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Vote for Scott Neuman for Congress I’m Scott Neuman and I want to change who is in charge. I want to be your next Freeholder in Ocean County, NJ.  I’m sure you’ll agree with me that there are a number of people that should not be in charge anymore. I’m offering an alternative to the current decades status quo in Ocean County with my good friend Tracy Caprioni, well known School Teacher. There are people that are currently elected, that for various reasons, just don’t want you or others to benefit from very simple changes to the way things can get done in this country and state. As your elected Democratic Representative, I’d be your voice on those changes that I’ll suggest below and on changes you’ll be suggesting. The items and issues I’m focusing on are also what many people feel would be a welcome change. If you agree, you may want to vote for myself to lead this change.

What would I like changed? Hurricane Sandy: As to our county, People affected by Hurricane Sandy are getting screwed. Our opponents has given up and their party has taken money from the Insurance companies. Insurance companies are running for the hills or using legalese to get around their insurance claims. Flood water is flood water period. I want a bill passed that if your property is insured with flood insurance, the insurance company can’t then back out of the claim by claiming earth movement from the flood waters. It’s just wrong to expect a home owner to buy a flood insurance policy and then be told while the flood waters cause the damage, we have this waiver that says the insurance company doesn’t have to pay for flood damage from land erosion. There would be no land erosion if there was no flood.  In addition, it’s unrealistic to accept that some people will pay $66000 a year for insurance but commercial properties will pay next to nothing. No one is looking for a free ride but the new guidelines will cause people to have to sell or leave their homes. The issues from the insurance claims aren’t from people not paying. It’s from money grabs on the account. Money that needs to be returned. You paid it. You’re entitled to the service. Nothing more, nothing less. You have my voice in Ocean County.

Veterans: Anything they want or need is a done deal in my book.  You will have my voice and Ron Dash, Burlington, NJ Military Order of the Purple Heart Chapter Commander is my treasurer and adviser for all things Veterans related.

High Compression Pipelines: I will not allow High Compression Methane Pipelines in Ocean County. These pipelines will not be used to distribute Gas to your heating system. They will be used to ship Gas overseas and will increase the cost of heating fuel in the United States because it will be sold overseas. They are harmful, not wanted or needed, pollutes waterways and can explode with a range of 1 mile from the blast point. The High Compression Stations can also explode and drive down tax ratables. There is also no reason to run these pipelines through the Pine Barrens and over our water table. Manchester has already had its wells polluted once. I’m not taking any chances for a 2nd time. This isn’t fantasy and has happened in Edison, NJ. My house in Kendall Park rocked that day. It was by extreme luck that more people weren’t killed.

Social Security: I have a simple solution to fixing Social Security that is fair and equitable to everyone. Remove the cap. Make it fair to everyone. Not just the 90%’ers.

The Affordable Care Act: I want to change it to a single payer system. Plain and simple. It will save money and its used the world over successfully.

LGBT Issues: No matter who you are, You have the clear right to be free of discrimination in the workplace, in housing and all forms of civic life.

More important issues below: I’d like another simple amendment ratified. The Equal Rights Amendment is long past due to be ratified. There was a time limit but that time limit can be extended. It’s short ratification by only 3 states right now but at one point, there were 40 states ratifying the amendment. Rescinding a ratification vote to my knowledge isn’t allowed but that’s never been tested in court. There was also a time limit as to the length of time this amendment could be considered.   The Equal Rights Amendment is simple. 50% of you should be screaming for this and 50% of you should be voting for me. No other candidate running in Ocean County wants this for you. A voice is needed on a County level at this time.

  • Section 1. Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.
  • Section 2. The Congress shall have the power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article.
  • Section 3. This amendment shall take effect two years after the date of ratification.

This all seems pretty simple. You’d have to consider that if  you were a voter and a woman, it would be in your best interest to vote for this and to have your elected official stand up for this amendment. NJ has voted for it. At this present time, I can find only two people from NJ that wants to put their name to this. I’ll be the third. My opponent is not one of the people you’ll want to vote for in 2016 if this is an important issue for you. Vote for Scott Neuman for Ocean County Freeholder and I’ll stand up for the ERA also.

Climate Change: I agree with Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders when he said “Climate Change is the biggest national security threat to our country, a major crisis. The Scientific Community is telling us that if we don’t address the global crisis of climate change, transform our energy system away from fossil fuels to sustainable energy, the planet that were going to be leaving our kids and our grandkids may well not be habitable”. To do this, would mean taxing carbon, investing in solar, wind and geothermal energy, and expand our public transit systems and winterizing all homes.

