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Pay for Play has to Go. Billions down the tubes. You can change things.

Both parties are wasting Billions. I refuse to be a part of it and ask for your vote in November. The topic of Pensions comes up as a sore subject to a lot of people I talk to with Christie beating on the people that paid into their pensions (and I’m not talking about the scammers that get a pump up in their final year of political service to get a higher pension. Those guys are part of the problem). Being the bully that the Christie Administration is and having control of some of the newspapers and media, aiming at the Pension funds is an easy target to get your mind off the rape of NJ taxpayers. The Bond programs are the biggest scams, regardless if they are local, county, statewide or on a federal level, because of the payoffs that are build into them. This is a spot politicans yet you for lunch. It’s like buying a car. The car salesman has sold thousands of cars. You aren’t the expert in this thing but as long as the salesman makes you feel good, you’re ok with the process. And you got a nice shiny car out of the deal. Now, let’s talk about fixing roads with a bond issue. Let’s say a road cost $100K to build (I’m just making up a number), the bond deal will read $1M dollars. Why you might ask? Because it’s milk the taxpayer time and everyone gets a bite of that tit from your local town politicians, to the hedge funds, to the attorneys (that should be on board in the state house by hourly rate or contract rate). So a job that cost $100K cost a million. Did you see the Bond deal for Rt 1 in Newark. $1.4 Billion dollars and created by the Port Authority of NY and NJ. You do know that Rt 1 and the Skyway are not under the domain of the Port Authority in anyway, shape or form? So how does that work? Everyone gets a piece of the pie. That deal was custom designs by the powers in office and everyone feeds off that tit. The job doesn’t cost $1.4 Billion dollars. Who is kidding who. The candidates from the D-R Party will stand up for you if you let us. You have to vote for us in November. You see D-R Party, pull the trigger. Any other vote hurts you.

It doesn’t have to be the same old same old if you vote for my party, the and the candidates that are running with us in November.

Both parties have Pay for Play down to a science. You give my party $2M to my political Pac, and we laugh about how it isn’t pay for play and lie to the voters and taxpayers but than NJ dumps billions of Pension money and Government funds into those same donors with huge expense accounts and no accounting when you ask for an accounting. The reason given is the Hedge Funds are private and are not compelled to share how they arrive at their high returns. Their high returns were  below market rates last year but their fund managers still made big bucks for a job not well done. That’s your money in the end because we have to make up that money some how and there is only one way to make it up. Higher taxes or cut back or both and it will be both because there are more bond issues we have to feed from this year.

Most of you would go, That’s pay for Play, but not our Governor. Nothing to see here folks. Look if you play me for a fool, I get upset. Yelling at us to back down and look at traffic cones doesn’t cut it. (He really did move the Cones, he wasn’t kidding and Samson will out him soon) Take a read on this article from Pando. Feel free to comment below and tell me I’m wrong. Don’t say but what about any other politician outside of NJ. Let’s stay focused on our issues, clean our house and than work on the rest of the country.

I’m Scott Neuman. I’m running for Congress and I promise to watch out for your money when I’m elected. The other candidates can’t say that. Not when they are the problem.

Both parties try to dump Ed “Weedman” Forcion in the Pine Barrens.

For those of you that think all politicians are lying used car salesmen (no slight to used car salesmen since most put politicians rate below used car salesmen) you have to appreciate the lengths that the Christie Administration and the Dem’s in the 3rd CD are to keep Ed “Weedman” Forchion of the ballot. Ed is standing for medical Marijuana to be loosened so more people can be treated. The GOP party has this weird thought that Marijuana leads to harder drugs. Harder drugs are written by your doctor. Nothing could be further from the truth and 60% of the people in NJ want this right without fear of being tossed in Rahway. In fact, the State of NJ tried to put Ed in jail for 10 years for using medical marijuana that he by right was using from his doctor.

Regardless, both parties did two things. They got a judge to accept a case that should never have reached his court per the election laws of NJ and he spent 13 hours removing over 100 signatures from Ed’s ballots (he needed at least 100 people to sign and he got 200 and the Judge pulled 102 of them even though they can be proven to be solid and signed by people in his district) and more to the point, the Dem’s filed their request to remove Ed late and beyond what the statues say, and there are no exceptions, none to the filing time. You are one minute past, you didn’t make it. The same goes for filing a petition to run for Congress. 4:01pm doesn’t cut it. The filing was 2 days late and than got Lt. Gov Kim Guadagno to ignore the law (again for the umpth time that I can think of) and say, I’m ignoring the law and I’m removing Ed from the Ballot. Ed is appealing with the help of the Democratic-Republican Party because we just hate bullies. Can’t stand them in fact.

