Monthly Archives: February 2014

Continue to Vote for the Same Problems and expecting a different result?

Just an example but both parties are responsible for the lack of direction of Sandy funds but the funds aren’t primarily going to Sandy damaged areas. Why not? I’m requesting Chris Smith to stand against this posturing of handing Sandy Funds to counties (of which he represents two of them in a big way hit hardest by Sandy) by the Christie Administration. Why isn’t the majority of the funds going to the shore counties and not to just politically connected allies.

You aren’t hearing word one from Congressman Chris Smith about this issue. if you are unhappy with this. Vote for Scott Neuman in November. I’ll stand for our district and I live in our district in Manchester.

I and other members of the Democratic-Republican Party are not part of this problem and we’d like to repair and replace it with common sense representation that benefits all taxpayers, not just the connected ones. Voting for Chris Smith is a vote against your own self interests and that of your neighbors.