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Vote for a crook and get crooked results. It’s your money in the end. reports on an end run around the “Pay for Play” rules in NJ. Simply, instead of giving money directly to a politician to buy his vote (which cost you via your tax dollars when  he votes on a project that the “backer” paid for), he gives it to a Super Pac, and the Super Pac uses the money for the politician. It’s a book keeping difference and nothing more. Both parties do it but in this case, the GOP is highlighted via this form of bribery. Than what happens is, bids are custom designed for the business paying these forms of bribes. Since I’m  not part of the party system that puts this sort of thing into place, my allegiance is and will always be to the taxpayer, not to my party backers. I will not create a custom designed bid or bill for a backer that has bribed me to do so. I will vote on the house floor but to design a bill for a backer in this manner should be criminal.  If you’re tired of paying higher and higher taxes because the politician has been “paid to play”, this is your chance to change that, Vote for Scott Neuman in November, 2014. I’ll watch out for your money and represent you the way you’d want me to. Looking out for your back in the 4th CD NJ.

Voting for Chris Smith is a vote against your own self interests

Why do I say this? As I consider my retired parents in Crestwood Village in Whiting, I took a moment to research votes in Congress by Chris Smith. Chris has a 9% approval rating and when you understand why, you just won’t want to vote for him. Chris wants you to handle a retirement age of 70. He voted for it. He also wants to have the insurance companies handling your insurance via a voucher system. Now it gets fun. As much as I’m not a huge fan of Obamacare, I can only imagine my parents trying to find a doctor using a voucher system. Chris voted for you to have this. My mom can’t use her computer for more then solitaire (hey, she likes to play it) but the Voucher system run by the insurance companies is insane. It’s like letting the wolf into the hen house after you’ve tied the hens down. After Hurricane Sandy, the Insurance companies hosed 80% of my friends. It’s in your self interest not to vote for Chris Smith. It is in your self interest to vote for me, Scott Neuman in November.