t meet NJ statute. Our Governor and Lt. Governor know this and have made sure it will continue because they are the ones running and creating the illegal elections. Our only recourse is in the courts of NJ. That seems to be a little harder than you’d think to get heard. That’s because the courts won’t give us a court date. At all. We did have a Judge give us a written postponement we didn’t ask for or want which made no sense other than to drag a rush case out more. We liked that trick by the courts but this writer was stunned it was allowed. I was told I shouldn’t be and that in itself is illegal.

So when do the voters of NJ get an fairly designed election as per NJ law? It appears not again for another year. I and the other members of the Democratic-Republican Organization of NJ have filed suit against the Governor, the LT. Governor and the County Clerks and the law is as clear as glass as to how our NJ elections are to be structured. The only reason the Governor and the Lt. Governor keep certifying the Democratic and Republican Parties of NJ as Major Parties is because no one will stand up for the Laws of NJ. It’s basically close to if you speed and a police officer doesn’t see you, than there is no penalty. And if you do get caught, the fines are small enough that it’s just the cost of doing business in NJ. Really it’s Official Misconduct be the Christie Administration was sued for this in 2013 and they lost and lost hard. Fair and honest elections are a thing of the past in NJ. You keep voting for the Dems and the GOP candidates and nothing will change for the lower and middle class or anyone other than 1%’ers and when you try and level the playing field, our elected officials just again ignore the law, and tell you to sit down and shut up.  Bet on it. It’s the cost of doing business if you aren’t a multimillionaire. Prove me wrong.

So again, I’m showing you what is party certification fraud and ballot fraud on a state level by our Governor and Lt. Governor in 2014 and when you consider the entire foundation of our NJ Federal elections are now corrupted, what will be the fix? The laws require that all candidates get access to the far left side of the ballot if neither party gets 10% of their registered voters to the primaries to vote for state Representatives. In 2013 and 2014, they did not! You could just follow the law and give all candidates on the ballot a fair shot of being on the fair left side of the ballot.  Since our Governor won’t let that happen, you have law suits designed to force him to do his job. Is it fair? Of course not.  What is unfair is that our Governor, his staff, the Lt. Governor, Director of Election Giles and all the County Clerks knowingly broke election laws in a Federal election and were just fine with it and everyone is supposed to sit down and shut up. This will be the third year in a row the courts have stood by while corruption in NJ runs free (20 really). We are still waiting for the courts to deal with the issue. The case had to be heard back in September for a reasonable change to the ballots could be made so our NJ elections would follow the laws of our state.   The courts then gave us a unrequested postponement. The only problem with that? We never requested a postponement. More shenanigans from the Christie Administration and his impartial court system.  Show me I’m wrong and I’ll be the first to apologize.

From the link above, The Defendants, the election officials are ordered to explain why the court should not find that “in calculating the 10% threshold in N.J.S.A. 19:5-1 the election official defendants may only count each voter who appeared and participated at the June 3, 2014 Regular Primary Elections and Special Primary Elections ‘once’ or as ’1? toward the numeric threshold of 372,197.” The Defendants are also ordered to explain why the court shouldn’t declare “that with the correct application of the 10% conditional caveat threshold in N.J.S.A. 19:5-1, that neither defendant Republican Party nor defendant Democratic Party is entitled to preferential ballot placement or a ‘separate party column.’”

New Jersey law, section 19:5-1, says, “No political party which fails to poll at any primary election for a general election at least 10% of the votes cast in the State for members of the General Assembly at the next preceding general election, held for the election of all of the members of the General Assembly, shall be entitled to have a party column on the official ballot at the general election for which the primary election has been held.” The state has already calculated that only 240,749 voters voted in the Democratic June 2014 primary, and only 175,316 voted in the Republican primary and missed the 10% that is required to be a major party in NJ.

Now read what Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno certified. Notice she doesn’t give exact numbers. It doesn’t matter though because neither party did what she certified, what she swore an oath to. They didn’t make the 10% threshold. So here we are, fighting corruption in NJ so we all can have fair and impartial elections in NJ. You are entitled to as many nominated candidates as there can be. The law above is just favoritism that was agreed to between what are now two minority parties racing to bleed NJ dry before they lose their standing to represent you.

This is a copy of the NJ Certificate of Political Parties for NJ. Signed by Lt. Governor Guadagno. It is also completely false.

This is a copy of the NJ Certificate of Political Parties for NJ. Signed by Lt. Governor Guadagno. It is also completely false and should be considered Misconduct.


Thanks for your votes. See you in 2015. Scott Neuman

Scott Neuman - DRParty.orgThank you for your votes. I ran for the office of Congress to offer an alternative to what was an outcry from the voters as the Dems and the GOP dumped millions into an election that only pays $175K a year and offered nothing but a 9% approval rating. The other candidates couldn’t run negative ads against me because I offer nothing negative to run against. I’m not part of their corruption. Pay for play is alive and well in NJ and our country and I wanted to be a shim between that process. I was unsuccessful this time around but I want to thank that pockets of support I got. I had a chance to look over the election results polling station by polling station and there were large pockets in the towns that voted for the type of Representation the Constitution and the Bill of Rights requires of our Representatives.

Thank you for the trust of your vote. All I can hope for not much damage will be done to you and I in the coming year as the DEMS and the GOP chop up the country into little pieces and eat us alive in taxes and scamming deals that aren’t what you and I would want. If you think they hate each other, they don’t. They are real partners in every sense of the word. They just aren’t our partners. If you don’t think our representatives aren’t corrupt, you aren’t looking hard enough.

I’m not done running yet. I’m going to get my feet wet in the process, and show you don’t have to be corrupted by the process and that you can follow the laws that protect you and I and still have fair representation.

Scott Neuman – Manchester Township, NJ – Democratic-Republican Organization of NJ



In 3rd CD NJ, Tom MacArthur charged with Voter Fraud 10/31/14


State of New Jersey vs Tom MacArthur

Voter Fraud Probable Cause Affidavit against Tom MacArthur






How cut and dry is this one? 100%. Voter records show Toms wife and family living in Randolph. HIs children still go to school there. He also has a 2nd residence in Long Beach Island, his summer home. He also bought a 3rd property with other investors in Toms River. A 2 bedroom apartment at a great price. A great investment. For some reason, in January 2014, Mr. MacArthur swore he moved to Toms River, like living there more than anywhere else. As far as we know, Mr. MacArthur hasn’t gotten divorced and I’m told by people that work in Long Beach Island that Tom is at the summer home a lot and living there and having a lot of work done on the home.  Much like Congressman Chris Smith, who lives in Virginia but claims his small apartment in Robbinsville is his primary home for voting purposes (We are come, Congressman Smith), Tom MacArthur most certainly does not live full time in Toms River.  Click the links or see the complaint below.

We can either stand for what is right or settle for what is left. I vote for standing for what is right. You can see what is being left. NOTHING for you, your kids, your family. Your service fee or taxes to live in the state are going up and up. Both parties want to say it’s just cost of living in NJ. That’s a lie also. It’s the cost of letting them run the state and cut you to death via Bond Issues and back room deals or they can’t stay in office to pay off all the people that keep them in office. It’s an ugly circle and you really can end it. Come join me on Election Day, November 4th and vote for the best candidate in Congressional District 3 which would be Frederick LaVergne and in CD 4 and Vote for myself Scott Neuman or you really can continue to vote for a easy to see two party corrupt system. Other Democratic-Republican Candidates can be found running in NJ at

Complaint – Tom MacArthur voter Fraud by FIXMYLOAN