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Scott Neuman’s Video Blogs – Vote for me in November – Parts 1 and 2.

Why discussions within the car? My car is the only place that is quiet. I’m married with two children and a Sicilian wife. That should say it all right there. Running for office is stressful. Not for me, I’m fine with running, I enjoy it and I enjoy trying to help people out that need help and hope you guys vote for me. The stress is on my family but they understand what I’m trying to make things better for everyone.  Below are my two last videos. They are short and I’ll be putting more up shortly.
Video 1 – Time to allow Chris Smith to rest and come home back to NJ

Video 2 – Bond Issues or how you are being hosed by both parties and why you should vote for me.

Frederick LaVergne’s Congressional Debate 10/17/14 3rd CD NJ / MacArthur / Belgard

"Both the other candidates are Douchbags" "Ed Forchion"

Fred comes to town, kicks butt and shows the other candidates to the door.

I had the pleasure of sitting in the front row of last nights debate at Ocean County College. It’s amazing to read the feedback by supporters of  Tom MacArthur and Aimee Belgard blasting Frederick John LaVergne’s questions and performance at the WOBM Candidates debate. Fred’s questions were blunt, to the point and showed how he could save NJ residents up to 10% on all bond issues in NJ, why he stood for the Equal Rights Amendment, Why he feels a Gas pipeline right through the Pine Barrens is a horrible idea and why there is a better solution that will create jobs and lastly, how the Social Security tax should be equalized so that it solvent and honestly paid for by those that should be paying their fair share but aren’t. Something the other candidates never touched on or could refute because neither party wants you to have such things. When some bond issues are $1.5 Billion dollars, we’re not talking chump change for the average family. Fred is all over Lacey Township’s B of E for paying 20 times the going rate for solar panels on a $19M Bond issue. Where did the money go? Fred and others want to know.

Frederick LaVergne for Congress Debates OCC 2014It’s important to point out that when Fred asked either Aimee or Tom a question, neither of them would give him a straight answer or were afraid to ask Fred any question directly since neither prepped for the Debate with Fred. When Fred asked Aimee why she missed a scheduled debate at a local VFW earlier that was important to the Veterans of Willingboro, she went off on a tangent about her father which had nothing to do with her no show at the debate. Then claimed she never agreed to the debate that her staff scheduled for her. Then claimed she had a prior appointment but refused to say what or where it was. No one could figure out what that had to do with a debate at the VFW.

You have to understand that debates aren’t supposed to work against the Dems and the GOP candidates but inserting Fred LaVergne in the middle caused both of the candidates to have to go off book in their replies. Both the Dems and the GOP know what questions were going to be asked of each other. The questions never change and that’s by agreement of both parties handlers. You could see the memorized statements and just how stupid they sound. Fred is off the cuff and what you see is JUST what you get. A guy that does what he says and says what he’ll do. As a long time resident of the shore, Fred is the only local for both the shore area and Burlington county. Tom is from North Jersey and just moved down to Ocean County just so he could run for Congress (with a $3M dollar donation out of his own pocket to buy the election? for the GOP IMO for a job that only pays $175K a year) and Aimee is from Burlington all her life.

Go watch the WOBM tape of the debate. At one point. Tom was asked a question about a donation he stated he made to Veterans. Fred asked for proof because Fred couldn’t find any proof it was done and Fred and Vets needs go hand in hand as Fred explained in the debate. Rather than simply say that he’ll gladly offer a piece of paper from his 501(c)3 charity that shows the donation that would need to have been expensed from his personal charity(Tom is the registered controller of the foundation according to websites), showing proof, Tom went for the injured party method of denying what may be a fact. No 1600 WheelChairs donated from his IGH Foundation to Veterans. It’s the same thing Chris Christie does when someone asks him a pointed question. Offer no proof and claim the other party is a malcontent and a liar(and we all know how well that is working for Chris these days). Fred said he’ll apology for the question if it’s not true but he did want proof of a donation that would cost over $300,000 dollars. Knowing Fred, both of us are all over charity and we appreciate it anytime someone pulls something out of their pocket for someone else in need. A simple honest response that could take a minute would work. Fred never got it that I know of.