Cannabis Legalization: I want Cannabis legal to grow and use anytime you as an adult would like to partake. This is a simple plant that can be grown anywhere and has never been shown to kill or hurt anyone. It is less harmful than cigarettes and alcohol.  Since when do we put people in jail for nature? There was simply no problems with this plant till 1930. Our settlers brought it to this country. So this is pretty simple. Grow it in your garden. I want this removed from the Schedule 1 drug laws. I want it completely legal to own, grown and use as you see fit. I want medical cannabis to be allowed to heal people and since this will need to be tested for it’s proper properties of use, will continue to be used for medical purposes and continue to be taxed. This one bill can bring in billions of tax dollars for what is a simple plant that really hurts no one. The days of banning this plant should be over by now. Something as simple as demonizing this plant was done after probation to keep the Drug Czars in business. Our own government staged this entire thing based on one persons word and continued this nonsense for the next 90 years after Alcohol was no longer banned by amendment. There was no sense putting everyone out of work when Cannabis could be the next big threat to our countries way of life. There is no weed menace. It was completely made up by those in power. Time to end that one and free people from jail that are currently there for charges directly relating to Cannabis only.

Bond Issues: Remove the up to 10% vig (kick back) in every bond issue in NJ and the same holds true in national bond issues. There is actually a law that both parties have put in place that allows a “Vig” of up to 10% in every bond issue in NJ. Let’s cut our taxes right now and remove that pay for play kickback. Should an attorney get a percentage of a bond issue for writing up a few broiler plate forms rather than an hourly rate or a flat fee? 10% of the Puliski Skyway would be $150M for spending a few hours writing up a form. That’s not how our Government is suppose to work, I’ll work to remove it from our Bond Issues. You can save up to 10% on your taxes by voting for my.  I’ll stand for this.

Ratifed Congressional Apportionment Amendment: Next would be the final promulgation of the 1st real amendment of the Bill of Rights. The Right to Free Speech is actually the 3rd amendment of the Bill of Rights. The first real amendment is the Congressional Apportionment Amendment. The amendment guarantees local representation on a federal level and the ability to keep big money out of the game of controlling Congress. Why do people hate politicians? Because we feel you are bought and paid for. And you are. You show that time and time again. I’m running in Ocean County and I consider this amendment important. The County over 550,000 people. The founders idea was to make sure the districts never got so large that your voice got lost in the shuffle (Hurricane Sandy people, pay attention here). Now on the Jersey Shore, there are tens of thousands of people that are still waiting for the release of federal funds and state funds so their houses can be raised and rebuilt. They had insurance!! For the most part, there are plenty of stories of people that got screwed by the insurance companies that have used loopholes to pay pennies on the dollar to these properly insured families. In addition, the paperwork that has to be presented keeps changing by FEMA. I got lucky by comparison and my insurance paid out but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have friends and family affected for weeks, months and now years by Hurricane Sandy. I was the producer for the “Gotta Keep Trying” video sung by Jesse Shar with photos authorized for use by GreenPeace. Greenpeace doesn’t just give up their photos to anyone. I was hoping to bring attention to Sandy. I didn’t take a penny and the Shar family are life long Ocean County residents with Jesse living in Pt Pleasant when Sandy hit. The Jersey Shore seems to be on the back burner for our current Representative and as a Ocean County resident, would be on the front burner for me but imagine if the districts were smaller and this huge swath of area were covered by six people, all focused on their areas and working together to fix the shore. Sure, I’m glad the Boardwalk in Seaside got cleaned up. How about the houses? The Bill of Rights guaranteed representation on a smaller scale. This is to your benefit. The GOP in 1911 decided to ignore this little juicy amendment in the interest of control but it doesn’t benefit you. Hurricane Sandy shows it by example.  You are getting screwed by these larger districts and the Bill of Rights wants to change that. It was thought that the amendment was short one states vote by 1791 when Vermont became the 13th state to vote. NJ was the original 1st state to vote for this amendment. We’re told four states didn’t vote and until 2011, that was thought to be historically correct. In 2011, Connecticut’s archivist was able to find the true and certified vote for the Bill of Rights and that vote was a Yes vote for all 12 amendments. Why Connecticut didn’t know they voted is a mystery and one I long to hear and find out about, but there can be no doubt that Connecticut’s House of Representatives and upper house voted for this amendment.  With that vote and Kentucky becoming our 15th state to also vote for all 12 amendments in 1792, we had 80% of the states voting for this amendment and by doing so, ratified it. It’s an amazing story and one I’m proud to be involved in. This will be our countries 28th amendment. With the Democratic-Republican Parties help, the archivist of Connecticuts find was presented to the President, Vice President, the Speaker of the House and other directors and the Archivist of the United States by lawsuit, long lost in their archives. All the people that needed to know about the ratification of this amendment knows. They know about it as does the Archivist of the United States. It’s just a matter of time till it is presented to Congress and our districts will be set correct. I’ll add more as we get closer to the election. I want to work for you. I’m Scott Neuman and I’m for your vote to put me in as the Ocean County Board of Chosen Freeholders with my partner on the line, Tracy Caprioni. Your voice is important to me. Feel free  to email me at sneuman@recordweb.com

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