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Boom, Lt. Governor Guadagno and 21 County Clerks of NJ decide to fall on their swords, break election laws for 2014 General election.

And reports are coming in that the County Clerks of NJ, on learning that neither the Democratic or Republican Parties were certified as Majority parties last week, because the voting totals in the primaries were under 10% for either party, than went ahead and pulled the Democratic or Republican Party for the 1st and 2nd columns in all counties and more amazing, the majority of the 21 counties that were Democratic again pulled the Democratic party candidates to be on line 1 and the GOP counties again pulled the GOP party Candidates to be on Line 1. The vast majority of the counties placed the independent candidates from the Democratic-Republican Party of NJ on lines 3 or past. The Libertarian Party Candidates were also placed on line 3 or higher.

Again, we’ve shown that the Christie Administration, the Department of Elections and the County  Clerks have no issues breaking Federal and State election laws in a bid to control the voters of NJ

You can make a change in November. Vote for Scott Neuman and the other candidates of the D-R Party.



Will County Clerks on Monday Break State Election Laws?

This is a copy of the NJ Certificate of Political Parties for NJ. Signed by Lt. Governor Guadagno. It is also completely false.

This is a copy of the NJ Certificate of Political Parties for NJ. Signed by Lt. Governor Guadagno. It is also completely false.

There is an election law that NJ County Clerks know all too well. That if the Democratic and Republican Party can’t get at least 10% of their registered voters to the polls in the Primary, they can not be listed as a primary party and get the far left hand side or the top part of the ballots Line 1 and Line 2  automatically. Since there are a number of different parties running in the General election in November, 2014, for the first time in a long time, Any of the candidates have the legal right to be in the first column. Now comes the tricky part. All 21 County Clerks were named and sued in a case in 2013 that that Democratic-Republican Party candidate Eugene Martin LaVergne of Long Branch, NJ brought with 5 other independent candidates. That suit requested that in the Special Election for Senate, that because Steve Lonegans GOP party didn’t get 10% of their registered voters to the polls in 2013, that Steve was not automatically be entitled to the 2nd column and could most certainly not be in the 1st column by law!
All 21 County Clerks know this law. It is their job to know this law.  In 2013, the County Clerks all were charged with breaking election laws and were found guilty when Superior Court Judge Mary Jacobson found for the plaintiffs and found against all the defendants in the case. The Defendents included Governor Chris Christie, Lt. Govenor Kim Guadagno, The Board of Elections and 21 County Clerks. All lost this case and were ordered to pay expenses. Sadly, the Judge didn’t take the additional step of filing ethics charges against any of the elected officials and political appointees. That case has been forwarded to the Attorney General of the United States and the US Senate for possibly criminal prosecution. All of the above could have appealed the case that they lost but it’s tough to appeal when you are caught dead to rights breaking election laws, and the judge ordered them to pay expenses and pray and hope this issue never comes up and goes away and that you don’t go to jail over it or wind up in the Pine Barrens for talking to the Feds as a witness. (Special note, our condolences and prayers to the family of Retired Morris County Clerk Joan Bramhall)

Why would County Clerks even think that or imagine that its ok to break elections laws to create a ballot that puts the Democratic and Republican Party on the 1st and 2nd lines of the Ballot when they are not allowed to have it?  Because for the 3rd year in a row, Lt.

Not smarter than a 5th grader

Not smarter than a 5th grader

Governor Kim Guadagno signed off that the parties crossed the 10% threshold when she had to know they didn’t. A simple count of the voting records shows no one reached 9%, much less 10%. There can be no misunderstanding here. 5+3 doesn’t equal 10% except in the mind of Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno. Who ordered Lt.  Governor Guadagno to sign that election result that she had to know was wrong? We’ll leave that the to Attorney General investigating our Governor for the Port Authority Bond issues.  The Democratic-Republican Party of NJ candidates are standing up for the laws of our country and state and we expect our elected officials and political appointees to do the same.

What is right will never change. Who is wrong can be changed.

Scott Neuman – Congressional Candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives 4th CD NJ

Lt. Gov of NJ falsely swears to Election Results – Total Scammer and should be removed from office.

Today, Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno filed false papers swearing to election results in the 2014 NJ Primary, giving the Democratic Party and the Republican Party of NJ, majority status for ballot position when in fact, neither party came close to being a majority party per NJ state laws. Why did she do this? Because it’s a Soprano state and Guadagno feels she can get away with it. Did she ask Chris Christie before she swore a false oath punishable by State and Federal law? This is election fraud at it’s worst.


This is a copy of the NJ Certificate of Political Parties for NJ. Signed by Lt. Governor Guadagno. It is also completely false.

This is a copy of the NJ Certificate of Political Parties for NJ. Signed by Lt. Governor Guadagno. It is also completely false.

Chris Smith promised to Balance the Budget and Pay down the Debt. What a joke.

Cult Member and Represntative Chris Smith and his party PROMISED to work to balance the budget and pay down the debt. You know, the Debt you and I have to pay now? What a joke. Just another politician that says one thing and does another. Almost like a member of a cult. While Chris passes feel good bills that have little to do with you or I or 99.9% of anyone in his district and waste time working on Bills he knows he’ll never never never get passed (and only has a 5% success rate when he does), this time Bills are flying out of the House that he voted for that spends spends spends and isn’t accounted for how it gets paid for. Balance the Budget? Chris can’t balance a block of wood on the ground.  If you’re tired of the same old, same old, Vote for Scott Neuman and the rest of the Candidates in November. What is right will never change, Who is Wrong can be Changed!

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Ok, A vote for Chris Smith is a vote for George Gilmore

I had to laugh at an Article in the Lacey Reporter comparing Carpetbagger Tom MacArthur to George Gilmore, party boss of the GOP. Since nothing gets done without kissing the hand of God in our Districts, and the 4th CD in which I am running in was Gerrymandering by certain people in the article to make sure the GOP wins the district (by design), I’d hope some of you are just Sandy tired of the bullshit in both districts and will vote for Fred LaVergne in the 3rd and myself, Scott Neuman in the 4th CD this year and finally have a voice you can count on to clean up the political shenanigans we’ve all had to deal with for the last 20 years. I’m sure Chris Smith won’t like that statement but for all of you affected by Hurricane Sandy and having to listen to how well everything went when we all know that’s a straight up lie or watching your taxes rise year after year and being told, it’s just the way it is, when in fact, that’s also a lie, well, I’ll offer to  fight for you, your families and friends 100% percent. Let’s get our own house in order and than we can focus on other countries issues. I’ve been in the district for over 20 years and have built my business on service to the community. Chris? He owns a tiny apartment over in Mercer and lives with his family in Virginia. I can see little to no effect he has had on our communities.  I have no affinity to any party boss and owe them NOTHING and that’s good for all of us.