Scott Neuman and Eugene Lavergne - DR Candidates in 2014More amazing is to watch WOBM edit out the question which was one of two questions Fred was allowed to ask before he’ll be cut off by the moderator who continued to short him on his time to respond. It’s very very simple to show proof of a donation. Claiming that you and your wife are offended by the question just doesn’t work anymore and most people were surprised by the reaction of what is a fair and open question when the candidate says he did something but offers no proof that it was done.

WOBM needs to fix the debate footage. There is an hour and 15 minutes of dead air in the front of the debate.

Gary Frazier, Allen Cannon and Scott Neuman - DR Candidates in 2014I was in Beachwood today and ran into a wedding party at the Beachwood Center. I talked to a lot of people at the party and all of them said they watched the Debate. Honestly, I was amazed. That’s a huge number when you think most people don’t care about debates and more so for a Congressional debate without a presidential candidate. All of them also remembered Frederick John LaVergne for Congress and said they’d consider voting for him. One guy asked me if they were wasting their vote on Fred. I said, you should always vote for the guy you want to win. That way they’ll win. If you don’t vote for them, all you’ve done is allow someone else to win that you didn’t want to win. Frederick John LaVergne is the best candidate and the best Congressional representative for Ocean County with his brother Eugene Martin LaVergne for Senate and Tracy M. Caprioni, who both were at the debate for the Jersey Shore and NJ.

Lastly, FEMA and Sandy never came up from either the Dems or the GOP. Fred is the guy that will be in front of FEMA’s face requiring them to do their jobs and protect the families that were harmed by Hurricane Sandy and Saturday, was in Toms River for the local StopFemaNow Meeting. If you truly feel that the GOP and their Representatives in Districts 3 and 4, John Runyon and Chris Smith have helped the 200,000 people harmed by Sandy in the last TWO YEARS, than you should stick with them but from my view point, neither can say they have your back.
Scott Neuman
Congressional Candidate for the 4th CD NJ – Your next local shore resident for the US House of Representatives.
All of the above is my opinion but i stand with Frederick LaVergne on all of the above issues and I recommend you vote for myself and Frederick LaVergne so we can work hand in hand in Congress come the new term. Feel free to tell me how you really feel and if I’m right or wrong with the above comments.

Vote for the Dems or the GOP candidates and you’ll pay 10% more in taxes.

Vote for the Dems or the GOP Candidates on November 4th and you’ll pay 10% more in taxes. If that is what you want, than vote away. If you really want to save on Taxes, look for the D-R Party Candidates.

Why do I say that? Because NJ needs Bond reform. Both parties get a nice chunk of change from Bond Issues. Up to 10% is just a kickback to various vendors and than goes back to associations that directly impact the candidates. It’s called Pay for Play and when you complain about it, you’re told nothing to see here, folks. In fact, It’s a law in NJ created by both parties to enrich themselves and their pay for play backers . Imagine being an attorney and being hired to write a $1.5B dollar bond issue for say, the Pulaski Skyway. Up to 10% of that Bond issues are parted out to various entities.  That 10% should really be billed on an hourly rate. Imagine if a law firm got 10% for creating the legalese for the Pulaski Skyway Bond Issue? Imagine it took 20 hours to put together? 20 hours x $600.00 dollars is $12000 dollars. 10% is $150,000,000 dollars. Which looks like a better deal to the taxpayer. Of course, the 10% deal???. No, of course not. Frederick LaVergne, my partner candidate in the 3rd CD NJ, shows why we’re getting ripped of and how to repair the damage. Chris Smith is the problem. Myself and the other Democratic-Republican Party members are tired of all of us getting ripped off by these guys. It really is time for a change.  Vote for myself and the DR Party Candidate members and please share this with your friends. It’s your money and you get to hire the guys to handle your representation in November.

Ten more years of war????

In case you missed, the administration just signed up for another 10 years of war in the middle east. Why are our Representatives are being given a chance not to vote is beyond me but here is an example where 435 Representatives should be standing at once and standing up to our President. I won’t stand for it.  Congress is the only government entity to vote for a war. The President and the administration do NOT HAVE the Constitutional authority to sign off on a war declaration. If you want a Representative that follows your wishes, vote for me in 2014.