Read the appeal at: EdForschionAppeal  and understand what pieces of shit (there is no nice way to say it and they don’t want to lose access to your money by letting Ed even have a  chance to win in November and for some reason Ed scared them this year) See attached pdf and learn. I know I do. The stupid shit the Dems and GOP day after day just amaze me. I’m sure it bothers you also but you normally have no decision in the matter other than bad or worse.  In 2014, you have a third and easier decision. I, Scott Neuman stood up and said, I’ll run for 4 years and then go back to my own business. If you live in the Hamilton/Jackson/Manchester and up to Red Bank area, a vote for me is a vote for your own self interests. If you are a Sandy victim (and believe me, some of you got hosed), I’ll stand up on a national and local level for you. Something the current Congressman, who is more focused on overseas issues than you, seems to be.

No, you don’t want a Pipeline through the Pine Barrens / Rebuttal to APP Article

From my friend and Candidate for Congress Fred LaVergne - Democratic-Republican in the 3rd CD of NJ which also covers a major portion of the Pine Barrens as does the 4th CD of NJ that I’ll be representing. I stand by his reply and his concern for the Pine Barrens and what it means to us.

Please share.

My response to Matt Rooney’s Article on the Pipeline – in case he deletes my response.

THERE’S A REASON your OIL TANK is not on your living room rug….

•  Not all the reasons to oppose the pipeline ROUTE are bunk.

MY primary objection is the use of the “Memorandum of Agreement” as a pass-through of exceptions to the Comprehensive Management Plan reserved for Government Agencies to a private entity – THE VERY SAME OBJECTION raised by Ed Lloyd, who, as an Environmental Attorney and Board Member, was forced to recuse himself by Christie’s administration on this issue in January.

Mr. Lloyd and I spent the next 1/2 hour in the adjacent conference room privately discussing how to thwart the use of this method of approval, because it opens the door to further exceptions/exploitation, pulling the teeth from the protections incorporated in the management plan.

This was not, and has never been, about the pipeline. It’s about removing the restrictions.

The grid carries the electricity from sources all along the Eastern Seaboard, so “scaring” people that they will lose their power if that plant was shuttered are disingenuous, if not an outright lie.

The 2003 Blackout in NY was due to an issue in CANADA…the grid is that interconnected – and if Salem or Oyster Creek or Beasley’s Point dropped off-line, tomorrow – the lights would be on in minutes, if they ever went out at all.

Confirmed that with the retired Oyster Creek Engineer-Lead working with us on a cooling option not yet explored…

Christie put Roohr up as a newbie for a “yea” vote on the pipeline and the OCEAN WalMart, in exchange for Roohr’s ability to do the development he has sought for years in Pemberton that does not meet the guidelines…One dirty hand washes the other.

The local residents all know – just like they know the pipeline route is a “short-cut” – the UNION Protesters who showed up in January were unaware that they were protesting for LESS WORK! They know, now. I told them – then I SHOWED them. They’re pissed.

There is a pathway OPEN to the pipeline. It involves 14 more miles, and does NOT cross the  protected ecosystem and gerrymander back and forth in Corbin City across “WHOSE LAND”???

Classic “on-ramp” scheme.

If SJG follows the rules already in place, there would be no objection.

There are many options to enhance the grid. We will be proposing several, ourselves.  (Helps to have engineers on your team, rather than just politicians.)

Those temporary jobs in construction are just that….temporary.


Why, rather than Keystone, is the oil not refined on-site and shipped by road and truck to US Consumers – with tank storage adjacent to the pipeline?

Burlington County just lost 1500 jobs due to the closure of New Century Trucking. I think I know where they can find the trucks AND the drivers.

Meanwhile, how many folks working on the Alaskan Pipeline when it was built were still working on it 5 years after it was completed?

Answer? Nearly none…I knew, and still know, many.

Refine and sell the oil here – out west, that is – and on-site.

There’s a reason your oil tank isn’t on your living room rug. Think about that.

As to the local grid – the plant won’t close without the pipeline…and the pipeline can still be built. IF THEY FOLLOW THE RULES, they don’t NEED the exception – and that’s 14 more miles of Union Labor.

I’ll keep my environmental protections, thank you very much.

Try to be better informed, next time.

Sierra Club doesn’t know all the environmental answers, any more than Ted Nugent is what every NRA member looks like.

BTW – Ms. Belgard is an “environmentalist” like Tom MacArthur is an “outdoorsman”. I am actually BOTH…and local, to boot.


Neuman’s House of Cards

Got the Bloggers at the Borgata Poker Open to write about my run for Congress. If you play poker, you should be voting for me. The Blog is read by tens of thousands of avid poker lovers.

Level 7 (Blinds 300/600/75) Total Entries: 344


Scott Neuman (Toms River, NJ) is an avid poker player and business owner and is now adding Congressional Candidate to his resume as he will be running for the Congressional District 4th this coming November.

Scott believes in “personal freedoms” and a staple of his campaign is his support of online poker. As an experienced tournament player with results at previous Borgata Poker Opens and the WSOP, Neuman has had his fair share of success at the table and is now looking to take on Washington heads up!

Scott hasn’t had many opportunities to chip up, and finds himself with an average stack size mid-way through Day 1A.