Pipeline via the Pine Barrens isn’t dead

Well it looks like the powers that be want what they want are going to do an end run around the peoples watchdogs and try and ram that pipeline to the shore via the Pine Barrens down our throat. The probably with overriding the current regulations will be that once you open that barn door, the entire barn will come down in the future. I stand for keeping the Pine Barrens clear of this type of corrupt practice and hope you do also. I’ll point out that the Pine
Barrens sites on top of our water supplies for most of use below Rt 195. It’s not a question of when the pipe will break, burst or leak, it’s just a questions of how. The Pipeline can be routed around the Pine Barrens. There is no good reason not to do so.

For more information, I recommend you read the Pinelands Alliance and support the PineLands Alliance. If you don’t stand for clean resources, I’ll gladly show you how you’ll lose them.


Continue to Vote for the Same Problems and expecting a different result?

Just an example but both parties are responsible in the direction of Sandy funds but the funds aren’t primarily going to Sandy damaged areas. Why not? I’m requesting Chris Smith to stand against this posturing of handing Sandy Funds to counties (of which he represents two of them in a big way) by the Christie Administration. Why isn’t the majority of the funds going to the shore counties and not to just politically connected allies.

You aren’t hearing word one from Congressman Chris Smith about this issue. if you are unhappy with this. Vote for Scott Neuman in November.

I and other members of the Democratic-Republican Party are not part of this problem and we’d like to repair and replace it with common sense representation.




November 29, 2013

ScottNeumanHeadshotWelcome to Scott Neuman’s Congressional Election Site – I’m applying for the job of being NJ’s Congressional Representative from the 4th Congressional District of NJ to the House of Representatives in 2014. I’ll be filing my papers shortly and look forward to talking to the voters of my District as to the issues of the day.

Last year I ran for a position for the Board of Chosen Freeholders of Ocean County, NJ and it was certainly an experience. Thanks to all of you for your support. After Hurricane Sandy, while my family got away with some minor damage (compared to my friends on the bay and ocean), I saw little of our elected officials working on the problems of our district (and still to this day, you get excuses after excuses as to where the money is/was). I did see a lot of finger pointing and trips overseas. The 4th Congressional District, like all the districts in NJ are huge by the way, running from Burlington and Mercer County, up into the Fort Monmouth Area (Nice work with getting Fort Monmouth and those towns hosed Chris) and down into Ocean County. Over 655,000 of you are living in this area and if you can tell me you are better off in the last eight years then before, I’d like to hear it. Not that people like to complain but the line “What have you done for me lately?” certainly applies in the Fourth Congressional District with Chris Smith. Chris is in the ruling party of the House of Representatives and has been part of the machinery for 20 years. Well, after twenty years, Chris should take a break. It really is time for a change. I’d like to work for the people of this district and bring some new ideas to the table. Like standing up for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights including the Congressional Apportionment Amendment which Chris has completely ignored. Do we really need another two years of a guy that hasn’t voted for anything other then party lines and for passage of laws that have no chance of passing? That’s a waste of taxpayer money. Chis is hanging out at the House of Parties with other like minded politicians and we’re told in the polls that only 9% of you think Chris and the other reps are doing their best to make this country an example to live by.  After 20 years, Chris needs to retire. I want to  return to the constitutional methods of running the country again, like our founding fathers wanted. Neither President Obama, Senator Harry Reid or Congressman and Leader of the House of Representatives  John Boehner seem like they want to follow the constitution anymore and with them is good old Chris Smith. “No” is not an answer we can stand anymore. After 20 years, voting for the NSA to spy on you wasn’t the best idea and Chris is knee deep in it. 20 years and out Chris.

You might not know this but here is a history lesson and it’s a lesson I stand by. The Democratic-Republican Party ran the country for the first 50 or so years of the state of the country . They kept the country on track. That spirit lives on with the candidates that are running for office in NJ and other states in the restored Democratic-Republican Party. For more information and what we believe (and running wild over your rights isn’t one of them), feel free to follow our link to the Democrat-RepublicanParty.org site.

I can be reached directly for interviews by emailing me at sneuman@recordweb.com

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Running as a Democratic-Republican Party of NJ member.